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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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PostSubject: Exodus   Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:13 am

Vincent heard the call from Summer. She was pissed off that her shuttle fleet was being used so much by the Phoenix Colony. Almost immediately after the arrival of Terok Beta, the Colony has seen an almost mass exodus of Cardassians longing to return to some semblance of home.

Anna, Shianna, Jo-Jo and Eden have been working extra shifts to bring these citizens to the transplanted Cardassian Station after Gul Thua'ra Varno offered asylum to help staff his station. Vincent knew Thua'ra from before. He had served as a consultant in Boston when Ro Anora was mayor. Vincent like the Bajoran and now she was head of Station Operations and tried to convince Summer not to be too upset but this was the nature of any new acquisition by the Phoenix Colony.

Vincent was trying to deal with new crew assignments in the midst of all this chaos. Because of his amazing display with the Tongue and flying near Terok Beta, Nicole made the request that Commander Tchilack replace Mr. Cheko as the permanent Tongue Pilot. She is the Vice President. It is her perogative to do so.

The problem is Mr. Cheko was furious with the decision. Gul Vash Enranet offered him the Chief Flight Control Position on the Tanmesad. Cheko only agreed if Caitlin Wu, his girlfriend could be brought over as Operations Commander. Autumn Laree has served in Tactical since the Tanmesad arrived on the Colony but will step aside for the very dangerous Wu. Summer was pleased to see Commodore Tan's former girlfriend leave Governor's Station.

Vincent was also dealing with the troublesome Meadow Coren. In celebration of the saving of Terok Beta, Captain Alexander Paige discovered Dr. Meadow Coren in her quarters with an Engineer in her mouth and one giving it to her from behind. Alexander actually thought he was in love with the nymphomaniac Meadow. He was furious and demanded that she be dropped from his ship immediately. He wanted her court martialed.

Vincent agreed to assign Dr. Coren back to her former ship, the USS Princess Diana but her actions while reprehensible were not a crime. Vincent could not help but laugh at the vision of Paige walking in on Meadow in the act.

Vanessa was so impressed with the piloting abilities of Commander S'Ari that she literally begged for the Vulcan to remain aboard the Diana. Vincent spoke to Vash Enranet who not only was going to lose his Flight Control Officer but a former girlfriend. S'Ari in the end was the final vote and agreed to join the Providence Crew.

Nicole and Magenta stood on the steps of their suburban house looking out at all the vacant houses in Little Lakaria. Nicole had agreed to move into the row houses to help encourage people to live there. Nicole actually thought of it as a microcasm for her colony. The recent behavior surrounding the Tamarian problem had turned people away from the colony. She hoped the arrival of Terok Beta and the Tanmesad would bring people back.

Despite the best efforts of Terralon Lok, the city of Tokyo rebuilding has been slow, not in terms of construction but in terms of growth as a community. Nicole and Magenta came out to go to work only to find several shuttles parked near the vacant houses. Nicole was shocked to see Brenna playing with a Tamarian boy by one of the shuttles. Nicole would be informed by Phillip Lexington that many Tamarians are moving into Omega Prime for the safety and security of the capital. Nicole had to swallow her tongue to keep from showing her prejudice as Brenna and the Tamarian boy went to play at James T. Kirk Elementary. Rebuilding relationships is very, very tough.

Vash was just learning the whole Task Group structure when he was dealt another blow. Thua'ra Varno had convinced Galley Leo to remain on the station. Galley had been the Tanmesad Chief of the Boat and had served as its chef since leaving Cait to join the crew. The reason for the decision. Jessamine Larson, the Tanmesad Operations Commander is pregnant. Galley and Jess were married in an impromptu ceremony on Terok Beta and announced the creation of the Promenade restaurant, the Galley. Galley is one proud papa-to-be. He was overjoyed at the announcement.

The colony is a hustle and bustle of activity again. This is the good kind of activity. Hopefully, it will continue to build momentum. Momentum that will help repair the colony image.

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Rear Admiral Vincent Viceroy
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Anna Baxton
Running Shuttle Milk Run from Little Lakaria to Terok Beta
Phoenix Colony
Phoenix Federation

Commander T'Zohl of Vulcan
Voice of the King's Battlegroup
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Phoenix Federation
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