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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Terok Beta

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Terok Beta   Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:12 am

The Tanmesad just released from the clamps of the Terok Station leaving Gul Varno and his staff aboard the Station. Vash convinced Commander Tchilack to enter into a high orbit surrounding the Terok Station to watch the station unfurl once more its mighty electronic Omega Sands Capture Net.

Vash smiled at the amazing sight and revelled in his Cardassian heritage knowing that his people, accidently drug into the Beta Quadrant by the Borg had survived, no thrived by the sheer ingenuity that has been the trademark of Cardassian tanacity. Vash contacted Glinn Warren to gather as much information on the capture device as possible.

Suddenly, out of nowhere the net began to furl towards the Typhon Expanse instead of away.

"What the heck is going on?", Vash shouted.

Anora looked at Thua'ra and told him that the net appears to be caught in some sort of reverse wave. Thua'ra looked at Anora, "What is the next course of action?"

"Close the net.", Anora responded.

Thua'ra turned to his Cardassian staff and ordered the shutting down of the capture device. Soon the scurrying staff were looking puzzled and annoyed.

"Shut it down.", Varno repeated.

"We are trying to, Gul Varno.", the staff responded.

Vash shouted from the bridge of the Tanmesad, "Shut it down!"

Varno shouted back to his former protege, "We're trying."

Tania looked at Vash, "Vash, the station position is beginning to alter."

Vash shouted once more, "Shut it down!"

Vash turned to Commander Branson, "What is happening?"

"I don't know.", Vash looked annoyed.

Autumn looked at Vash, "Gul Enranet, the station position is altering even faster now. Its orbit is in clear decay."

"Where is it falling to?", Vash demanded to know.

"Its path is through the Typhon Expanse.", Autumn Laree responded.

Tania looked at Vash, "But the Phoenix Colony is in the Typhon Expanse."

"Oh my god, Nicole.", Tania blurted out, thinking of her daughter.

Vash looked at Thua'ra Varno on the view screen, "Why?"

Thua'ra looked at Anora. Anora lifted up a PADD, "The Beta Quadrant is filled with pathways. One of these known pathways is the Destiny Penduluum. The massive Dyson Sphere actually moves through space from next to the Phoenix Colony to deep in the Beta Quadrant. This pathway appears to generate massive waves. The Terok Station has apparently caught these waves."

Thua'ra looked at his former Bajoran concubine, "What does this mean?"

"It looks like it may be on a collision course with the colony.", Anora responded.

"Okay, enough science, what the hell are we doing about it?", Tania blurted out from the Tanmesad bridge. Her daughter is the civilian leader of the colony.

"You'd better decide quickly, the station is gaining momentum.", Commander Laree responded.

"Contact the Colony. Inform them of the scenario immediately.", Vash ordered.

"Evacuate the Terok Station.", Vash looked at Autumn.

Thua'ra interrupted, "We will stay here. We have to get the capture grid down. This is the priority."

"What if you can't be removed quick enough?", Vash warned his mentor.

"If we don't slow the station, it will crash into the colony and this will be over for us, and for them.", Varno responded.

"Contact Governor's Station. It is my understanding that they have a slipstream ship.", Anora informed both Guls.

"The ship may be able to create enough of a wavelength by passing in front of the station to disrupt the waves enough to get the grid down.", Anora requested.

"On it.", Autumn responded.

Lt. Commander Geyn Cheko and Lt. Caitlin Wu launched almost immediately from Governor's Station. The colony was now informed of the crisis. The Tanmesad was joined by members of Task Group 394A as the ships formed an observation group around the ever increasing speed of the station.

John contacted Vincent at Colony Command, "Permission to destroy the station."

Vincent snapped, "Hold up, Captain Warren. The Station Operations Commander Dr. Ro Anora has a theory."

"Theories be damn, Vincent. I am not going to let all my hard work go to waste.", John snapped.

"Give us a few minutes.", Vincent ordered.

Gecko passed the Tongue in front of the station, each time engaging the slipstream engine. The wavelength was clearly visible. The problem is it would quickly be disapated by the momentum of the station. Gecko was growing more frustrated.

"F**k!", the Saurian gave his best human impression.

Click was standing up on the bridge of the Tanmesad, "He has to be closer and hold it on longer."

Vash looked at him, "Do you think you could do better?"

The Xindi started clicking in his usual way. He was furious. Vash looked at Autumn, "Beam the Xindi into the pilot's seat."

"Gul Enranet, the Tongue has only two seats. The second seat is occupied by Lt. Caitlin Wu of Phoenix Fleet Intelligence.", Autumn responded.

"Beam them both here.", Enranet ordered.

Gecko appeared on the bridge, "What the hell is going on?"

"A member of the Tanmesad crew has assumed the pilot's position.", Vash responded.

"It is not your decision.", Gecko shouted.

"It is made.", Vash turned back to the viewer. Geyn walked up and watched as the finest pilot in the Phoenix Fleet pulled the Tongue a lot closer to Terok Station creating a serious wave.

Governor's Station and the DRS were clearly coming into view.

Vincent looked at Elora, "Thoughts?"

Elora looked at Vincent, "The colony must be preserved."

"John, you are condition green.", Vincent announced.

Commander T'Zohl banked the massive Sovereign around in front of the Terok Station. The Vulcan looked at John, "We will have an attack vector in about 7 minutes."

Giselle looked at the operations console, "Preparing for target lock."

The Quest was rocked by the massive speed achieved by the Tongue as the mightly slipstream yacht passed between the Double Q and the Terok Station. The massive wavelength shook the Quest violently and passed the station within dangerous distances.

Anora screamed at Thua'ra, "We got her down. We got her down!"

Vincent shouted, "John, stand down."

"Vincent, it is not stopped. It is just slowing.", John snapped.

Thua'ra watched as Governor's Station and the DRS passed in front of him in orbit.

Vash looked at the station and then at the other ships. He looked at Tania, "What about docking the entire Task Group and using them to slow the station?"

"Docking on a moving station will be very tough. I am not sure these are the right COs for that task.", Tania responded.

"Inform the battle group.", Vash ordered.

Autumn looked at Vash, "Why would they listen to us?"

"They have to.", Vash snapped.

T'Zohl brought the Quest in line leading the charge. Cheko stepped up to the plate, sitting at the Tanmesad console and bringing the Galor class in line and docking to the station. Vash was very impressed.

Alexander Paige brought the Prometheus unto the other docking pilon engaging the mighty Prometheus' engines as the station began to slow.

Vanessa looked at Valerie, "Can you do it?"

Valerie struggled with the controls. She looked at Vanessa, "I wish S'Ari was here."

"Who?", the Tholian hybrid asked.

"Commander S'Ari. She is the Tanmesad Chief of Flight Control", Valerie responded.

Vanessa tapped her combadge, "Gul Enranet, please transport Commander S'Ari to the USS Providence immediately."

Vash looked at Autumn at the Tactical Station, "Make that happen."

The Vulcan appeared on the Providence bridge. Valerie looked at her old friend, "Help me!"

S'Ari smiled, "I would be honored."

Soon the Providence was in place.

Felicity Powers has been best known on the Phoenix Colony as the concubine of Acrylos Teero. She has been known as a Antican call girl who is willing to date anyone for the right price. Today, all that is history. Today, with the sheer vibration of the ships on the pilons, Felicity Powers truly became a Lieutenant in the Phoenix Fleet. The Diana touched the pilons with sheer magic. Captain S'Nii looked at Felicity and grinned, "Well done."

The five ships slowed the mighty Terok Station. It was an amazing site and an even more incredible achievement.

Thua'ra looked at Anora, "Have we achieved orbit?"

Anora looked at Thandie, "Well, Commander?"

Thandie grinned, "We have orbit."

Anora looked at Thua'ra, "Did you expect anything less?"

Nicole Branson appeared on the viewer of all ships, "Welcome to the Phoenix Colony, crews of the USS / CGV Tanmesad and Terok Beta. Welcome home."

No greater words were ever spoken.

Posted by:

Nicole Branson
Writing as Gul Vash Enranet
and Voice of the Cardassian Contingent
Commanding Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Special Guest Appearances by

Commander T'Zohl of Vulcan
Voice of the King's Battlegroup
Executive Officer - USS Quasar Quest
Phoenix Colony
Phoenix Federation

Rear Admiral Vincent Viceroy
Military Commander In Chief
Phoenix Colony
Phoenix Federation

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Terok Beta
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