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 The Race for Democracy

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: The Race for Democracy   Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:25 pm

Amor Toran had little to gain in favor of Minister Garak. Garak killed his father on Deep Space Nine in 2370 when Amor was still a mere child. He had grown up hating the man and his despise grew stronger when Elim Garak returned to Cardassia to pick up the pieces after the Dominion withdrawal.

Toran even arranged to serve in Garak's Security Detail in an attempt to assassinate the Minister. It was here that he learned of the peaceful nature of the man, of the humble tailor who served on Deep Space Nine and of his grandiose belief that Cardassia could be and would be just as powerful as a democracy in the tradition of their Hebetian Ancestors. Toran wanted to kill Garak. Garak had taken his father but perhaps Garak had given him something in return; a belief that Cardassia need not intimidate her neighbours to be powerful but instead a benevolent power is a gracious and supported one.

Toran was there when the Detapa Council retook power and sent Minister Garak in hid him within the Union. He stayed on in a Security Role to see which approach was better. The new Council was as oppressive as the old, even beginning to reestablish old institutions like the Obsidian Order. Amor Toran watched as the new Council hid its faces from the public chosing to act as an oppressive oligarchy rather than having some sort of figurehead zealot. Toran watched as these men and women killed those who stood against her.

In the time of the brief rule of Minister Garak, the Cardassian Population had begun to grow once more. Ancient institutions, lost to the oppression of the Detapa Council returned. Beautiful museums cropped up bringing out last Cardassian artifacts from simple chalices to grand paintings. Once again, these building were repatrioted used to set up police stations and control centers. Amor Toran was horrified. This was not the Cardassia he wanted to serve.

On May 30, 2389, Amor Toran and a group of rebels stormed the Council Chambers and retook the capital. One of the members shouted at Toran, "This is an outrage. The people will not follow you. We will order them to stomp you down. Stand down or be killed, child!"

Toran looked at the councillors, "The people will not follow me, but they will follow Minister Garak."

"Garak is no where to be found. His dream is lost!", the members shouted.

"Garak is on route to the capital as we speak. My plan was forwarded to Gul Thua'ra Varno through your very own Obsidian Order channels. You see, Councillor, Varno is not with you. He is with us. He is with Garak. He has been feeding you false information. The Tanmesad is on route here WITH MINISTER GARAK!", Toran shouted.

"The alarms have been sounded.", one of Toran's rebels responded.

"The race is on, young Amor. Either Garak returns before the armory gets here or you die. Given the history of your precious Tanmesad, on its dying legs I am told, I think this will all be for not. I look forward to your head on a pyre in front of this very building.", the Councillor shouted.

Varno looked at Vash, "How much further?"

"About 1 hour.", Vash responded as the Tanmesad bridge filled with senior staff.

"We must make it.", Varno ordered.

"I know.", Vash frowned.

"Commander S'Ari, all ahead full.", Vash looked at the Vulcan.

"Carson, we need everything you got.", S'Ari ordered.

Click sat down next to his department head, "I will try to re-route all power systems through the engines. We are gonna make it."

Valerie and Thandie both worked operations trying to keep life support and stabilizers on line as the ships systems were continually robbed of power. Jessie came up to and joined them at the Operations Console. If nothing else, this was a great learning experience.

"There has to be a way to get the Minister to the service at an alarming speed once we arrive.", Vash looked around for advice.

"The Detapa Council will assuredly have blocked all transporter traffic.", Tania responded, looking to Christina for advice.

The Counsellor was at a loss for words at the once mighty Cardassia Prime appeared on the screen.

S'Ari looked back, "What about a skid and sling?"

"A what?", Vash responded.

"Have you heard of the legend of Captain James T. Kirk as a young man?", S'Ari responded.

"I have heard many legends of Captain Kirk.", Vash replied.

"Once, Crewman Kirk took a mighty Earth car and headed towards the precipice of a cliff. He spun the car wildly flinging himself out of the car as a test of his strength of will.", S'Ari explained.

"I don't see how this applies.", Vash responded.

"We will move one of the shuttles into the rear cargo bay. We will continue towards Cardassia at Warp 9.9. Rather than halt, attain orbit and launch the shuttle, we will simply open the cargo bay, slam on the brakes, spin the ship wildly and fling the shuttle towards the surface.", S'Ari explained in a most illogical plan.

"The trouble becomes how do you slow down the shuttle, land the shuttle and land it in the precise location of the Detapa Council Chambers.", Vash observed.

"I will land her, Captain.", Click stood up.

Charlene slipped into his position. At this amazing speed, the Tanmesad most definitely required two persons on the helm.

"You will only get one chance.", Vash frowned.

"I will go and serve in Operations.", Tania interrupted.

"Lose my executive officer. No way.", Vash grumbled.

"This will require break neck adjustments to the shuttle. I am Borg. I am capable.", Tania responded.

Vash remembered how the pair had worked in the past.

"Gul Varno, take Minister Garak and these two hellhounds to the T'Zohl Gamma. This is gonna be a rough one.", Vash ordered.

Vash plunked down in the Captain's Chair. He looked at Commander S'Ari, "Is this gonna work, Stinger?"

He never called her that especially after their breakup but it harkened back to her days on the USS Atlantis as the Wing Commander. She knew that Vash was very stressed. She knew he was overwhelmed.

"It better.", S'Ari responded.

This was hardly a logical answer to a simple question but owed to the great risk being undertaken.

"Prepare for hard stop!", S'Ari shouted.

"On my mark.", she continued.

Valerie and Thandie looked at the console as S'Ari ordered, "Stop!"

The Tanmesad flung around like a car spinning out at the end of a quarter mile flinging the shuttle violently from the back.

Click and Branson worked ferociously trying to regain control as the shuttle hit the upper atmosphere in a devastating flat spin. Click looked at Branson as she turned away from the console to puke from the horrifying nausea caused by the spin. Tania wiped her face and began once again to work.

"Your time is up!", shouted the Councillor.

Amor Toran stood there as he heard the Cardassian Militia enter the upper chamber. He looked at his men and women and laid his phaser rifle on the ground and put his hands up as the militia entered the room. Toran looked to his rebellious staff, "I am sorry."

The roof crashed in. Debris and rubble fell everywhere the shuttle came to rest on the ground in a massive pile of dust and chaos.

Lt. Commander Tchilack looked at Commander Branson, "Alive?"

"Alive.", the Borg responded.

"Where is Garak?", Click shouted.

He turned and rushed towards the back of the shuttle. The dust cloud was so ominous it created as huge floor level smoke pattern. Minister Elim Garak rose through the smoke, almost as an angel on high and stood in front of his people, his Cardassians. The entrance was something out of a grand novel or a religious hero doctine.

Garak was home. It was almost magical. The security forces lowered the weapons, many put them on the floor. Some even knelt down. Click and Tania walked out behind the Minister.

"My people, I have returned.", Garak spoke as only he could.

"Fools, Rise against him. Kill him dead.", One of the Councillors picked up a rifle. Toran gunned him down right there.

Word spread to the streets almost as a wildfire. There were tears of great joy and tears of great relief as people walked into the streets shouting, "Garak has returned. The search for Garak is over!!"

Minister Garak turned to Lt. Commander Tchilack, "Dear pilot, A fine landing."

Garak winked but Branson looked at Click, "Not that fine."

The pair shared a laugh. It may be the first time the crew of the Tanmesad has shared a laugh in far too long.

Garak walked out of the council chambers and on to the streets. His very appearance sent waves through the entire world. The Minister had returned. Images of his appearance in the smoke, the returning conquering hero were being fed through every Cardassian communication network. This was a great day for Cardassia.

Hopefully the first of many, many more.

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Gul Vash Enranet
Commanding Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
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Commander Tania Branson
Executive Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Commander S'Ari of Vulcan
USS / CGV Tanmesad
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Glinn Carson Warren
Chief Engineer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
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The Race for Democracy
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