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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Varno Vendetta

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PostSubject: Varno Vendetta   Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:25 pm

Vash had spent the morning with the representatives of the Betazoid Defence Forces discussing the fighter incident and whether or not further charges would be laid against the Betazoid Captain. Vash hoped he had cleared up everything. He never expected what happened next.

"Will that be all?", Enranet asked.

"There is one other matter. There is a charge of abuse of children that remains unresolved with a member of your crew.", the Betazoid Ambassador explained.

"All matters involving my crew have been handled through the Federation - Cardassian Agreement.", Vash explained.

"This is not a military matter. This is a criminal matter.", the Betazoid Ambassador spoke.

"What would that be?", Vash asked.

"Gul Thua'ra Varno was charged with an assualt on a child in Jalanda City during the withdrawal.", the Betazoid Ambassador explained.

"That is absolutely untrue, Gul Varno was already on Platform 1968 by that time.", Enranet explained.

"We will travel to Bajor to answer these charges.", Enranet explained.

"Are you certain that is wise, Gul Enranet?", the Ambassador asked.

"The best course of action is to face this head on.", Enranet commented.

Vash walked onto the bridge moments later. He looked at Tania, "We are returning to Bajor."

"What for?", the Borg Disconnect responded.

"Gul Varno has been charged with an attack on a child.", Enranet explained.

"Do you think he is capable?", Branson responded.

"Perhaps at one time in his life but the charges occurred during the withdrawal and Gul Varno had already travelled to Platform 1968 at that time.", Enranet explained.

"Did Varno ever leave the Station?", Branson asked.

"On occasion, he was a key scientific advisor to the Detapa Council.", Enranet responded.

"How do you know he did not go back to Bajor during one of those times?", Branson asked.

"I don't. I just don't think he did and am prepared to go on that statement.", Enranet responded.

Click brought the Tanmesad around and headed for Bajor at maximum warp. The Xindi loved to fly at break neck speed. The rush gave him a feeling of being a real pilot.

The Tanmesad announced its arrival to the Bajoran Consulate and requested a Bajoran Republic Civilian Police Officer arrive to arrest Gul Varno. Enranet wanted this to be all above board.

Varno was not too pleased when Enranet explained that he would be arrested in order to be allowed to testify and to hear the case against him. Varno snarled to Enranet, "I have nothing to account for."

"It does not matter, Gul Varno. This is due process.", Enranet explained.

Dr. Viceroy walked into Vash's ready room, "What is the nature of the charges?"

"Gul Varno is accused of having sexual relations with a Bajoran child.", Enranet frowned.

Giancarla, basically a child herself at the tender age of 17, looked at Vash, "Do you think he did it?"

"No.", Vash responded, "He has a daughter of his own and Cardassians would find such actions reprehensible. As do I!"

"But times were different during the occupation. I know the stories of comfort women. I know that you took them.", Giancarla observed.

Vash was embarrassed. The Cardassians were once a proud people and this is what they were reduced too, apologizing for the occupation. There was no answer for the human augment.

Giancarla could see his embarrassment, "You don't know, do you?"

"I don't.", Vash explained.

The word of mouth quickly spread through the ship. The crew decided. Many of them actually gave creedance to the charges. This was a difficult situation leaving the crew divided.

Worse yet, the testimony was broadcast on all comm-links. The crew could hear the graffic description of the Cardassian attacking the 12 year old Bajoran girl. The description was depraved and disgusting. Many on the crew, including Commander Valerie Bell, actually could not bare to listen.

The Bajoran prosecutor painted a very ugly picture of the Cardassian attacker. Varno had to sit and listen. Worse yet, Dr. Ro Anora sat with the Cardassian. She got ugly jeers and leers from her fellow Bajorans.

In the end, the child would have to face her accuser. The child could not be named to protect her from any persecution. The child looked at Gul Varno as the Bajoran judge asked him to stand.

The child looked at the judge, "This is not the man."

"Child. This is the man. This is Gul Thua'ra Varno. He was in Jalanda City at the time of the incident. We have presented travel itineraries. We know he was here. Do you know this man?", the Bajoran prosecutor snapped.

The little Bajoran girl started to cry, "I know the candy man."

"What? He lured you with Candy.", the Prosecutor suddenly perked up, smelling blood.

The girl frowned.

"Come on, he lured you with candy.", the Prosecutor repeated.

The little girl looked at the floor.

"Please, speak your peace.", the Prosecutor repeated.

"Many of us were put into the room while the Cardassians ordered us to clean the floor. Several old Cardassians would come in. Some lifted out dresses.", the little girl sobbed.

Many in the courtroom sobbed too. It was horrid.

"Did Gul Varno enter the room?", the Prosecutor asked.

"Only after the first group.", the girl responded. The room hushed. This was it.

"What did Gul Varno do?", the Prosecutor spoke with more vigor.

The little girl started to cry replaying the incident over and over. She would have been a very small child at this time. Now 12 years later, she was 24 but reverted in this incident to her child-like self.

"We huddled into the corner. We were afraid. Gul Varno came towards us. He knelt down and looked into my eyes. He started to cry. He looked at us.", the girl continued.

"What did he say child.", the Prosecutor repeated.

"He said, someday, all of Cardassia will shed tears for what is done here today. Someday all of Cardassia will pay for the pain it caused today. Nothing I do for you can repay you for the sins brought upon you today. I wish I could give you something more but this is all that I have. He gave us a big sucker.", the little girl started to sob harder.

Varno smiled. The girl now reverted back to her 24 year old self and looked at Gul Varno.

"All charges are withdrawn.", the judge spoke.

The crew of the Tanmesad erupted with cheers. Varno turned to his staff and to Gul Enranet, "There is nothing to celebrate here. The crime did occur and a Cardassian did do it."

The sombre words were a grim reminder of everything that the Tanmesad had set out to repair. There is no repairing these children for what happened.

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Varno Vendetta
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