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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Works for Us

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Works for Us   Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:24 pm

The Betazoid appeared on the Tanmesad viewer. Valerie looked up from the Operations Console, "Vash, you may want to look at this."

Vash looked over at Operations, "Activate the Federation Signal. They need to be informed of our status."

The Betazoid Fighter came up under the belly of the Tanmesad and fired four shots hitting the lower decks. Vash felt the rumbling on the bridge.

"What the hell?", Carson shouted from engineering below.

Valerie Bell as at the Operations console, "The Tanmesad has entered Betazoid space."

Vash turned to look at the mid-size Betazoid ship.

"Bring the Tanmesad about.", Vash ordered.

"Aye, Sir.", Commander S'Ari, the Vulcan pilot responded.

"What's going on?", Tania walked onto the bridge.

"The Tanmesad is under attack.", Vash exclaimed.

"Autumn, bring the weapons on-line.", Vash ordered.

"Hold on.", Tania responded.

"We have spent 2 years trying to improve the reputation of the Tanmesad, the Cardassians. Minister Garak and the Hebetian Government have built their reputation on peaceful coexistence.", Tania explained.

"What do you propose we do?", Vash asked.

"Introduce yourselves.", Tania responded.

Vash looked at Tania bewildered but then realized what she meant.

"Commander Bell arrange for Lt. Commander Evangeline Todd and Ekelyne to meet us in the Transporter room.", Vash ordered, looking to Autumn.

"Commander come with me.", Vash motioned to Laree.

The four beamed directly to the bridge of the Betazoid Vessel. Autumn quickly raised her hands in a gesture of submission.

"We are not the enemy.", Autumn exclaimed.

"I am Commander Autumn Laree, this is our Infantry Leader Lt. Commander Evangeline Todd. This is our commanding Officer Gul Vash Enranet and the Oracle of Cardassia, Ekelyne. We come to introduce ourselves.", Autumn explained.

"Laree, as in Alexander, Admiral Alexander Laree.", the captain responded.

"Alexander is my uncle. Liam is my father.", Autumn smiled, opening a rapport with the Betazoid.

"We are part of the Pheonix Federation - Cardassian Joint Project.", Vash jumped in.

"We are trying build a better relationship with the worlds around Cardassia.", Vash continued.

"Who suggested beaming over?", the Captain asked.

"My executive officer.", Vash replied.

"Commander Branson, please activate the main viewer.", Vash tapped his combadge.

"BORG!!", the Captain yelled.

"Sorry, Disconnected.", Vash replied.

"You have a Borg Executive Officer, A Betazoid Military Leader and a child to lead your infantry.", the Captain laughed.

"Don't forget the Caitian chef.", Autumn laughed to sharing a Betazoid moment.

"Somehow it works for us.", Vash smiled.

Posted by:

Gul Vash Enranet
Commanding Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Commander Tania Branson
Executive Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Commander S'Ari of Vulcan
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Glinn Carson Warren
Chief Engineer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Based on concept developed by

Dr. Giancarla Viceroy
Chief Medical Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

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Works for Us
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