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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 The Search for Garak The Legend of Anora's Gold

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PostSubject: The Search for Garak The Legend of Anora's Gold   Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:22 am

Thua'ra and Anora were inseparable once more. Having the Bajoran Science Officer back seemed to bring to life the Cardassian. He interacted with the crew. He interacted with the bridge staff on graveyards. He was once again the Thua'ra Varno who once commanded the Tanmesad, Platform 1968 and the USS Nova Horizon. Varno was in the Obsevation Lounge one night telling stories before shift and he talked about the Cardassian Raid on Bajor that captured the last round of comfort women for the science platform at 1968. This raid brought him Anora.

He told of how Anora's family had allegedly stashed huge volumes of latinum on a probe headed for a Bajoran Asteroid in the hopes of recovering it after the Cardassian Occupation had ended. Anora laughed, "Oh, Thua'ra, you are a crazy fool. There is no latinum. You are always telling that story."

"No, Anora. You always used to tell me about it when you would parade around in your tattered robes. You would look at me and say, 'One day, Cardassian, I will have enough wealth that you will cower at my feet.'", Thua'ra smiled.

"And you do now.", Anora shouted.

"Here! Here!", Galley laughed as he poured the wine.

Giancarla looked at Evangeline, "What if its real?"

"What's real, Doc?", Vengeance asked.

"Anora's Gold.", Guinea Pig shrugged her shoulders.

"Don't be silly.", Todd responded.

"I am gonna ask Christine.", Giancarla smiles.

"You are a silly girl.", Evangeline touches her nose and heads out for her shift.

Giancarla walks down the corridor. Faulkner goes by.

"Charlene, have you heard of the Bajorans shooting latinum into space?", Giancarla asks.

"Oh yeah. The Ferengi are always looking for the Bajoran bulion on the edges of the Bajoran Sector.", Faulkner smiles.

"What are we gonna do if our doctor gets gold fever?", Charlene starts laughing.

Viceroy heads on to the bridge, "Vash, have you ever heard of the Bajorans shooting latinum into space?"

Vash turned around looking at the young doctor, "You are so young, Guinea Pig. The latinum was only a legend."

Carson walked onto the bridge with Thandie Varno, "Vash, have you seen this?"

"Seen what?", the Cardassian responded.

"Thandie was given this by Anora when they were children. She put it in her personal logs.", Carson handed Vash a map.

Vash looked at the image, "Oh my god, its a trajectory map. It's can't be."

Vash walked over to S'Ari, "Do you recognize the stars?"

"Yeah, its the Nomad Cluster on the edge of the Bajoran Sector.", the Vulcan responded.

"Go there.", Vash ordered.

"This is foolhardy.", the Vulcan grumbled.

"There's gold in them there hills.", Vash tried to sound like something out of an Earth western. Mostly, he simply sounded silly.

Thua'ra came up shaking his head, "Vash, this is silly."

"We have to see.", Vash smiled showing the childhood notes passed between Anora and Thandie.

"We have to see.", Thua'ra smiled to his old friend.

Charlene looked at the Nomad Cluster and smiled, "Do you see it?"

The red glow in the sky ended at a large asteroid. Charlene smiled, "A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?"

S'Ari stood up, "You are all foolish."

Vash looked at Thandie as Valerie came on to the bridge with Tania and Christine, "Operations, get the Marines in EVP. We need to retrieve a probe from the asteroid. Its time for the vultures to do some scavenging."

Vash was almost giddy with anticipation.

"I wanna go.", Giancarla looked at Vash.

The young doctor had never been off ship. Vash knew that this was her idea, "Go ahead, GP."

Vash and Varno stood on the bridge. Anora came up and looked out the viewer.

Vengeance called Autumn, "Major, we have a find."

Vash jumped up and down, "Yes!!"

He and Varno danced around the bridge.

Vash, Thua'ra and Anora, hell everyone headed down to the transporter room. The marines and the doc beamed back.

Vash knelt down looking at the beautiful chest. Anora held her breath. Vash pulled a phaser and fired.

The box opened. Everyone leaned in to see.

There was a round tube. Vash shrugged, "What is that?"

Anora leaned down and opened one end, "It is the most priceless of things...."

Anora unrolled the scroll, "It is the Ro Family tree."

Vash snapped, "Damn."

Giancarla knelt down seeing a tear form in Anora's eye. She put her hand on her shoulder, "You are right, Anora. It was worth the trip."

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The Search for Garak The Legend of Anora's Gold
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