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 The Search for Garak Cartography Test

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Tania Branson
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PostSubject: The Search for Garak Cartography Test   Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:22 am

The Detapa Council had taken every step to move Minister Garak from realm to realm within the Cardassian Union in order to perpetuate the search for Garak. Garak was kept in horrid conditions. He was treated to bread and water prisons and threatened with execution.

Thandie Varno was at Operations when the data transfer occurred. The image of Minister Garak confessing to acts of violence against first the Bajorans as a member of the Obsidian Order and then to undermining and even treasonous acts against Cardassia and the Cardassian people.

Varno was horrified as she watched. She waited for Vash before presenting the image. Thandie spoke like a child who had just seen her hero destroyed before her eyes. She was moved to tears as she asked about the Obsidian Order and about the Hebetian Democratic Movement, proclaimed by Garak in the data file as an underground terrorist movement.

Vash looked at Thandie, "My dear, it is common practice amongst hostage takers to bleed their charges into submission through fatigue, through lack of food and water and with continuous subjugation in the hopes of creating a willingness to do anything to stay alive.

Vash watched the imagery over and over. He thought not of Garak but instead of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Cardassian belittlement tactics that lead to Picard's defiance. Vash had a new respect for Picard knowing that the legendary Federation captain had withstood where Garak had capitualated. Picard remained defiant, "There are four lights!!"

Vash felt a kinship with Thandie Varno, embarrassed for his hero; his mentor. Some time, some day, the Detapa Council will pay for the belittlement of Minister Garak. Vash invited the senior staff to the conference room. He played the data file.

"Can anyone pick out anything? A clue to the location?", Vash frowned.

Giancarla could only say, "Garak does not look well. He looks dehydrated and undernourished."

Vash looked at the young lady. Her observations were obvious. Vash did not want to embarrass her but he was upset that this was the best they could come up with.

Tania looked at Vash, "There is little clue as to the location of Minister Garak and with the continual changes in location, the exercise may be useless anyway."

Vash shouted, "I am not prepared to abandon this. It is the first evidence that we have had regarding Minister Garak since the disappearance. Come on, people. This is our leader."

"Not our leader.", Tania corrected.

Vash frowned. He understood the Federation joint project as well as anyone but in his mind, their mission was the Cardassian one.

Charlene had sat there for a long time listening. She was disappointed that the Tanmesad was being torn apart by the incident. Charlene asked Vash to back the image up.

"Look at the window.", Charlene pointed out.

Thandie walked over and amplified the corner image. The image began too distorted. Thandie paged Commander Bell. Valerie was able to clean up the image.

"What are we looking at?", Valerie asked.

"A star map.", Charlene explained.

"Of where?", Valerie asked.

"That is what we are trying to figure out.", Vash snapped.

"Why are you looking at the Rondak system?", Christina asked bringing in some coffee.

"What?", Vash snapped.

"The Rondak System.', the counsellor repeated.

"Which part?", Vash glared at Dr. Lodge.

Christina had been the science officer. She had been a stellar cartographer in her career. She was very astute at this stuff. She looked at Vash, "I would say Rondak IV."

Vash hollered Commander S'Ari who was on the helm and ordered Tchilick Tchilack awakened. The two walked into the conference room.

Vash looked at Click, "Rondak IV?"

"A test. You woke me up for a cartography test.", grumbled the Xindi.

"Just answer the question, Click!", Vash snapped. His impatience was thinly veiled.

"Yes. Its Rondak IV.", Click grumbled.

Commander S'Ari responded, "I concur."

Vash turned to Tania, "This is our only shot. We need to go there."

Tania frowned, "i don't know."

Christina looked at Tania, "They once came for us."

Tania knew the observation was true. She looked Vash, "To Rondak IV."

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Gul Vash Enranet
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Lt. Charlene Faulkner
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USS / CGV Tanmesad
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The Search for Garak Cartography Test
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