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 The Search for Garak Ro Damian: The Devil Child

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PostSubject: The Search for Garak Ro Damian: The Devil Child   Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:17 pm

Anora was in her quarters when Thua'ra arrived. He had not seen his lover in a long time. He looked at Anora and smiled, "Thank you for your help, Doctor."

Anora turned, "Hello, Gul Varno."

Anora sounded distant and professional. Their breakup was hardly cordial. Thua'ra moved closer. Anora stepped back maintaining her personal distance. Anora looked at Thua'ra, "Things are different now."

"I understand.", Thua'ra frowned. The Cardassian turned to leave when the young Bajoran boy came running out and hugged Anora, "Mother, the ship is so cool!"

"Mother?", Varno growled.

"He was without parents on Bajor when I returned. Commander Comina Kira introduced us. I have decided to keep him.", Anora smiled.

Thua'ra growled, "A child. On a ship. You are a fool."

Varno stormed out of the room. Gul Varno headed straight for the bridge. Commander Tania Branson was on the bridge. Varno glared at the Borg Disconnect, "Where is Gul Enranet?"

"I imagine he is having supper. His shift ended about 1/2 hour ago. He and Commander S'Ari left about fifteen minutes ago.", Tania smiled.

"Fraternization. Foolish behavior.", grumbled Varno.

Tania looked at Christine and shrugged. The two girls shared a big laugh as the grumpy Cardassian stormed from the bridge. He headed straight for the Observation Lounge. He walked sternly into the lounge as Jenerica and Lyris chased the Bajoran child across the opening nearly tripping up the Cardassian.

"Why do these children need to be on a star ship?", Varno snapped.

Valerie and Charlene were having supper, "Because they are family, Varno.", Charlene snapped.

Gul Varno looked at the pilot, "Shouldn't you be on the bridge, Lieutenant?"

"Christine can handle it, Gul Varno. The Counsellor is not incompetent and then she can spend the early part of the evening with Tania.", Charlene snapped.

"More fraternization. This is a damn military operation.", Varno shouted, "Where the hell is Enranet?"

Vash and S'Ari were sitting with Galley and Jess. They were laughing and joking and holding up glasses of Vulcan Port. Even the stoic Vulcan S'Ari looked to be having a great old time. Varno walked over, "Vash, did you authorize the Bajoran child?"

"Of course. I wanted the science officer back. I would have done anything.", Vash smiled.

"Would you join us for a drink, Thua'ra?", Vash tried to sound inviting.

"No. I have to work at 0030. This is a starship. People work here.", Varno grumbled.

Galley burst out laughing, "No really...."

Galley got up to check on his supper. Jessica burst out laughing, "Stop tormenting him. He is just being who he is, Cardassian."

Jess got up to help Galley. Varno turned and grumbled all the way back to his quarters.

Varno was soon on the bridge for his shift. The grumbling Cardassian was the perfect match for Tchilick Tchilack, the fowl mouthed Xindi. The pair were the only ones up there on the night shift when the Hideki Class Cruiser appeared on the side of the Tanmesad.

Varno looked at Tchilack, "Click, see what they are after."

The Helmsman put it on the main viewer, "Gul Varno, you have a non-manifested Bajoran on your ship. Our scan confirm the existence of registered Bajoran Orphan 20101113, property of the Republic of Bajor. You are hereby ordered to transfer the child to us for return to Bajor."

Varno looked at Click, "Bring the child and Dr. Ro Anora to the bridge."

Click ordered Autumn to comply with the task. The Marine Chief of Security grouched to Click, "Xindi, do you know it is 0114 hours?"

Click grumbled, "You had better comply."

Major Laree brought Dr. Ro Anora and the child to the bridge. Dr. Ro addressed the Hideki crew, "I have an approved transfer from Commander Comina Kira of the Bajoran Militia."

"This is a Bajoran matter, Doctor. You will comply.", the Hideki commander ordered.

Anora looked at Thua'ra, "You have to do something. You can't let them take him."

Thua'ra looked at Anora, "What can I do?"

Anora looked at Varno, "You used to be able to do anything. What has become of you?"

Thua'ra looked at Anora. She had such a painful look in her eyes. Thua'ra looked at Autumn, Click and the child. Anora looked longingly at Varno. Thua'ra took a deep breath.

"Major, awaken the doctor. Bring her to the bridge.", Varno requested. No one understood what he was up to.

Varno looked at Click, "On screen."

"Hideki, this is Gul Varno. It is with deep embarrassment that I inform you that Orphan 20101113 is not an orphan at all. He is the child of myself and Dr. Ro Anora. I tried to hide the fact that I had a child with the Bajoran out of embarrassment. I am a Cardassian Officer. The ship's doctor will confirm the DNA and provide the necessary information.", Varno spoke clearly.

Giancarla walked onto the bridge just in time to hear the conversation. Giancarla looked at Thua'ra, "Is this true?"

"No. Of course not. I lied.", Thua'ra forrowed his brow.

Anora giggled, "Great job."

"You will provide the necessary DNA information.", Thua'ra requested.

"And how will I do that?", Giancarla responded.

"Lie!", Varno ordered.

Giancarla walked over to the science console and sent the false information. There was a long silence. Varno looked
at Anora. She had a huge smile on her face knowing that Varno did this for her.

"The DNA is confirmed Gul Varno. Please proceed on your mission.", the Hideki commander ordered, "Sorry for the inconvenience."

"No inconvenience, Gul. We are all compelled to follow orders.", Varno responded.

Damian looked at Varno, "So you are my father?"

Thua'ra looked down, "I guess, in the eyes of the Cardassian Union, I am now."

Anora looked at Varno, "You just wait until I get you in my quarters."

"That is how these problems get started.", Click responded without emotion.

The entire bridge burst out laughing.

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Gul Vash Enranet
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Commander Tania Branson
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Lt. Comm. Giancarla Viceroy
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The Search for Garak Ro Damian: The Devil Child
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