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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Lost At Sea In Good Hands

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Tania Branson
Commander (B)
Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Lost At Sea In Good Hands   Sat Mar 27, 2010 4:31 pm

Gul Varno was on the bridge when Tania came up for the shift change, only her fourth crossover with the Cardassian. She was still unsure how to take his gruff demeanor.

Branson looked at Varno, "Anything to report?"

"A Bajoran Frieghter heading towards the Settlement on Cardassia III was attacked by two Hideki Class Vessels and is labouring into orbit around the settlement.", Varno matter of factly spoke.

"Did you intervene?", Branson looked puzzled at the Cardassian.

"It is no concern of ours any longer.", Varno responded.

"The settlement is the very symbol of what we represent, Gul Varno.", the Borg Disconnect did not hold back her discontent.

"I am not prepared to put my command at risk for a Bajoran frieghter.", Varno snapped back, moving towards Branson.

"Monitor the situation. Those are my orders.", Varno left abruptly.

"Commander S'Ari, were you on the bridge on day shift?", Branson asked.

"I was not. Lt. Commander Tchilack served on the helm, Commander.", S'Ari responded.

"Did he report anyone challenging Gul Varno's decision?", Branson grumbled.

"No, Ma'am. There was no challenge to the decisions of Gul Varno.", S'Ari responded.

"I tell you all something.", Tania responded, "If I do something so stupid, you better speak up."

"The freighter is labouring further, Commander Branson.", S'Ari reported.

"Commander Bell, inform Dr. Viceroy that we may have some guests.", Tania ordered.

The crew of the Tanmesad monitored the situation through the B shift. Gul Vash Enranet walked onto the bridge at 2330. Enranet looked at Branson, "Problems, Commnader?"

Enranet could see the worry on her face.

"Vash, the Bajoran Freighter was attacked on the A shift. Gul Varno did not intervene. The Freighter is labouring into high orbit around Cardassia III. We were ordered by Varno to monitor the situation.", Branson explained.

"The situation is now more serious. The Hidekis are prepping for a second attack run.", Branson continued.

"What is your plan, Commander?", Enranet asked.

Tania had not heard those words from Varno. Not even once!

"I don't know.", Tania felt a bit insecure.

Vash looked at Commander S'Ari, "Begin to set up for an attack run of our own."

Charlene walked on the bridge, "Are you sure you want to do that?"

Tania looked at Vash, "Yeah, Varno will not be too pleased."

Vasn looked at Tania, "I was not talking to you, I was talking to Commander S'Ari."

Vash sat in the Captain's Chair. Tania walked over and sat beside him. She felt comfortable sitting next to him. Christina Lodge wandered on to the bridge and took the Counsellor's Chair.

Christina looked at Vash, "Are you prepared for the consequences?"

"Are the Bajorans prepared for it if we don't respond?", Vash responded.

Christina smiled as she looked at Tania. This was how things were supposed to be.

"The Hidekis are beginning the run.", S'Ari explained.

Vash looked at Tania, "While it has been nice working with you. Ms. S'Ari, engage the enemy."

Tania smiled, "Make the bastards pay! No one attacks one of ours."

Carson yelled from Engineering, "Maybe someone should warn the engineer before you engage the warp engines."

"Easy, Glinn Warren. We are working up here.", Vash responded.

"Vash?", Carson responded.

"Jess, Get Guinea Pig out of bed, there are bound to be Bajoran casualties. We need the doc on this one.", Vash ordered.

"Gotcha.", Larson responded.

"Major, you have the gunship at your beckon call.", Vash turned around and smiled at Autumn, once again back on the Tanmesad bridge.

Autumn smiled, "Yes, Sir."

Autumn took great pleasure in blowing two huge holes in the side of the Hidekis. The Cardassians began shouting in Cardassian about the Union and about the fall of honor amongst Cardassians and calling the Tanmesad traitoress in her actions. Vash stood up and swore back in Cardassian informing them that their actions were not Cardassian anymore.

The Hideki captain shouted, "For Union, For Cardassia."

Vash stepped up so his image could be clear on the viewer, "No longer for Union or For Cardassia, but for Peace and for Garak!"

Autumn engaged the kill shot... Twice!!

Varno walked on the bridge, "What the hell is going on?!"

Vash turned around, "Fixing a problem. Problem solved."

"You may have provoked an attack with the rebels. What the hell are you gonna do if a freaking Keldon comes out here? I should have had you removed from the ship.", Varno snapped.

Vash could not help himself. He dropped Varno with a wicked right cross. The crew stood up and started clapping.

Tania stood over a prone Varno, "Gul Varno, by order of the Federation Project Lead, you are relieved of command. You are welcome to stay on as Second Officer."

Varno stood up, "There is no senior command officer from the Cardassian Project. You have no right."

"I chose Gul Vash Enranet.", Tania snapped.

"Vash Enranet was removed from command. He is not capable.", Varno shouted back.

"I pronounce Gul Vash Enranet fit for duty.", Giancarla walked on to the bridge.

"Look Child. You have no authority.", Varno turned and grabbed Guinea Pig.

Giancarla looked at Varno, "As Chief Medical Officer, I damn straight have the authority and if you touch me again, you will be off my ship."

The crew started clapping again.

"Gul Varno, you are ordered to begin your shift at 0030 hours. The day shift is for the senior command.", Tania snapped.

"Gul Enranet, you have the bridge.", Tania had been on the bridge for nearly 14 hours. She needed to rest.

"Jessie, please beam any injured Bajorans to sick bay.", Vash ordered sitting down in HIS chair.

"Yes, Sir.", Larson responded.

Giancarla looked at Vash, "With your blessing sir, I have work to do."

"Get to it.", Vash smiled.

"One more thing, Guinea Pig. Thank you.", the Cardassian smiled.

"No problem, sir.", Giancarla smiled, "Just doing my job."

"Aren't we all.", Vash smiled.

The Tanmesad was back in the right hands... In good hands...

Posted by:

Commander Tania Branson
Executive Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Gul Vash Enranet
Commanding Officer
USS / CGV Tanmeasd
Phoenix Federation

Commander S'Ari of Vulcan
Flight Commander
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Glinn Carson Warren
Chief Engineer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Dr. Giancarla Viceroy
"Guinea Pig"
Chief Medical Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation
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Lost At Sea In Good Hands
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