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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Lost At Sea New World Order

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Tania Branson
Commander (B)
Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Lost At Sea New World Order   Sat Mar 27, 2010 4:31 pm

Tania smiled as she engaged the venting unit and cleared the fire suppression fog that had forced the Executive Officer to become Chief Engineer. Tania started laughing as Sydney walked in the back and took a deep breath.

Sydney looked at Tania, "Its good to be back jack!"

Tania smiled and slid some "skin" to the fine Computer specialist. No sooner had they traded a high five than the Tanmesad lurched to a stop. Tania looked at Sydney, "What the hell just happened?"

"The venting appears to have halted the matter-anti-matter conversion.", Sydney explained.

Varno stormed into Engineering, "What the hell is going on?"

The Cardassian glared at the group. Sydney turned to Varno, "Hey, this is a success. You are standing in engineering because of the good work of Commander Branson."

"Some good work. We are stopped.", Varno reminded everyone.

Carson had been to the bridge for the end of the day shift change. He was looking for Varno when he walked into engineering. For Carson, it felt like a homecoming. He too took a deep breath and smiled. Carson pointed at Tania, "Fantastic job, Branson!"

He walked over and shared a high five. Varno glared at the trio, "Look, the Tanmesad is freaking stopped. This is no celebration."

Carson turned back, "We can get regular staff into engineering for the first time since the crisis. This IS a time for celebration."

Varno looked at Carson, "No one can re-start a matter-anti-matter conversation out here. We don't have the equipment."

"I can do it.", Carson suggested.

"You are the bridge commanding officer.", Varno reminded his Executive Officer.

"I am an engineer.", Carson retorted.

"Not just any engineer. The glorified freaking astronaut farmer.", Sydney smiled.

"Are you resigning your commission to stay here?", Varno growled.

"I am going to get the ship to run. The rest is up to your Gul Varno.", Carson motioned to Sydney as the pair headed for the warp core.

Varno turned to Branson, "Tania, take the COMM. Get my ship up and running."

Varno headed for another supper with Valerie Bell.

Branson headed up to the Bridge. Commander S'Ari was running through every start up scenario she could. S'Ari was surprised to see Branson.

Tania looked at the Vulcan, "Give Warren a chance to get it going first."

S'Ari looked back, "Yes, Ma'am."

Tania looked out and saw the Klingon vessel decloaking.

"Mr. Warren, we have a problem. You may be on a tighter schedule than we hoped.", Tania spoke into her combadge.

"Commander S'Ari go to red alert and put me on screen.", Branson ordered.

"On screen, Ma'am.", the Vulcan responded.

"Yes and then hide under your console.", Branson ordered.

The Vulcan was puzzled but complied.

"I am Two of Ten, Communication Adjunct to the Borg reporting on behalf of the Black Knights of Amleth, you are ordered to stand down and prepare to be boarded. We are the Borg. We will add your biological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile.", Tania mumbled.

The Klingon vessel cloaked once more and then backed away. Commander S'Ari stood up and turned around, "A bluff?"

Tania smiled, "Damn straight."

"I have never understood the human concept.", S'Ari grinned.

"Commander Warren, get the damn engines running.", Tania ordered through her combadge.

Tania paced. S'Ari paced. Vash Enranet joined the pace at 00:30 as the old band was back together. Tania turned to Vash and smiled, "Good to see you sir."

Vash nodded.

At 01:42, the Tanmesad rocked back and forth and then sprang to life. Tania clapped her hands, "I knew he could do it."

The movement brought Varno to the bridge. The Cardassian looked at Branson, "Your shift ended an hour and half ago."

"The ship was in peril. I should be on the bridge.", Branson responded.

"Besides, she handled the Klingons.", S'Ari informed the Cardassian.

"What?", Varno responded, "Why the hell wasn't I contacted?"

"The situation was under control.", S'Ari responded.

Varno looked at Branson, "It appears it was. Are you interested in your old job, Commander?"

Tania smiled, "I would be honored."

Carson walked onto the bridge clapping his hands together in a job-well-done matter. Tania turned to the Engineer, "Fantastic job, Commander."

Varno turned to Warren, "Wait a minute, he resigned his commission to stay in engineering. He is no longer a Star Fleet Officer. He is a Cardassian officer."

Carson smiled, "I can live with that."

"Given that you deserted your Cardassian Rank, you are hearby demoted to Glinn.", Varno snapped.

"That's bullshit and you know it.", Branson turned to Varno.

"Easy, Commander, I am no officer. I am a mechanic. I have no delusions of grandeur anymore.", Carson smiled.

"The best damn mechanic in the universe.", Tania hugged Carson.

"I am so glad to have you back in your old job.", Tania whispered.

Carson smiled, "Enough mush. Sydney and I still have to get engineering back in order."

"I would be glad to help.", Thandie walked onto the bridge. Varno glared at his daughter.

Varno looked around the bridge, "Everyone get back to work."

The crew was more than happy to comply.

Posted by:

Gul Thua'ra Varno
Commanding Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Commander Tania Branson
"NEW" Executive Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Glinn Carson Warren
Chief Engineer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Commander S'Ari of Vulcan
Flight Commander
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Based upon idea developed by Tania Branson and concept developed by Carson Warren as part of Character Trade between Nat and Cam - Great job, guy - Stan
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Lost At Sea New World Order
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