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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Lost At Sea Restricted Area: Borg Personnel Only

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Lost At Sea Restricted Area: Borg Personnel Only   Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:27 am

Carson was standing outside engineering barking orders as Tania brought the impulse engines and stabilizers on line bringing the Tanmesad up to level. The work completed by the Borg was incredible. She was working in a truly toxic environment. She was still working at peak performance. Carson knew the engines of the Tanmesad very well.

Carson started yelling about getting the warp core back on line. The engineer started yelling that the Tanmesad was in ongoing danger of falling into the Nebula. Carson was on edge when Dr. Lodge came up, "Commander Warren?"

Carson looked at her, "Can't you see that I am working here!"

Christina looked at Carson, "I think we should step aside."

Carson looked at Christina, "Look, the Tanmesad is in serious danger here."

Christina, the Chief Counsellor and a Stellar Cartographer understood the risks. She looked at Carson, "Commander, you need to step over here."

Carson snapped, "What is it?"

"Gil Lyun has succumbed to her injuries.", Christina frowned.

Carson turned to Tania to continue to give orders about bringing the warp core on line.

"Do you understand, Commander?", Christina looked puzzled.

"She is and shall always be my hero.", Carson looked at Christina, "However, if we all die, she will have died in vein."

Gul Varno showed up on scene. He looked at Carson, "I just received the call from Dr. Viceroy."

"Commander, is there anything you need?", Varno asked.

"I need you all to let me freaking think! The Tanmesad could fall into the drink here.", Warren snapped.

Galley also joined the scene bringing lunch for the crew. Galley looked at Carson, "Jessie told me what happened?"

"Is there anything you need?", Galley asked.

"Geez, let me think. The ship depends upon it.", Carson snapped.

There was a long silence. Carson looked at Vash, "What if we contained the excess energy in a single location. The engineering office."

"But the primary controls are within the office.", Varno responded.

"These are our options, we can allow the fire to continue to burn for all eternity ~ thanks to the Omega Enriched Dilithium of the Phoenix Colony and fall into the Amleth Nebula or we can contain the contaminanent in a single location and bring engineering back on stream.", Carson explained.

"Make this happen.", Varno ordered.

Carson was the engineering brains and Tania Branson was the engineering braun bringing the Tanmesad engines back on line. Tania walked into the Engineering office and tapped a few buttons diverting the energy of the fire inside the room. Everyone watched as the intense heat exposed her Borg structure.

Carson put his ear to the floor in the corridor. The sound of the warp core taking in energy was very cool to hear. Carson smiled as the Tanmesad sprang to life. Several Engineering Officers entered the room. Carson grabbed their uniforms, "Wait!"

Tania walked out, looking more Borg than ever before. Carson looked at her, "You understand what you did here?"

Tania frowned, "I do."

"The only person who can enter the engineering office is you.", Carson explained.

"Yep.", Tania nodded.

"I guess that makes you chief engineer.", Carson smiled.

Tania thought of her history as Executive Officer and all her work in the past few days to save the ship. She looked at Carson, "Take care of my ship."

Carson put his hand on her shoulder, "For Marissa who died to save her, I will."

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Commander Carson Warren
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Gul Thua'ra Varno
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USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Lt. (JG) Galley Leo
Observation Lounge
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation
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Lost At Sea Restricted Area: Borg Personnel Only
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