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 Lost At Sea Adrift without Leadership

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Lost At Sea Adrift without Leadership   Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:27 am

I don't know if she will make it.", Giancarla looked at Carson as the Engineer stood next to the stasis pod looking in at Marissa Lyun laying badly burned within the regeneration chamber.

Vash came running in. He literally grabbed Carson and shook him badly, "How bad is it?"

"She may not make it.", Carson frowned.

"Not the freaking engineering officer, you idiot. The ship!", Vash screamed, shoving his Chief Engineer.

Carson teared up, "I don't give a F**k about your ship. Marissa nearly died to save the damn thing by rushing into the fire to shut down equipment."

Vash slugged his chief engineer slamming him to the ground, "Dalin Warren, you are relieved of duty."

Giancarla stepped in between Vash and Carson, "Gul Enranet, you are out of line. This is a difficult situation for all of us."

Giancarla, all of 16 years old and less than 100 pounds raised her hand. Enranet was furious.

"The ship is about to list into the nebula. We are all gonna die. Lyun will live or die. She is only a Bajoran.", Vash screamed, enraged by the incident.

"You have learned nothing.", Dr. Ro Anora walked into the room.

"You have been around my people for the past 4 months and you have learned nothing.", Anora continued.

Vash turned and then turned back to Giancarla, "Do you women always stick together?"

Anora could not believe how upset Vash was and how he was struggling with the situation.

"Where the hell is Branson?", Vash screamed.

"The Borg Disconnect is down at engineering assessing the damage.", Anora responded.

Vash shoved Giancarla to the ground and pushed Anora heading for engineering.

Giancarla tapped her combadge, "Security."

Vash turned and gave a scowl no one had ever seen from the Cardassian before.

"Commander S'Ari, Gul Enranet has become enraged over our situation. I would suggest that you proceed to engineering promptly and monitor his activity.", the fear in Giancarla's voice echoed throughout the ship.

Tania was standing outside engineering looking in at the area under containment. The fire was still burning. Vash was furious as he shouted at his Executive Officer to do something.

Tania looked at Vash, "So what would you like me to do?"

Vash screamed, "Save my freaking ship!"

Commander S'Ari arrived with two security officers, "Vash, please calm down."

S'Ari and Vash had become very close recently. The Cardassian turned to the Vulcan, "Calm down. Commander, we are dying out here. If we fall into the Nebula, we die."

"If we cannot put the fire out, we die.", Vash explained.

"I have to go in there.", Vash burst towards the containment field.

Tania stepped in front of him, "And do what?"

Vash shoved her and started to run towards the field. He was tripped up by Commander S'Ari and her detail grabbed his arms. Vash was seriously rattled by the situation.

As Carson Warren walked up to the Engineering platform, the unthinkable occurred. Commander Tania Branson looked at Gul Vash Enranet, "By order of Phoenix Fleet Command, Gul Vash Enranet is removed from command under emergency authority of the Executive Officer under the Phoenix Federation - Cardassian Union Joint Project Agreement."

The words were like daggers into the heart of Vash Enranet who slumped in the arms of the security detail. Tania looked at Carson, "Any ideas?"

Carson, his eyes still red from crying over Marissa's injuries, looked at Tania, "We need to remove the oxygen to stop the fire."

Carson and Tania worked together to irradiate the engineering department. Within moments, the fire was out. Tania looked at Carson, "Brilliant."

The engineer smiled, "Not really. Now how are we gonna affect repairs. EVP will not work in this situation because of the intense heat that remains."

Tania looked at Carson, "I could do it. I am Borg."

Carson looked at her, "It will burn your newly recovered external flesh off."

Tania looked at Carson, "I can do this."

Carson thought of the burned flesh on Marissa Lyun and knew the pain it would bring to Commander Branson to enter the environment.

"I have to do this.", Tania finally concluded.

Carson looked at Tania, "Computer, beam Commander Branson inside engineering."

Tania looked at Carson, "You are in charge now."

"What?", Carson exclaimed.

Branson transported into the room. Carson watched in horror as she collapsed under the pain of the intense heat before once again getting to her feet to begin repairs.

Carson began tapping the console to send in information to Commander Branson, the flesh burning from her body.

Gul Varno who had been at the COMM on the main bridge arrived on scene. He had been called by Commander S'Ari. He looked in at Tania as she would work for a bit and then fall to her hands and knees under the excuciating pain of having the flesh burned from her Borg body.

The Vulcan looked at the Cardassian, "Gul Enranet is relieved of command."

Varno looked dumbfounded. He looked at Carson. As he was about to speak, Commander S'Ari interrupted, "Dalin Warren is the appointed senior Federation officer."

Varno looked bewildered. The Cardassian looked at Carson, "Commander Warren, you cannot have Cardassian Rank and serve as the senior Federation Officer. Under the Joint Agreement, I formally offer you the rank of Commander."

Carson smiled but turned back to the console. There was much work to be done. Varno walked up to the containment field watching Commander Branson set to work. He looked in and softly spoke the words, "Heroic."

He turned to Carson and then headed back to the bridge. Commander S'Ari caught up the Cardassian, "As senior Cardassian Officer on the Tanmesad, you are given emergency command of the ship. Once a formal report is made to Cardassia, you will be given command of the Tanmesad."

Varno looked at S'Ari, "Gul Enranet is commanding officer of the Tanmesad."

S'Ari quickly responded, "Gul Enranet is in medical containment. The situation has overwhelmed him, Gul Varno."

Varno thought of his long time friend and Executive Officer and frowned, "Space is an evil mistress. She can get you down."

S'Ari had become very close to Vash Enranet and despite her Vulcan nature worried deeply about his mental health.

Varno could see the pain on her face, the same pain he felt for his dear friend.

"We are gonna get through this, Commander.", Varno smiled in his aged spirit.

"We can't be "lost at sea" forever.", Varno put his arm on her shoulder.

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Gul Thua'ra Varno
Senior Cardassian Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Commander Carson Warren
Executive Officer [Field Promotion]
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Commander S'Ari
Chief of Security
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation

Lt. Comm. Giancarla Viceroy
Chief Medical Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation
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Lost At Sea Adrift without Leadership
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