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 Peace to Bajor Tania: Taken

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Peace to Bajor Tania: Taken   Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:32 pm

Commander S'Ari turned to Jo-Jo, "What the hell do you mean, you have lost the Commander?"

Jo-Jo Viceroy was a new Operations officer on the Tanmesad was terrifed as she looked at Commander S'Ari, the new Vulcan Security Chief, "The Cardassian raiding party came into the settlement and took her and Dr. Lodge into the caves."

S'Ari ordered a detail of Security Officer and Marines to the colony. She looked Autumn, "Captain Laree, we need to find her."

"Find who?", Vash Enranet walked onto the bridge.

Jo-Jo turned around, "Commander Branson has been abducted at the Settlement."

S'Ari looked at Vash, "We have dispatched the marines to respond."

Vash nodded to the new Vulcan Security Chief. Vash looked at Jo-Jo, "Can you get vitals from the surface?"

Lt. Commander Viceroy looked at Vash, "We can, sir but we may not understand what they mean because of her Borg implants."

"Get Pacquella up here.", Vash ordered.

"Unfortunately, Dr. Larson has left for Bajor after the death of her husband.", Jo-Jo looked up.

"Who the hell is looking after medical?", Vash snapped losing his patience.

"Dr. Giancarla Viceroy, a transfer from the USS Providence.", Jo-Jo spoke of her cousin.

"Freaking Providence invasion around here. Look what it has brought. Here only a few days and we have lost our XO. Perfect.", Vash snapped.

"Get the doctor up here?", Vash ordered.

Giancarla walked in. Vash looked at the very young augment, "What the hell? We need a doctor not a child."

Giancarla looked at Vash. She had heard it her whole life. She looked at the console, "Commander Branson is alive. She has been beaten as has Dr. Lodge. The problem is the beatings have stopped her humanoid maintenance hormone production. She will revert more and more to a Borg like state. To a robotic like state."

Giancarla looked at Vash, "We need to rescue her."

"You think?", Vash snapped sarcastically as Gul Varno entered the bridge, followed closely by Dr. Ro Anora.

Vash explained the situation to Gul Varno. Varno looked at Vash, "When you put Bajorans on Cardassian soil, you have to expect a reaction."

Vash was not impressed with his mentor's attitude.

There was a lot of pacing but little discovery. Valerie Bell replaced Jo - Jo Viceroy on the bridge as the search entered its third day. Vash hardly left the bridge as the search for Tania continued.

Vash got almost hourly updates from either Anora or Giancarla but it was not until Violet jumped in, "Found them!"

She was looking at a Tactical Scanner when she yelled. Violet tapped her combadge, "Computer locate Captain Autumn Laree and beam me to her location."

The Andorian disappeared from the bridge. Commander S'Ari stepped from Security to Tactical. Vash stood up, "Commander T'Zohl, take the bridge."

"Computer, beam me to their location", Vash ordered.

The Gul disappeared from the bridge. Vash ran after Violet and the Marines. They entered the back of the cave. Vash grabbed Autumn and held her back. He looked on as the naked officers held each other in the cave.

Vash looked at Autumn.

Christina put her finger into the wiring in Tania's abdomen, "I will stay here forever if necessary."

Tania smiled, "Christina, I will outlive you by a 100 years."

"Then you will have to carry my skeleton from this cave.", Christina looked up.

Vash, Autumn, Violet and the marines walked in. Vash smiled, "There will be no need to wait forever, my dear. Only long enough to get back to the ship and get everything fixed up."

Tania looked at Vash, "I am Two of Ten, Communications Adjunct to the Borg."

Vash frowned and held her in his arms, "Don't worry, Tania. We will get this fixed up."

Tania looked at him with a blank look in her eyes, "I am Two of Ten, Communications Adjunct to the Borg. Please return me to my vessel immediately."

Vash beamed her and Christina straight to sick bay.

Vash glared at Giancarla, "Ok, child, you better make this freaking work. Your job depends on it."

Guinea Pig set to work. Vash and Violet stepped outstide. Christina was outside in uniform. She looked at Vash, "Its bad, isn't it?"

"Yeah, its bad.", Vash frowned.

Marcella came wandering around the corner. Vash's eyes shot to the young girl holding a PADD, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Marcella handed Vash the grey PADD. It had a simple note, "Please take care of my Marcella."

"As if we did not have enough problems around here.", Vash snapped.

"I will help her.", Christina looked at Vash. Vash handed her the PADD, "She is all yours."

Marcella stood there and started to cry, "Why did my mom just leave me?"

Christina held her, "It is a lot to deal with; the loss of your father."

Christina took her hand, "There is someone I want you to meet."

The pair entered sick bay. Christina brought Marcella up to Tania, "Marcella Larson, this is Tania Branson. Tania and I are together, like your mother and father were together."

Marcella looked up at Christina, "But she is a girl."

Christina smiled, "Yes she is."

Christina was proud that Marcella did not call her a robot. Tania slowly opened her eyes, "Christina?"

Christina clasped her bottom lip, "Tania."

"And who do we have here?", Tania smiled.

"Marcella.", Marcella smiled.

Christina handed Tania the PADD. She looked at Tania and almost child like in her question asked, "Can we keep her?"

Tania smiled, "Don't worry Marcella. You will be fine."

"And you will too Commander.", Giancarla walked over.

"Within a few hours, you biological components will be back advancing.", Giancarla smiled, proud of herself.

"Who are you?", Tania asked.

"Dr. Giancarla Viceroy, but you can call me Guinea Pig.", Giancarla smiled.

"There is only one guinea pig in here, sweetie and it sure aint you.", Tania laughed.

"I would really have waited with you forever.", Christina smiled.

"And I you.", Tania smiled holding her hand.

Christina reached down and put Marcella's hand on top of theirs. She never wanted her Tania taken again.

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Commander Tania Branson
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Gul Vash Enranet
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Commander Valerie Bell
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Peace to Bajor Tania: Taken
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