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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Peace to Bajor – For the Bajorans

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PostSubject: Peace to Bajor – For the Bajorans   Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:31 pm

Kai Sitar, like Kai Avlor before her is a grand lady with a grand appearance and with the radiant beauty that only the prophets provide to those who share their special bond. As Charlene Faulkner arrived on the Warren One with the spiritual leader of the Bajoran people, Vash held his breath. He was always worried when Kai Avlor was on the Tanmesad and having seen the death of the wisest of the Bajoran in the Breen Incident, Vash has seen the visceral reaction that can result from such an incident.

Sitar was aboard the Tanmesad first in preparation for transportation to the Bajoran Settlement with the explcit goal of blessing the land given to the Bajorans as reparations for the horrors of the occupation. This cannot be measured in property or even in productivity of the settlement but rather in what it means to the Cardassian people to give up something of their own to the Bajorans.

Thua’ra was still on the bridge having fulfilled his duties to the night shift. He glared at Vash as the Cardassian prepared to meet the Bajoran priestess.

“What is it, old friend?”, Vash asked.

“She is about to bless a land that has been within the Union for centuries dating back to the time of the Hebetians themselves. This land will be bestowed, at least in the her mind and thus in the mind of her people to the prophets themselves. Vash, this is Cardassian land.”, Gul Varno sniped.

Vash took a breath, “Peace has a price.”

“So does integrity, Gul Enranet.”, Thua’ra grumbled, “And it appears that Minister Garak may have forgotten just that.”

“Ship off the port bow.”, Valerie called out.

“Identify.”, Both Vash and Varno responded at the same time.

“CGV Gulad, the Flagship of Minister Garak.”, Commander Bell responded.

“Perhaps dear Varno, you can tell him yourself.”, Vash smiled.

“Commander Bell, awaken Commander Branson. She can have the bridge while we travel to the surface.”, Vash ordered.

“Yes sir.”, Valerie responded.

“Are you staying awake?” Vash asked Thua’ra.

“No, sir. If Cardassia is giving up her virginity, like a good father, I would prefer not to know it.”, Varno mocked.

Vash, Lt. Commander Violet and Commander Valerie Bell beamed to the surface. Vash looked at the Kai. Sitar looked the role. She was a grand lady. Vash felt almost spiritual in her presence. It is a feeling he felt near Minister Garak and even before near Kai Avlor.

He walked up and bowed his head.

“Arise, dear child. This is a grand time. You are in the presence of history. The prophets will bring peace between our peoples.”, Sitar explained.

Vash walked as Garak and Sitar walked to the center of the farming settlement and took out some beads and a chalice. A small flame was lit in the chalice. Words were spoken in Bajoran.

Garak and Sitar hugged. The symbolism was incredible. The Cardassian leader, now a humble tailor and not a soldier and the representative of the prophets in an embrace.

Vash took a deep breath. He looked back. Valerie Bell had a tear in her eye. She knew the significance.

Garak walked back to Vash, “Be vigilant dear boy. This must be the symbol. Nurturing this community is nuturing Cardassia. While the Bajorans tend to the soil, we tend to our souls.”

Vash smiled, “You have my word, Minister Garak.”

Vash bowed his head.

Garak beamed away. He had an empire to attend to. Vash looked back at the settlement. This was his empire now. This had to be a success.

The Federation, either the United Federation of Planets or the Phoenix Federation needed to know that Cardassia could not only have peace within the union but without.

Vash beamed back to the Tanmesad. The ship named for the Cardassian word for shield now served as one….

For the Bajorans.

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Gul Vash Enranet
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Dalin Carson Warren
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Peace to Bajor – For the Bajorans
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