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 Peace to Bajor Mark of the End

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Peace to Bajor Mark of the End   Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:11 pm

Pacquella poked her head inside the door. Her face was tear soaked. Vash looked up, "What is it?"

"Valerie just came into sickbay. Mark has been killed.", Pacquella collapsed to her knees.

"What!", Vash shouted.

He walked around the desk as Commander Bell came into the room. The Caitian hybrid doctor was on her knees bawling, "What am I gonna tell Marcella?"

Valerie knelt down, "I can speak to Marcella if you like."

"I have to do it.", Pacquella cried, "I have to do it."

Vash looked at Valerie, "What happened?"

"The Cardassians were holding a night attack. Mark was standing guard. He did not have a chance. It was an ambush. He killed two. The marines and Cardassian Guard killed the rest.", Valerie paused.

"How the hell is this bring peaceful relations betweeen Bajor and Cardassia?", Valerie snapped at Vash.

"Integration may take a generation. Cardassians must accept a Bajoran in the mix. Hopefully, over time, perhaps even a bond could form between these people. This is the message of Minister Garak.", Vash explained.

"Yeah, well your illustrious guru never had to tell a doctor her husband, under his command, had been killed.", Valerie stormed out. She was pissed off.

Pacquella followed still sobbing. Vash looked at the large painting of Garak in his ready room, "I have never questioned your wisdom, Elim but I sure hope you know what you are doing on this one."

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Gul Vash Enranet
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USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation
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Peace to Bajor Mark of the End
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