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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Peace to Bajor – Mending Fences

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Peace to Bajor – Mending Fences   Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:10 pm

Tania looked at Vash as the Gul walked from his ready room and onto the bridge for his transfer of command to Tania for the afternoon shift. He looked like a deer in the headlights. Tania looked at him, “What?”

“The Tanmesad has been ordered to travel to Cardassia III to create a 20 mile protectorate zone for Bajoran homesteaders. We are to create the first ever Bajoran settlement.”, Vash frowned.

“On whose authority?”, Tania looked.

“Minister Elim Garak.”, Vash breathed out. His age showed as he furrowed his brow. This is not going to be fun. He is going to have to put Cardassians on the ground to create the Bajoran Settlement including the forcing of squatters off the Cardassian Government lands.

“Your orders?”, Tania asked.

“Have Autumn prepare the marines and Cardassian guard. When we land, we will have to establish a parameter.”, Vash ordered.

“Have Carson prepare an industrial replicator in the worker shuttle, the Warren One to create a large fence at a good rate of speed to create the Bajoran Settlement.”, Vash continued.

“Ask T’Zohl to stay on for 12 hours, get Click to come in early and work a 12. Ask Charlene to run the Warren One simulation. Once we are setting fence, it must go quickly and without a glitch. Get her to run the simulation over and over again until her shift is over. I know she will not be happy but tell her that it is necessary to perfect the practice.”, Vash ordered.

Tania smiled, “I will ask Valerie to stay over and keep her company. It will appease her.”

Valerie looked up, “I heard that.”

Tania turned around, “Problems, Commander?”

Valerie smiled, “No but you should not speak about someone within ear shot, Tania.”

The girls shared a laugh.

Gul Varno stood as Vash entered the bridge in the morning. Vash looked at Thua’ra, “Update”

“Autumn and the Guard have pushed the Cardassians from the selected settlement.”, Thua’ra growled. He was not happy with moving Cardassians out to create a Bajoran settlement on prime farm land. Vash could tell from his humor that he was not pleased.

“We are awaiting your orders to install the fence.”, Thua’ra frowned.

Vash contacted Carson, “Launch the shuttle”

“As you wish.”, The engineer acknowledged.

Vash looked at the main viewer showing the image of Charlene in the cockpit of the Warren One, “Make this work, Faulkner.”

“Is there any doubt?”, Charlene smiled.

Tania walked onto the bridge. Vash turned around, “You did not need to be up here, Commander.”

Vash knew that Tania had been on until midnight before transferring the con to Gul Varno.

“This is history, Gul Enranet. It should be viewed by both the Phoenix Federation and the Cardassian Guard.”, Tania looked out as Charlene started to install the fence.

“Funny.”, Tania observed.

“Funny?”, Vash asked.

“For nearly 3 months, we worked diligently to have a fence removed from Lakarian City, only to create one of our own.”, Tania replied.

Vash shook his head. The Tanmesad was never easy to understand or explain. Its presence in Cardassian history is oddly continuous.

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Peace to Bajor – Mending Fences
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