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 Peace to Bajor – A Cup of Coffee

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Peace to Bajor – A Cup of Coffee   Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:09 pm

Tania looked at the screen as Vedek Thurso agreed to meet with the Vulcan and the Vulcan only. Thurso informed Commander Branson that the Bajoran Republic wanted no association with the Phoenix Federation or with the Hebetian Government of Cardassia. Vulcan, with its newly found independence could serve as an intermediary until a suitable alliance or at least non-aggression pact could be finalized. Tania was reluctant to put such volume on to the Flight Commander but asked T’Zohl if she would not mind transporting to the planet surface.

Commander T’Zohl met with Vedek Thurso who refused to name the current Kai or the representative of the Prophets. Thurso made demands for restitution including the allowance for colonization of Cardassia III by Bajoran coffee grow operations. T’Zohl informed the Vedek that she did not have the authority to make such an agreement but would take the terms back to Minister Garak and the Tanmesad Leadership. Thurso informed T’Zohl that this was not a negotiation and these were the terms. T’Zohl left puzzled by the strong stance against Minister Garak.

Vash was not pleased with the terms. The rich soils of Cardassia III were integral to the reestablishment of culture within the Cardassian Union. Thua’ra Varno was worse. He was indignant and perturbed that the Bajorans would even ask for such a concession.

Anora looked at Thua’ra, “10 year of occupation. 10 years!”

“And nearly 12 years ago!”, Thua’ra snapped back.

“Bajor will never forget. Cardassia must understand that their actions have a price.”, Anora growled.

“This is NOT that Cardassia.”, Vash exclaimed.

“You bare the sins of your forefathers, Gul Enranet. You, sir were that Cardassia.”, Anora snapped.

Vash was hurt by the words but alas they were the truth. He and Thua’ra were that Cardassia. Time had not limited their involvement. There is no statute of limitations on barbarism.

T’Zohl looked at both men, “What if you met the conditions?”

“What do you mean?”, Vash snapped.

“Sharing the rich soils of Cardassia III would show a strength of resolve for peace. I know from experience that you and Thua’ra enjoy Bajoran coffee. It could be the staple of cooperation.”, the Vulcan logically suggested.

Vash headed to his ready room. Thua’ra looked at Vash, “You can’t be serious. You can’t allow the Bajorans to colonize on Cardassia III.”
Vash looked at Thua’ra, “I have a mission. To establish peace with Bajor. This is the first step.”

“A mission yes, but an all out surrender?”, Thua’ra snapped.

“Not a surrender, Gul Varno, a gesture of good will.”, Anora grinned.

“It is a freaking planet!”, Thua’ra snapped.

“The Bajorans do not want it all, Gul Varno. Just a fertile portion of it. A homestead.”, T’Zohl explained, thinking of her visit with Vedek Thurso.

Vash was in the office for a long time before emerging. He looked at T’Zohl, “Ambassador T’Zohl, you may let Vedek Thurso know that he has the blessing and wishes of peace of Minister Elim Garak.”

T’Zohl stood up and walked over to operations to activate communications.

Vash looked at her, “Tell Vedek Thurso that he owes me a cup of coffee.”

The bridge broke out in laughter.

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Commander Tania Branson
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Peace to Bajor – A Cup of Coffee
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