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 Liberation A Doctor in the House

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Liberation A Doctor in the House   Thu Jan 21, 2010 3:48 am

Valerie hated to even go in there to see Pacquella. Valerie looked at the Caitian Doctor, "I may have an infection."

Pacquella looked back at Commander Bell. She could seriously tell that Valerie was nervous speaking to the new doctor. She tried to make Val feel as comfortable as possible. Valerie had just gotten up onto the Med-Bed when the Doctor suddenly vapourized away. Valerie tapped her combadge, "Commander Bell to Bridge, have you beamed the doctor anywhere?"

Thandie answered back, "Valerie, why would we do that?"

Valerie looked at the empty space where Pacquella once stood.

"Computer, locate Dr. Larson.", Valerie spoke to the walls.

"Dr. Larson is not on the Tanmesad.", the computer responded.

Valerie jumped down from the bed, "What?"

"Dr. Larson is not on the Tanmesad.", the computer repeated not understanding the rhetoritive.

Valerie headed into the corridor, "Commander Bell to Lt. Violet."

Violet was sleeping now in the early evening. She reached over and grabbed her uniform tapping the combadge, "Go ahead."

"Violet, someone has beamed the doctor off the ship.", Valerie explained.

Valerie tapped the wall console, "Go to Red Alert, assemble the senior staff in the conference room."

As everyone assembled, Valerie recounted the situation. Vash looked around, "Any suggestions?"

Tania put the sensor sweeps on the Conference Room viewer. Everyone looked at them. Christina stood up. She had been very quiet in these meetings since returning as she grew more comfortable reintegrating with the crew. She had returned to her roots in stellar cartography. She looked at the asteroid cluster closely. She looked back at the crew, "Computer, enlarge sector 07:11."

The image grew larger. Christina looked again, "Again!"

She grew louder and the crew grew more interested in what she was doing, "There it is."

The larger image revealed the nose of a Galor Class Vessel bearing the markings of the Detapa Council. Vash looked at Andrea, "Lt. Thomson, contact them without revealing that we know they have our doctor."

The staff exited the conference room only to confronted by a crying Marcella, "Someone has my mom!"

Valerie knelt down, "Don't you worry sweetie, no one is gonna hurt you mom. We are getting her back."

Thandie looked at her superior, "You should not tell her that. If the Cardassians have her, they are likely to get what they need and then kill her."

"Kill my mom.", Marcella broke down and was literally bawling on the bridge.

Valerie looked at Thandie, "You should not have told her that."

"These are the facts, Commander Bell.", Thandie responded, typically Cardassian.

"I understand that, Lt. Varno but remember this, would you like it we told you that we believe the Cardassians were gonna kill your father.", Valerie snapped.

Thandie turned and walked away. Valerie thought of Lyris and Jenerica. She had grown to love those girls.

Andrea walked onto the bridge, "The Gul has been badly wounded. They have taken Pacquella to try and save him. They are not about to return her."

"We have been told. If he dies, she dies.", Andrea looked at Vash.

Vash looked at Tania and then at the helm, "Tchlick, put us in a firing position. If they kill the doc, we destroy the ship."

After about 3 hours, Pacquella beamed back to the bridge. Everyone got up and ran over and hugged her.

Valerie looked at Pacquella, "Did you save his life?"

"I did. After several surgeries, the Gul is alive and stabilized.", Pacquella smiled.

Vash looked at her and then at Valerie. He looked over at Tania. He was obviously deep in thought.

"Violet, target the ship.", Vash ordered.

"But I just saved his life.", Pacquella looked shocked.

Tania looked at Vash, "This is not about the civil war, Vash. This is about being civil."

Vash looked at Valerie and Pacquella, "I defer to you two. This is your incident."

"You know where I stand. I am a doctor and I am about preserving life.", Pacquella responded.

Vash looked to Valerie, "You are the senior officer."

Valerie looked at Pacquella. She wanted her to be her friend.

"Stand down.", Commander Bell ordered.

Vash looked at Violet, "Stand down."

The Tanmesad turned away from the Cardassian ship. A message was sent today about the civility of the Free Cardassia Movement.

Valerie looked at Pacquella, "Sometime you will have to tell me about what happened over there?"

Pacquella looked at Valerie and handed her a hypospray, "Every good doctor makes house calls."

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Commander Tania Branson
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Liberation A Doctor in the House
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