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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Milk Run Envigorated: The Warren One

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PostSubject: Milk Run Envigorated: The Warren One   Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:07 pm

Carson and Sydney are old friends. They have always been close because of their struggles in the Academy and with their true love, putting engines and equipment together. In truth, despite their less than stellar marks, they have always been rivals. There is not an engine they cannot put together and not an engine that they would not race to put together.

When Sydney got the Love Bug going, the Cardassian Worker Bee, Carson was furious. He hated being one upped by his propulsion specialist.

The truth is the T'Zohl Gamma is a heavily armed shuttle. Because the Cardassian Ship has no fighters, it is important for the shuttle to be highly protected. The problem for that is to accomodate all the weaponry, some of the worker capacity is lost. Carson has long been trying to perfect a working shuttle for the Tanmesad.

After the Love Bug came online, Carson was more motivated than ever working with Marisa Lyun to put the Warren One together and get it working once and for all. Carson was in his glory when he invited Lt. Tchilack down to check out his baby.

"I need you to take her out beside the Tanmesad and buzz the quarters of one special Propulsion Expert.", Carson gleefully requested.

"I would be honored.", Click loved the competitive atmosphere and he also loved to be first.

Click crawled into the awesome machine; the new Tanmesad worker shuttle, the Warren One.

Click took the behemoth out beside the Tanmesad. Gul Varno was on the bridge with Faithful Laree and Charlene Faulkner. He looked at the girls, "What was that?"

Charlene tapped the console for a close up and then spoke on the comm-link, "Unidentified vessel, please state your business."

Varno nodded his approval.

"Lt. Tchilick Tchilack, Commanding Officer, Shuttle Warren One, requesting permission to fly-by the Propulsion Specialist's quarters.", Click laughed.

Charlene stood up, "Click!"

"The very same.", the Xindi laughed.

"Permission granted.", Charlene gleefully giggled.

Varno looked at Charlene, "What is this about?"

Charlene smiled, "A message to Mr. Love. Dalin Warren is in the house!"

"In the house?", Varno looked puzzled at the vernacular.

The entire Tanmesad forecastle section vibrated as Click buzzed Sydney's quarters. Everyone burst out laughing.

Varno looked puzzled at the play. That made everyone laugh harder.

"Message sent." Charlene laughed.

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Dalin Carson Warren
Chief Engineer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Federation
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Milk Run Envigorated: The Warren One
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