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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Milk Run Honey Bee

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Milk Run Honey Bee   Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:05 pm

T'Zohl was down with her baby, the T'Zohl Gamma, the amazing shuttle built to her specifications which was more of a fighter than a shuttle. She was working on its hover equipment and preparing the shuttle for some additional work.

She never even saw Sydney Love come walking in and start to toy with the Worker Bee. The Tanmesad is an old ship. She served the Dominion and Cardassia in the war over 14 years ago now. During a vicious battle during the Dominion withdrawal, the Worker Bee's mourings broke free and the Worker was tossed around the shuttle bay. It was never worked since.

It could have been useful on many a mission for the Tanmesad but no one could get her up to speed and there just was not enough parts to fix it. Sydney was working on the Worker Bee. T'Zohl slid out from the Gamma and looked over just as the Engineer brought the Worker Bee to life.

"Oh yeah, Baby. The Love Doctor is in the house!!", Sydney laughed.

T'Zohl looked over, "Do you have permission to work on Flight Equipment?", the Flight Commander asked.

"No, just making myself useful.", Sydney shimmeyed over. He was so proud of himself for getting the Worker Bee running.

T'Zohl looked at her colleague. She too was overjoyed to have the Worker Bee going too but she could not let the Engineer know it.

"I would expect to be notified whenever some vehicle assigned to the Flight Command is worked on, altered or used.", T'Zohl sounded very Vulcan in her description.

"As you wish, Ma'am.", Sydney continued to do a little shuck and jive. He was amazed that it worked and felt a great joy in getting it working.

"For Tanmesad's sake, would you stand still.", T'Zohl ordered.

"Care to dance, Commander?", Sydney asked.

"No!", T'Zohl answered.

"I will inform Dalin Warren to give the Worker Bee a full work over, Honey.", Sydney smiled.

"Don't ever call me that!", T'Zohl snapped back.

Sydney left whistling with joy.

He had the worker bee working, that is all that mattered.

T'Zohl shook her head. The dancing black man somehow continued to get to her.

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Commander T'Zohl of Vulcan
Flight Commander
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet
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Milk Run Honey Bee
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