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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Milk Run The Cold, Cold Heart

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Milk Run The Cold, Cold Heart   Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:32 am

The journey to Amleth IX was very hard and arduous. The outer realm Amleth System planet was a bastien for democratic freedom fighters during the Detapa Control under the Empire of V'Ros. The freedom fighter buried themselves deep within the outer realm planets icey surface creating a virtually impenetrable base. The base however needs to be restocked. There is only one way to do so. To fly through the ice caverns to the sedementary layer of the planet, beneath its crust. No Cardassian ship would undertake the task. The Tanmesad was asked. The crew is used to doing the dirty work of "Free Cardassia."

T'Zohl wanted nothing more than to fly the shuttle that bares her name into the core of the planet but Vash was not about to have his returning Flight Commander be lost for a group of Freedom Fighters whom had already been offered asylum in muchbetter climates. He refused to allow her to do it.

Charlene Faulkner was the next best option. Charlene, like T'Zohl was only too happy to undertake the away mission but Commander Valerie Bell protested. She did not want to lose Charlene to such a dangerous delivery. Vash agreed. Charlene had been well integrated into the crew and he was not about to lose her.

Click stepped up. He would fly the mission. Vash did not want him to go either. His entire Flight Control crew was at risk. Click told Vash that he was the most qualified to fly the mission beyond T'Zohl. Vash agreed. Autumn Laree, herself in a role of prominence now, informed the command that she was not in favor of her Click taking the mission. Vash was furious but he had already granted a formal withdrawal based upon compassionate leave for Commander Valerie Bell. He was not prepared to cause an interplanetary incident over the marine commanding officer vs. fleet commanding officer role. He deferred to Autumn Laree and ordered Tchilick Tchilack to stand down.

Tania Branson suggested that CANDI be permitted to fly the mission. She had no command level compassionate leave and would be best suited to the mission. Vash agreed. The android was a perfect choice.

He however did not have the same options for a crew for the shuttle. A member of the Operations staff should attend. Flynn Laree volunteered. She had been not much more than a footnote aboard the ship and wanted the exposure. Vash agreed. It would be a good experience for young Flynn.

Dr. Blackwell also quickly agreed to join the mission. Many of the supplies were medical in nature. She would need to explain them to the Cardassian contingent. Tara, Flynn and Candi boarded the shuttle T'Zohl Gamma and headed for Amleth IX. Vash looked out the window, "May the prophets be with them."

"A Bajoran tradition.", Tania asked.

"Anything that will help, I will take right now.", Vash smiled.

"Blessed is the traveller.", Tania spoke in a eloquent voice.

"We have lost communication with the Gamma.", Tavvo informed the staff. It was the first time they had heard from the hybrid communications officer.

"Its probably nothing. Its just too cold.", Valerie tried to boost the signal. She looked over at Charlene. Both knew that this could not be good. Valerie felt relieved that Charlene was on the bridge and not on the shuttle.

"Can we get any vital signs?", Vash ordered.

"None. None at all.", Tavvo responded.

"Thandie, amplify the signal.", Vash ordered, getting more worried.

The science officer worked feverishly to find the staff. There was nothing. Day passed into night. Everyone paced. It was horribly worrisome.

22 hours passed. No one slept. In fact, no one left the bridge. The entire senior staff waited. There were cheers when the shuttle emerged from the ice.

Tavvo informed the command staff that the cargo had been removed and opened shuttle bay one. Everyone headed down to the shuttle bay.

Vash and T'Zohl were first down there. Vash looked on as Candi exited the shuttle.

"Mission accomplished.", the Android responded without emotion.

"Where is the doctor and the Betazoid?", Vash asked.

"The duty of the shuttle commander is to the mission.", Candi responded. Her arrogance was still a huge part of who she was.

"Where is Tara and Flynn?", Vash ordered.

T'Zohl went running on to the shuttle. It was brutally cold inside. It was horrible. T'Zohl walked into the command compartment. Even for a Vulcan, it was difficult to control her emotions. She clasped her mouth. Flynn Laree and Dr. Tara Blackwell were slumped over their tables. They had frozen to death. T'Zohl walked out, emotionless ~ stoic as a Vulcan could be.

"They are dead!", T'Zohl blurted out.

Valerie and Charlene went running inside. Tania went running inside. She loved Tara. Vash went running inside. He grabbed the Vulcan hybrid. Her body was totally frozen and a part of her arm fell to the floor. Vash turned and vomited. It was a dark, dark scene. Tania covered her eyes. Valerie hugged Charlene.

Vash turned to Candi, "What the F**k?"

"The supplies were delivered to the Cardassians as ordered. The mission is successful.", Candi responded.

"Two members of our staff are dead. They froze to death under your care.", Vash screamed.

"The mission was dangerous and difficult. Both were aware of the potential dangers. Both acknowledged my request to press on.", Candi responded.

Vash was horrified, "They were not capable of making that decision. They were freezing to death."

Tania was mortified. She pulled out a phaser. She pointed it at Candi.

Candi did not flinch, "The mission was a complete success. The supplies were delivered. An impenetrable base is 100% restored to full strength."

Tania looked at Vash. She took a deep breath and fired two shots. The entire crew jumped back as the android twitched on the ground.

"The mission was a complete failure. Two members of the crew were killed.", Tania barked.

T'Zohl grabbed the gun from Tania, "Your actions are highly inappropriate, Commander."

T'Zohl looked at Vash, "Shall we begin court martial proceedings?"

Vash looked at the Vulcan, "I saw nothing. The mission was a complete failure. Three members of the crew were killed."

T'Zohl looked at Vash, "Gul Enranet, a member of the senior staff killed a member of the crew in cold blood."

"What are you talking about Vulcan, the shuttle returned to the Tanmesad with three dead crew members. This is how the logs will read. Are there any objections?", Vash looked around the room. His very Cardassian essence filled the room.

T'Zohl saw no one speak out. She glared at Tania. She finally looked down at the PADD in her hand and keyed in the mission report.

"Supplies delivered to Amleth IX. Tragically, three members of the crew were killed in the mission. The overall mission target was achieved. -- Commander T'Zohl of Vulcan, Flight Commander.", T'Zohl entered.

Everyone bowed their head as they turned to walk away. Vash turned to Autumn, "Have the Cardassian Guard clean out the shuttle? I want no evidence of what went on here. Understood."

"Yes, Sir.", the Marine Commanding Officer responded.

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Commander T'Zohl of Vulcan
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Phoenix Fleet

Gul Vash Enranet
Commanding Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet

Commander Tania Branson
Executive Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet

Commander Valerie Bell
Operations Commander
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet

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Milk Run The Cold, Cold Heart
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