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 Milk Run One Magical Day...

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Tania Branson
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PostSubject: Milk Run One Magical Day...   Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:31 am

Vincent and Bobbi-Lee entered the Grand Ballroom, just ahead of Captain John Warren and Captain S'Nii. The Vulcan put her arm into the arm of the aged Captain. They were directed to their seats. John actually stepped aside for S'Nii to sit. It was very gentlemenly.

Vincent and Bobbi-Lee sat near the back. She was beginning to show and did not want to call attention to herself. Commander Teero, the Bajoran who has been the object of much praise entered the room shortly thereafter. Acrylos had Felicity Powers on his arm. The Bajoran and Antican beauty looked ravishing. She can light up a room.

Christine T'Nley and Cole Porter arrived arm in arm. Christine lowered her head when the Federation Broadcasting Network took pictures. She did not want to be seen with Porter. Cole however was gracious and honorable as he had always been. He waved to the media and smiled. One of them asked him to comment on his escort.

Cole smiled, "Isn't she beautiful?"

It seemed to silence the media hordes here to see the dresses and to see their darling, Vice Admiral Nicole Branson.

In a shocking development, Dr. Skylight Greene showed up with Dr. Christina Lodge. They calmly made their entrance and sat down. Skye is a former Branson girlfriend and Christina is a former Tania Branson lover. They both had been very close to Nicole and showed their respect by attending the funeral. Perhaps it is the start of mending some fences.

Tania Branson walked in next with Dr. Tara Blackwell. She sat near the front to get the best view of Nicole and Magenta. She was followed closely by Commander Elizabeth Coren, Executive Officer of Governor's Station and Magenta's mom. She was already crying. Cursed Betazoid emotions.

Eugenio went back into the back to be with Magenta. He walked in. She was positively radiant and filled the room with a joy that cannot be measured. Eugenio looked at her, "Are you happy?"

"Never have I been more happy.", Magenta responded.

Eugenio hugged his daughter. He was overjoyed. He loved her so much.

Across the hall, Nicole was getting ready too. Brenna opened the door.

"Hey, don't do that.", Magenta is not supposed to see me.

"Damn, I can't get this zipper to do up.", Nicole muttered.

Brenna tried but could not do it. The door was left a bit open.

Admiral Illyan Coren and his wife, Commodore Loiza Coren walked by. He saw Nicole struggling. He stopped releasing Loiza to head into the ball room. He walked in.

"May I help.", Illyan asked.

Nicole was stunned to see Illyan. She turned around so he could do up the dress.

"I know your father has passed on.", Illyan looked at Nicole.

"I never got the chance to take Trista or Orchid down the aisle and Meadow will never marry. I was wondering if you would give an old fool a second chance.", Illyan teared up.

Nicole teared up and hugged the old man, "I miss Orchid too."

They shared some real tears for a few minutes. Nicole looked at Illyan, "This is a celebration, come on."

Both laughed.

Nicole looked at Brenna, "Are you ready?"

"Uncle William is dying to see you in the flower girl dress.", Nicole smiled. Illyan laughed. He placed his arm under Nicoles.

Magenta headed out first and stood at the front of the church. Eugenio brought out his daughter to the beautiful music of Betazed and to a choir from Earth hand picked by Elizabeth and Loiza Coren. The music was so beautiful. The moment was magical, befitting her nickname.

Nicole came out next with Admiral Illyan Coren. As soon as these two families saw them together, there was not a dry eye in the house. It was positivley magical. Magenta started to tear up. She could not believe her eyes. Illyan was bring Nicole to her. It was almost too perfect.

Nicole came up and took the hands of Magenta. Both women looked at William.

William smiled at the girls before he began. "The beginning of sorrow turned into joy and love for these two gathered before us. Their dedication and love overcoming nameless obsticlals, I was truely honored to be here today celibrating with you all the marrage of Nicole Branson and Magenta Coren. They have prepared thier own vowes for this evening which they will now speak."

Nicole looked at Magenta, "Before these our friends, colleagues and relatives, I pledge my eternal love to you and your Betazoid Heart."

Magenta looked at Nicole, "Before these our friends, colleagues and relatives, I pledge my eternal love to you and your Human Heart."

"It is with joy tht Young Breana the daughter of these two shall speak to the vowes of parenthood. For the young are our future and we listen with an open heart" William kneeld down and looked to Breana.

Brenna looked up at William. She had practiced the line the whole last two weeks, "Before these our friends and relative, I pledge my support to my mothers."

The crowd erupted. William was supposed to speak. Before he could answer, Brenna interrupted, "I love you guys."

Claps filled the room. It was so perfect. Nicole teared up, "We love you too sweetie."

"It is my honor as the President of the Phoenix Federation to pronouce you married" and smiling to to two ladies "You may kiss your bride"

Nicole kissed Magenta deeply on the mouth. Everyone stood up clapping.

There were hugs and kisses all around as the recieving line formed. Today is a special day. We are blessed to be in attendance.

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Honored Guests and Family Members

Attending the Wedding of Nicole Branson and Magenta Coren-Branson
December 14, 2009

Picture available at:

Wedding Pictures
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Milk Run One Magical Day...
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