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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Milk Run Letting Your Guard Down

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Milk Run Letting Your Guard Down   Sun Dec 06, 2009 3:04 pm

Vash was on the bridge with Dr. Capri Warren-Lau. Click was flying the Tanmesad but Capri and Vash were behaving like children. It began with a small conduit end being found by the science console. Capri tossed at Vash and now they were throwing things around the bridge like little teenagers in lust. Click grumbled in his usual tone. No one was watching any console except the Xindi when the Tanmesad rocked hard, hit by a torpedo in the dorsal side.

"What the hell?", Vash snapped.

"A Keldon class has entered an attack vector.", Click yelled.

"Battle stations!", Vash ordered.

"Go to Red Alert.", Vash ordered as the beacons came on.

He knew that he and Capri had screwed up. Tania and T'Zohl came running on to the bridge. Tania was tucking her uniform in to hide her silver abdomen as more Borg skeletal structure had begun to return to visibility. T'Zohl sat next to Click. She began to try to out manouever the Keldon.

Tania looked at Vash, "What the hell?"

Vash remembered those very same words coming from him.

Valerie walked onto the bridge, "It must be the bounty. This ship is too far out to be still under Detapa Command. We are in trouble. Bounty Hunters are far worse."

She stepped up to Operations and began to plot attack vectors to feed to T'Zohl to keep the Tanmesad alive. Violet arrived and headed straight to Tactical. She began to engage the Tanmesad weapons.

Vash turned around, "Andorian, if you get the shot, take it. This is a standing order. Understood."

Violet was anxious to prove herself after not performing well in the last incident.

Vash looked around, "Ideas?"

Valerie quickly piped up, "This Keldon is not part of the regular fleet. According to my scans, it has been in a fire fight and has a weak shield harmonic at the stern of the ship. The Tanmesad is not fast enough to get around there but the Gamma is."

T'Zohl looked back, "Excellent, I will take the shuttle."

Vash looked at her, "I appreciate your enthusiasm but I need you here."

Click stood up, "I can do it."

"We need the helm filled with the on-shift staff and the department command. Please sit down Mr. Tchilack.", Vash ordered.

"Wake up Faulkner.", Vash ordered.

"You want the most junior pilot to do it.", Valerie asked, barely able to mask her concern for Charlene.

Vash looked at Valerie. He knew how much she cared for Charlene but this was a ship and her feelings did not outweigh the responsibility. They had been through this before.

Charlene jumped into the shuttle and headed out. T'Zohl lead the Keldon into the New Terra Sun. She smiled when the Cardassians bought the hook perfectly.

Charlene was able to easily slip behind them.

"Faulkner to Tanmesad.", She contacted the ship.

"Fire!", Violet ordered; before Vash could even answer.

Charlene sent two torpedoes into the stern of the Keldon. The explosions were impressive and the ship disabled. It just sat there as Charlene passed by. It had to be a very humbling experience to see the tiny shuttle fly by the Keldon knowing that it had just brought you down.

The Tanmesad was clearly benefitted by better quality Federation scanners and by having a Federation Operations Officer. Valerie had done her job so very well. Charlene slowly brought the shuttle back into the Tanmesad and headed for the bridge.

T'Zohl brought the Tanmesad around on a clear attack line towards the Keldon.

Vash looked at Tania, "I have made this mistake before. The guilt I felt regarding the Romulans was brought on by my association with you and your Federation ideals. I defer this one to you, Commander."

Tania looked at Violet and around the bridge. This was very difficult decision. Each officer sat quietly. No one wanted this job.

T'Zohl engaged the weapons and Violet moved her hand towards the top of the Tactical console.

Tania bowed her head, "If we do not deter the bounty hunters, they will continue to come."

Tania's heart felt sick looking out at the disabled ship.

Tania looked at Valerie, "Give them the evacuation order and then countdown on the subspace frequency. When you hit zero, Violet will fire."

Everyone looked out, literally hoping to see a bunch of escape pods. There were none. Valerie finished up, "...3...2...1...."

Violet fired destroying the damaged Keldon. This was not a victory celebration. Federation ideals forbid the destroying of the disabled ship.

The crew of the Tanmesad are not evil maniacs; they are survivors.

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Gul Vash Enranet
Commanding Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet

Commander Tania Branson
Executive Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet

Dal T'Zohl of Vulcan
Flight Commander
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet

Commander Valerie Bell
Operations Commander
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet
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Milk Run Letting Your Guard Down
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