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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Run for your Lives Fall From Grace

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Run for your Lives Fall From Grace   Sun Oct 18, 2009 3:18 pm

Vash was on the bridge when the Task Force Tonba dropped out of warp and appeared in its 15 ship strength. There would be no negotiations this time. Valerie called out the securement of weapons, all locked on the Tanmesad.

The order was simple, "Prepare to be boarded."

Vash looked at his bridge compliment. There was nothing to say. It was over. Jagul Tonba walked onto the bridge with his compliment of Cardassian Guard. He looked at Vash, "It is over, Mr. Enranet."

"The order was simple. Do not carry Cardassian Markings. We were content to let you exist as a Federation joke but you restored your ranks. You restored your Cardassian signature. No one flies in the face of the council. Not even you, Mr. Enranet.", Tonba spoke as the braggard.

"We are not hear to create an interplanetary incident. The Cardassian Union is not ready for war with the Federation. The Federation staff will be returned to Starbase 185. The Cardassian Staff will be returned to Cardassia and charged with Treason.", Tonba explained.

"If you have Cardassian Rank but are not Cardassian, you may renounce your rank and be transported to Starbase 185 with the Federation staff.", Tonba explained.

Carson looked at Tonba, "I renounce my rank. The nephew of John Warren was the first to do so."

Vash was not offended or hurt. The kid needed to ensure his own survival. Marissa hugged Carson. The Bajoran was still terrified of Cardassians.

"I am not Cardassian.", Marissa cried out. Jagul Tonba rubbed her hair. He wanted to keep her. Having a Bajoran comfort woman would be a valuable gift for any task force commander but he did not want the Federation to try to get her back. He knew his needs did not out way the needs of the Union.

Anya Enranet walked over and stood by Vash. The Orion put her arm around Vash's, "I will serve you on the Tanmesad or in prison."

Capri glared at the Orion in jealousy. The crew stood together perhaps for the last time. Vash looked at Tonba, "Permission to say goodbye to my staff."

"Agreed.", Tonba snarled.

Vash began hugging everyone, "Ideas?", he whispered.

Valerie leaned in. She hated Tonba for making a pass at her before. She whispered, "What about killing all the systems and let us fall like a rock. Restarting and escaping."

Carson leaned over, "Who is fast enough to get all the systems back up and running?"

"Click. Click has the insectoid buzz of the Xindi.", Valerie whispered.

"Click must be on the bridge. We need that speed to get all the console controls running in time.", Vash whispered.

"I could do it. If Carson can keep them up, I can interface fast enough.", Tania whispered.

"What is the worst case scenario?", Vash whispered.

"The systems won't restart and we freeze to death in space.", Tania responded.

"How do we turn the systems off?", Vash asked.

"I deal with that.", Valerie smiled.

Vash looked around at his staff and backed, "I cannot believe you all would just desert me. You are scum."

Vash slugged Tania. He slugged a girl. The Cardassians started laughing. Vash knew that his puny punch would hardly phase the Borg Disconnect. Tania glared at Vash, "You son of a bitch."

Tania speared him with her shoulder driving him over the console. Valerie in the chaos wandered over to Operations and engineered a global shutdown. All systems went off line. The Tanmesad lurched sideways and without dampeners everyone crashed into the wall. The force was tremendous.

"Jagul Tonba, the Tanmesad is pulling your flag ship down. We could be torn apart.", the Cardassian Engineer screamed at Tonba.

"Beam us back. Let them fall to their death.", Tonba smiled.

"Victory is mine. For Union, For Cardassia.", Tonba disappeared and the Tanmesad began falling like a rock.

Tania and Carson began crawling through the tubes to engineering. About 1/3 of the way, Carson began passing out due to lack of oxygen. Tania drug him along. He was clearly dying. Tania looked at him, "This is not what you think, Warren."

Tania cupped her lips on Warren and blew air into his lungs. The kiss seemed to perk him up some. Others could pass out, but Tania needed him. She opened the hatch and the pair fell into engineering. The fall was bad. Carson felt his arm break as he hit the floor.

Tania began to re-initiate systems. She was right, only the Borg could move fast enough to manually reintegrate the systems. Carson lay on the floor moaning. He was hurt bad. Tania prayed that things were going well on the bridge.

Click watched as the humans passed out from lack of oxygen. He turned to Vash as the Gul collapsed to the floor, sliding from his chair. The Xindi needed far less oxygen. He sat at the console waiting. The Insectiod thought of Autumn and the crew of the Tanmesad. He never thought of anyone but himself.

As a few lights began to come on, Click smiled, "Commander Branson, I love you."

The Xindi's hand began moving at a fever's pitch. Anyone who has ever observed the wings on a fly on Earth flutter knows the awesome abilities of an insectoid. Soon systems began coming back online. Click smiled, "Come on, old bird. Fly."

Click could still feel the awesome stomach churning fall. Click was getting more frustrated and began cussing in the infernal clicking for which he had become famous.

"Come on, you old buzzard. We can't wait forever. All we got now is a warmer coffin.", Click cussed the console.

The warmth brought more people back to being awake. Just as Valerie and Vash grabbed their console or chair and pulled themselves up, the Tanmesad flung forward.

"That a girl.", Click laughed.

The Tanmesad had fallen literally thousands of kilometers but she was flying.

== Mr. Tchilack, we are flying ==

Tania called from Engineering.

== Commander Branson. We are flying ==

Click called back. The entire ship let out a roar.

"Take us somewhere to hide.", Vash exclaimed.

"I think I need a Kanar.", Vash smiled.

"I will go to see T'Vol for a head count but drinks on the Gul.", Vash smiled.

Capri was in the lounge when Vash entered. She had watched as his love slave made a play for his loyalty and then he went to see his former girlfriend. She was not impressed. She walked up to him, "So in death, I am not good enough."

Vash smiled, "I was only thinking of your safety, Capri. You are the only girl for me."

Capri felt placated by his comment but she still glared at Anya and watched Dr. T'Vol closely as she entered.

Violet and Hunter entered together talking about Secure communications. The Andorian was overjoyed at her new post and was never off work. Click entered next to a loud cheer and clapping. The Xindi was positively embarrassed.

Tania and Christina followed to the same cheers. The Borg actually turned red in embarrassment. It looked hilarious.

Click sat down at the table with the command staff. People were coming from all over the ship to pat him on the back. He was very embarrassed. Autumn came in with several marines. They had been on mop up. Some of Tonba's staff had been left on the ship. Autumn bought a round of drinks for her staff and then she came over and sat down across the groin of Click facing him, kissing him between the eyes, "Tchilick, we owe you everything."

Click was embarrassed, "The hero is Commander Branson. I am just the pilot."

She kissed him again and stood up, "Don't be modest, you are the man."

Click smiled, "I lack the equipment to be the man... Remember."

He hoped it would stop her, "Maybe but you have the hands of an angel."

Click was even more embarrassed, bowing his head.

Vash brought over a round of drinks, "Lt. Commander Tchilack. Great job."

Vash looked across the table, "Carson told me what you did. Thank you, Tania."

The Borg winked at her Cardassian mentor. Vash knew right then and there that despite their embarrassing capture and dangerous fall. This was certainly no...

Fall from Grace.

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Gul Vash Enranet
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Commander Tania Branson
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Commander Valerie Bell
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USS / CGV Tanmesad
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Dalin Carson Warren
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USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet
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Run for your Lives Fall From Grace
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