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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Run for your Lives A Dying Wish

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Tania Branson
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PostSubject: Run for your Lives A Dying Wish   Sun Oct 18, 2009 3:16 pm

Dalin Ingbo had served with Minister Garak through the occupation, through his service to the Obsidian Order and through his work with the Underground. Ingbo has served with the Minister as a Diplomatic Aide during his 3 year reign as Prime Minister of the Hebetian Government of Cardassia and travelled with him to Station Destiny. It was aboard the station that he learned that he was dying. He had about 2 weeks to live.

Minister Garak contacted the Tanmesad still in orbit around the Dyson Sphere to ask if the crew would be interested in meeting his dying wish, to see one more Cardassian Sun Rise. Vash heard the message and called the senior staff to the conference room.

"We have an assignment that could prove most dangerous. Dalin Ingbo would like to see a Cardassian sunrise. It is his dying wish. This means the Tanmesad will have to enter hostile territory once more.", Vash explained.

"You don't have to agree. The old man is dying. Soon he will not be able to remember.", Vash explained.

Tania looked at the crew, "Star Fleet does not support these missions that put the project at risk. We remain the last symbol of the democratic government. To put that at risk for the dying wish of an old man is not in the best interests of the project. On a personal level, no one ever quit looking for me when I was imprisoned by the Borg. I would like to offer the same loyalty to Mr. Ingbo. I would support the risk. It is the honorable thing to do."

Valerie smiled, "I am Tanmesad. It seems like the "Tanmesad" thing to do."

Carson looked at Vash, "I am just here to keep the engines running. I don't want any part of any command decisions. The engines will run and the shields will work; that is my only guarantee."

Vash laughed. He stepped out of the conference room, "Flynn, bring our guest aboard and then set course for Cardassia III. The outer rim planet should be less of an interest to the Detapa Council."

Lt. Laree responded, "Yes, Sir."

Commander S'Ari took the helm and the ship headed for the gateway. Vash looked at Tania, "Thank you for doing this, Commander."

Tania just nodded. Christine walked onto the bridge with Mr. Ingbo. The Cardassian was barely able to walk. Christine stood him against the hand rail. Colonel Laphe moved from the Security console over and stood next to the Cardassian holding the old man up.

The trip was most uneventful until the Tanmesad entered the Cardassian Union and began to head for Cardassia III.

Valerie informed the Gul of the intercept course Keldon Class that would soon be on the view screen.

"Inform them of our intent.", Vash turned to Hunter.

"No Response, Sir.", Hunter responded.

"Inform them again.", Vash ordered.

"They are arming their weapons.", Violet informed the crew.

Vash looked at Tania. Tania looked back, "It is the decision of Star Fleet to avoid such conflict and to withdraw."

"Geez, Tania don't quote me your orders, tell me what you think we should do.", Vash snapped.

"Its seven hours until sunrise. We have a task to fulfill.", the Borg disconnect responded.

Vash looked at Commander S'Ari, "Evasive Actions."

Vash turned around, "Autumn, charge our weapons systems."

Vash turned to Tania, "Go to red alert."

Vash turned to Colonel Laphe, "Prep the marines. This may get ugly."

Tchilick came onto the bridge grumbling as usual. He sat at the left helm replacing a young Cardassian. He started entering buttons. Vash felt more comfortable with the senior staff on the helm in red alert situations.

Violet looked at Vash, "They are engaging."

Vash looked at Tania, "Here we go."

Vash turned around, "Autumn, you may fire at will."

The Keldon is more powerful but nearly as manoueverable as the Galor and with S'Ari and Click on the helm, the ship is a veritable force to be reckoned with. Autumn and the Keldon exchanged fire.

Vash screamed into the COMM, "Are we okay, Carson?"

"Never better.", the Dalin responded sarcastically. The sound of sparks filled the bridge.

Vash turned to Autumn, "Make them pay."

Autumn and Keldon exchanged again.

"We are burning up down here.", Carson screamed from engineering.

Vash turned to Autumn, "We need to end this."

Autumn was feverishly entering information into the console. S'Ari and Click were flying for they were worth.

Autumn looked at the console, "Come on, work!!"

Violet leaned in behind the Betazoid. The Andorian entered two lines of code. The Tanmesad fired. The whole ripped in the side of the Keldon. Autumn turned to Violet, "Thank you."

Violet smiled, proud of herself.

Vash turned to Valerie, "Get Carson to seal up their ship."

"What? What for?", Valerie exclaimed.

"We are not the enemy, Commander.", Vash smiled.

The Tanmesad limped over the horizon at Cardassia III. Dalin Ingbo looked at the sunrise. His black eyes welled up and he smiled as tears streamed down his cheeks. Vash stood up and turned around. Vash saluted.

Tania stood up. She saluted.

Valerie stood up. She saluted.

Colonel Laphe and a small group of marines came on the bridge and they stood there and saluted as the sun appeared over Cardassia III.

Dalin Ingbo died in the Tanmesad sick bay that afternoon. Vash was with him. He stood there and smiled, "Thank you, Gul Enranet."

"Today, Dalin Ingbo, you are Tanmesad.", Vash held his hand.

"And grateful to be so.", Ingbo responded.

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Run for your Lives A Dying Wish
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