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 Run for your Lives Decorum

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Run for your Lives Decorum   Sun Oct 11, 2009 3:35 pm

Valerie was standing in the back of the room. Galley had outdone himself. The Observation Lounge looked incredible and was filled with Cardassian Officers as these men and women mingled with Minister Garak discussing the future of Cardassia and the government in exile being moved from Bajor to Destiny Station.

Valerie looked over as one of the officers came over, "Jagul Tonba."

"Commander Valerie Bell.", Valerie shook his hand.

"You look very beautiful for a human.", Tonba spoke softly.

"Thank you.", Valerie said raising her glass.

"On my ship, someone with your beauty would be reverred and not serve in Operations.", Tonba flirted with Valerie, not knowing her history. If he knew that both Rory and Raven were now dead. He may not be so flirty.

"My dear, perhaps we could slip out the back.", Tonba enticed the beautiful Bell.

Valerie smiled, "Unfortunately, you don't have a chance."

Tonba looked at her, "Why is that? Are you prejudice against Cardassians?"

Valerie laughed, "I work for a Cardassian. You just don't have the 'tongue' for it."

Tonba smiled, "You would find my tongue quite silver... A silver tongued devil able to talk anyone out of their clothes."

Valerie was impressed with his effort. It was time to nip this one in the bud, "Jagul Tonba, I like girls."

"Thats just because you have never had a Cardassian.", Tonba pushed in a little closer. Valerie began to feel uncomfortable.

"Jagul Tonba, I have had several partners of both genders but am currently in a monogomous relationship with a female.", Valerie tried to be very analytical in her speech.

Tonba pushed her into the hallway, "Look, we had 10 ships. We could have killed you. We sacrificed a great victory for the safety of Minister Garak. You owe us. We are Cardassian!!"

His hand cupped her breasts and the sheer power of his Cardassian body lifted her off the floor. Lt. Charlene Faulkner works out every day. She can often be found riding a bike on the holodeck through "Europe". She is in remarkable shape. Since Violet arrived, the pair have been sparring in hand to hand drills. Charlene is in remarkable shape.

Charlene worked very hard to get Valerie to like her. She was not about to lose that. She was looking for Valerie when she stepped out into the hallway. Valerie could not speak, instead she looked at Charlene with fear in her eyes.

Charlene came unglued. She hit Tonba with a clothesline wrestling move that would have rivalled the greats of days gone by. The Cardassian was literally flipped to the floor.

The commotion brought everyone out into the hallway. There was a prolonged silence as the Jagul Tonba stood up, straightening his kinked neck. There was tremendous tension. It was still 10 to 1. Everyone was terrified that Tonba would order the Task Group to begin firing. He looked at Charlene and Valerie as Valerie cuddled into the much taller and TOUGHER Charlene.

"You missed a grand opportunity here, Commander Bell.", the Cardassian Officer broke the silence.

"You missed out.", Tonba tried to save face.

Galley walked over, "Another round of drinks. Perhaps you would be more comfortable in the lounge than out here in the hallway."

His comment was perfectly placed. Galley is a fine Chief of the Boat. Jessie brought out drinks, "Kanar all around."

Valerie regained her composure and walked in with Charlene. She looked up, "Don't leave me alone here okay."

Charlene kissed her on the forehead, "No worries there."

Charlene clasped Valerie's butt check hoping to make her feel better. Valerie giggled.

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Run for your Lives Decorum
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