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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Run for your Lives All Stop!!

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Run for your Lives All Stop!!   Sun Oct 04, 2009 4:08 am

Tania was on the bridge toying with Christina sitting in the Counsellor's Chair. She kept poking her in the ribs. The girls were giggling and laughing when the image the giant Station Destiny appeared on the screen. Tania was suddenly more serious.

"Mr. Tchilack, All Stop.", Tania ordered.

Click touched a few buttons but nothing happened. The massive gravity created by the Station was pulling the tiny Galor Class vessel into its heart.

Tania looked at Click, "Mr. Tchilack, All Stop!!"

"I got nothing.", Click turned back before riverting to his grumbling clicking Xindi swearing.

Flynn was at Operations, "Someone should get Vash."

Tania looked at Lt. Laree, "Vash and Dr. Warren-Lau are indisposed. I have strict orders not to interrupt."

Tania looked around the bridge, "Ideas?"

The Colonel was at tactical and he looked down at command, "When I was in San Francisco attending the academy, one of my fondest memories was going down to McCovey Cove and watching the little tugs push the giant tankers in the Bay. What if we used the shuttle to punt the ship into high orbit."

Tchilick stood up, "I am on it."

"Mr. Tchilack, sit down.", Tania ordered.

"I don't want my best pilot in the shuttle if this does not work we have to try to engineer a high speed fly-by.", Tania explained.

"Look, S'Ari is the Flight Commander, get her to fly the Tanmesad.", Click back-talked.

"Commander S'Ari is in Holodeck 5 meditating, Mr. Tchilack. I called you the best pilot, would you rather be the best pilot available.", Tania snapped.

Click sat down at the helm.

"Besides, Charlene can pilot the shuttle. At our rate of descent, this may push the shuttle into the Dyson Sphere. I do not want to lose one of my best shuttle pilots to a collision with the station either.", Tania spoke without emotion.

Valerie was walking in to check on her protege when she heard the speech. She and Charlene had become closer since the Da'vI' incident.

"Hey.", Valerie snapped.

"This is a command decision, Ms. Bell. Charlene is the most expendible pilot.", Tania explained.

"Listen, you Borg bitch!", Valerie snapped.

"This is not a Borg decision, Valerie. This is a good decision.", Tania responded.

Charlene walked onto the bridge. Flynn had called her from Operations. She heard the conversation.

"Don't worry, Val. I can do this. I am a pilot. I need to prove myself to Tania, to Click and even to Commander S'Ari.", Charlene smiled.

This did not alleviate any of Valerie's concerns. Charlene left for the shuttle bay. Valerie followed her down there. The girls stood by the shuttle T'Zohl Gamma for a few minutes and then Valerie gave her a little kiss.

"Be back in a giff.", Charlene smiled.

Valerie took a long time to respond and then said softly, "Be careful, Charley."

Charlene winked.

The shuttle T'Zohl Gamma flew in a big arch before coming on its attack vector.

Tania ordered, "Lt. Laree, Shields to full. Instruct Lt. Faulkner to do the same."

Laphe smiled, "Tugs hoe. Toot toot."

To see the Klingon use a bit of humor really helped the bridge crew lighten a very dense moment. Flynn even laughed.

Flynn looked at Tania. She sat down and actually clasped the hand of Dr. Lodge. Tania looked at Christina, "Here we go."


Click turned around, "Commander Branson, we are achieving high orbit."

Flynn smiled, "Yes!! Well done, Lt. Faulkner."

The words brought Tania to attention immediately, "Lt. Laree, where is Charlene?"

The Shuttle T'Zohl Gamma was in an ugly flat spin heading towards the planet surface.
Valerie had come the bridge and she gasped as Flynn put it on the main screen.

"Come on, Charley, Pull it out.", Click spoke loud enough for everyone to hear.

Everybody looked at Xindi. He never showed concern for his fellow crew.

In the shuttle, Charlene was flying like a mad woman, touching every button, routing every booster, everything she could remember. She thought of her brothers Carver, killed on the Phoenix Colony and Carleton, killed on the Quasar Quest. She was not about to become a statistic.

"Come on, you f**king thing!!", Charley screamed as Flynn transferred the T'Zohl Gamma audio to the Tanmesad.

Suddenly, the shuttle started to pull away from the Destiny. Its tiny frame able to pass between the gravity waves of the planet. Everyone cheered.

Flynn started jumping up and down. There has been so much tension on this ship in the last couple of days. Valerie looked at Tania.

Tania lied through her teeth, "I knew she could do it."

Valerie gave a little laugh. She knew that Tania was lying so she followed suit, "Me too."

Commander S'Ari, fresh from her meditation and Lt. Commander Tchilack met Charlene in the shuttle bay with Tania and Dr. Lodge. Charlene stepped out.

Commander S'Ari nodded, "Well done, Lieutenant."

Tchilick looked at her and then in a shocking, shocking moment, pulled her in and gave her a hug, "Thank you, Charley."

Everyone was in shock. The Xindi obviously did not think this would work.

Valerie looked at Charlene, "Don't you ever, ever scare me like that again."

"I was not scared at all.", Charlene continued the lying motif.

Tania tapped her combadge.

=/= Lt. Laree, inform the Station that its new support vessel has achieved high orbit =/=

Flynn smiled.

=/= Yes, Ma'am. =/=

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Commander Tania Branson
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Phoenix Fleet

Commander Valerie Bell
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Phoenix Fleet
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Run for your Lives All Stop!!
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