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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Run for your Lives Our Problems are "Miner"

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Tania Branson
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PostSubject: Run for your Lives Our Problems are "Miner"   Sun Sep 20, 2009 3:21 pm

Vash was laying in bed. Capri rested her head on his chest. The morning could not be more perfect. The science officer and the Cardassian had just enjoyed a passionate wake up call. The Tanmesad had become quite sorrowful in recent history. Vash really needed for it to be more normal. He thought that things were finally turning out normally when the ship lurched forward and then stopped.

"Dammit.", Vash snapped.

He crawled out of bed, barely disturbing the beautiful science officer as she drifted off in blissful afterglow. Vash dressed in Federation red. Man is that gonna take some getting used to, he thought. He went upstairs.

Valerie was fiddling with the engineering console. Vash looked over, "Problems, Ms. Bell."

"We have nothing. No power, sir.", Valerie looked frustrated.

"Where's Commander Warren.", Vash asked.

"I put in a call but he is still sleeping.", Val responded.

"Get him up!", Captain Enranet ordered.

Carson came strolling onto the bridge, "I am already, geez!!!"

"What's the problem?", Vash glared at Carson.

"We are done. We have no di-lithium left.", Carson retorted without emotion.

Carson plunked down in the Captain's chair much to the chagrin of Captain Enranet.

"Worse yet, there is nothing for Federation support out here and your precious Cardassia is once again not supporting us. We are done. Like I said. Welcome to your tomb.", Carson snapped.

"Might as well enjoy yourself.", Carson smiled.

"Thanks to the retrofit at the Omega Colony, our replicators will run for about 22 more years so we ain't starving. Our weaposn will run for about 8 years so we ain't defenseless. We are just stuck.", Carson tormented Vash.

Tania walked onto the bridge, "How come we have no go?"

Carson looked over, "Shouldn't you be sleeping?"

"I was goin' for breakfast with Christina when the ship stopped.", Tania looked at Carson slumped across Vash's chair. She thought to herself that it must be tormenting the Cardassian. She tried to hide her smile.

"What are we gonna do about it?", Vash asked.

"Get me some diliithium and I will give you go.", Carson rested his head on his hands.

Christina looked at Vash, "It may be none of my business anymore but many of these asteroids have to rich in dilithium. We just need to mine it."

"And whose gonna do that, you?", Carson snapped.

"Don't you think I thought of that.", Carson continued in his arrogance.

Valerie said, "What if we blasted it out?"

"Which asteroid and how hard would you have to hit it?", Carson snapped.

"That one and very hard and extremely precisely.", Capri walked onto the bridge, still adjusting her uniform.

Capri looked at Christina, "Thank you for the heads up and the PADD info, Dr. Lodge."

Christina smiled. She was growing as Counsellor. It was far better for the scientific data to come from the science officer. Capri was most appreciative.

Carson looked at her data, "Yep, its Di-lithium for certain. It can be splintered out but the shot would have to be absolutely precise. One wrong hit and the Di-Lithium will be lost."

Valerie looked at Carson, "There is someone who can take the shot."

"Your precious Michael?", Carson snarled.

"No.", Valerie snapped in snarl, "Violet."

"Who the hell is Violet?", Carson glared at Val.

"She is Viago's daughter.", Valerie responded.

"The Cadet. Not a chance.", Carson retorted.

"She has gotta be all of 15 years old.", Carson snarled thinking about the cadet who has been hanging around all departments since her father died.

"17 actually.", Valerie responded, "Not a whole lot younger than your Marissa."

"Vash, don't let the love drunk operations commander, guilty over the death of Viago put our lives in the hands of this blue skinned child.", Carson snarled.

Vash looked at Tania, "Commander?"

"We cannot just wait it out like Commander Warren suggests. We need to take action. We are stuck now. If she misses, we are still stuck.", Tania reminded everyone of their predicament.

Valerie summoned Violet to the bridge. She explained the situation and asked her if she would take the shot.

Autumn finally got to the bridge, "Why is she here?"

Valerie explained the situation a third time. Autumn glared at the Andorian, "I could hit the shot."

"It is your department.", Valerie looked at Autumn. She called up the shot. Autumn thought about her reputation as a great shot. If she missed, it would be lost. Hitting the tiny fissure in the asteroid would be very difficult. If the Andorian teen missed, Autumn would be able to say 'I told you so'.

Autumn looked at Violet, "If you hit it, you are welcome in my department anytime."

Vash looked at Violet, "If you hit it, I will make you Lieutenant Junior Grade and a full time security officer and Valerie Bell a commander since she picked you."

Violet smiled and looked at Valerie. Carson walked up and put his arm on her shoulder, "No pressure kid."

Carson walked towards Tania and Christina, "She ain't gonna hit it. She does not have a chance."

Christina looked at Carson and then at Violet, "Go for it, Dear."

Autumn walked behind her and helped her with a couple of buttons. Violet turned around and smiled at the Betazoid. Valerie walked from Ops to Security, "I know you can do it."

Vash pushed Carson out of his chair and sat down. Tania sat beside him on his left and Christina on his right.

"Lieutenant Violet of Andoria, you may fire when ready.", Vash hoped by referrring to her by her new rank, he would bring her luck.

Violet looked at Valerie and then at Autumn. She glued her eyes on the rotating rock. She thought of her father and she took a deep breath and fired.

Capri sat down at science operations and smiled, "We have Di-Lithium. Beaming straight to engineering."

Vash stood up, "Yes! I knew you could do it."

Carson looked at Vash, "I will head to engineering. We should be 'go' within an hour."

Vash smiled, "Perfect, then you can join us for a celebration dinner, promoting Commander Valerie Bell and our newest starling, Lieutenant Violet of Andoria. I believe they are serving a heaping helping of CROW!!"

The bridge crew clapped as Carson left head down. Valerie walked over to Violet, "Your father would be proud!"

"Hell, we are all proud of you.", Autumn laughed, "That was a hell of a shot."

Autumn hugged Violet.

Vash smiled. This was Tanmesad. This was the ship he loved.

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Captain Vash Enranet
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Phoenix Fleet

Commander Tania Branson
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Phoenix Fleet

Commander Valerie Bell
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Phoenix Fleet

Commander Carson Warren
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Phoenix Fleet


Lieutenant (JG) Violet of Andoria
Security Officer
Phoenix Fleet
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Run for your Lives Our Problems are "Miner"
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