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 Run for your Lives Trial Run: Dr. Christina Lodge II

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PostSubject: Run for your Lives Trial Run: Dr. Christina Lodge II   Sun Sep 13, 2009 4:34 pm

Michael Mason has become the talk of the ship after his pairing with Lt. Commander Valerie Bell. The very handsome marine has been everywhere with Valerie as she comes to grips with her new relationship as well as shows off her new conquest. Vash even asked her not to kiss Michael while the pair were on duty after catching them together hidden behind a bulkhead like two high schoolers stealing a kiss in the hallway.

Vash and Capri were enjoying supper when Valerie and her new beau arrived and sat over in the corner kissing and nuzzling one another. Vash was very turned off but looked at Capri watched the very handsome Michael Mason and Valerie Bell fondle one another.

"Doctor, would you like a model figure like Michael Mason?", Vash inquired, half afraid at her answer.

"I have enjoyed the pleasure of copulation with a male, already, Gul Enranet.", her toes touched his leg under the table. He was very happy to feel the touch on his calf.

"I however have never had the pleasure of a female since my joining with Warren-Lau Symbiote.", Capri startled the Cardassian. He was not prepared to deal with it after dealing with it with Commander Tania Branson.

"I would not stand in your way. Perhaps you should see Dr. Lodge. She has a history of same sex relationships. She could perhaps assist you.", Vash tried to sound very open but his voice and his emotions were clearly showing his displeasure with her observation.

"As Dr. Martin Warren and even to a lesser extent as Dr. Lasiter Lau, I have enjoyed the pleasure of a female on many occasions with sheer joy.", Capri explained much to the chagrin of Gul Vash Enranet. He hated her even suggesting it. He, at times struggled with the relationship between Tania and Christina.

The pair enjoyed their supper. Galley brought out the main course, an incredible fillet of fine fish. His food was beyond incredible as always. He walked back into the kitchen and went straight back to his work.

He looked over as Jessie was looking out at everyone eating. He noticed her looking towards Michael and Valerie.

"Jessie, would you like an adonis human partner?", Galley asked.

The relationship has obviously caught the eye and imagination the ship's staff. Jessie looked at Galley and came over and touched his paw, "My dear, you have been there when no one else was. You accepted me when no one else did. I would not only give of myself sexually to you, my love. I would give my life for you. I owe you everything. I will admit, Michael is a sheer beauty but I am not in the least bit interested in him sexually. He is like a statue to be admired, you my dear could have me anywhere. anytime."

Galley smiled and went back to work. In truth, he was over joyed and literally floating around the kitchen.

Vash spent the day on the bridge. In truth, he was truly wondering how things were going with Capri and Christina. He did not want to know or to appear anxious.

Vash wanted her to have the experience but he did not want her too, if anyone could understand what that meant.

He ate alone. He went back to his quarters. He walked in to find the beautiful scientist standing in the bathroom. She looked up.

"What did you learn?", Vash asked, scared about the answer.

"The pleasure of monogamy.", Capri smiled.

Vash smiled ear to ear, "I love that Dr. Lodge. She is fast becoming the best counsellor in the Fleet."

She lowered the towel...

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Gul Vash Enranet
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Run for your Lives Trial Run: Dr. Christina Lodge II
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