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 Run for your Lives Trial Run: Dr. Christina Lodge

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Tania Branson
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PostSubject: Run for your Lives Trial Run: Dr. Christina Lodge   Sun Sep 13, 2009 4:33 pm

Valerie was bouncing around the bridge like a princess. It was driving Tania crazy. Tania sked that Valerie spend a session with the counsellor, Dr. Christina Lodge. Valerie giggled and joyfully agreed.

Christina had spent the morning with Sienna Laree. She had been devastated by the realization that Valerie had gone back to a heterosexual relationship with Michael Mason. Christina welcome Valerie who was still giddy over her shared experience in her quarters and spoke glowingly about the pleasure of her situation. Christina began asking more pointed questions about the physical side of their relationship. Valerie passionately and descriptively reviewed their ritual both in the bed and with the final consumation in the table. Christina had not known such pleasure; for her sex with William Lodge had always been in some sort of recombination after a violent act. Theirs was not a special bond but rather a mating.

She had not known bonding until she met Tania Branson. Valerie and Christina shared tales of their relationships with Sienna Laree and Tania Branson. Valerie kept coming back to her wonderful union with the marine. Christina kept wondering what it would be like. The therapy was actually working both ways.

Valerie soon made a very indecent proposal. She would let Michael spend the evening with Christina so she could know; like Valerie knew what was right for her. Christina was at first reluctant but with each word of wonderment from Valerie still basking in the afterglow of her experience with the super hot marine.

Christina soon was making plans to spend the evening with Michael Mason. Tania learned of the plan from Valerie herself. She was mortified; but stood back. The therapy was for both of them. Christina needed to know for certain.

Tania finished her shift on the bridge and went back to their quarters alone. She sat there thinking about her time with Dr. Brenda Todd and her time on the Tanmesad. She thought of the choices she had made in her life and in her career. She even thought about Captain Ivan Younger, her own male partner and husband and the father of her children, Nicole and Nancy {may she rest in peace}. Tania wondered if the time she and Christina had spent together was no over. She thought of little William, whom she loved so dearly and whom had paid the ultimate price; giving his life to the occupation of the Phoenix Colony.

Sienna Laree chimed the door chime.

"Come in.", Tania responded, standing up in full uniform still.

"Christina has booked Holosuite #4, Commander.", Sienna reported.

"So.", Tania slammed back.

"I think you should go.", Sienna reported.

"I couldn't.", Tania responded.

"I think you should go.", Sienna continued again.

"It is important to know first hand.", Sienna sucked on her bottom lip.

Tania got up and walked down to the smaller holodeck suite. She held her breath and tried to go in but stopped herself. It would be highly inappropriate. She thought about the horror that Sienna had experienced. Finally, she could bare it no longer. She burst in.

"I thought you would never get here. I sent Sienna 30 minutes ago.", Christina smiled.

"Oh my god.", Tania responded.

"I could not go through with it. Valerie can have her marine. I have something better.", Christina smiled, raising her glass as she handed one to Tania.

Tania looked at Christina, "I have no suit."

"You won't be needing one anyway, Commander.", Christina smiled.

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Lt. Commander Valerie Bell
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Commander Tania Branson
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Run for your Lives Trial Run: Dr. Christina Lodge
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