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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Run for your Lives Tamarian Trouble

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Run for your Lives Tamarian Trouble   Sat Sep 05, 2009 3:33 am

Tania was on the bridge with Sienna when the garbled message came through.

=/= This is the Tamarian Colony, T75 and we have been under heavy bombardment from retreating Vulcan vessels. We request assistance under our agreement with the Phoenix Federation =/=

Tania looked at Sienna and then at Tchilack, "Comments?"

Hunter worked feverishly to clean up the signal.

Sienna looked at Tania, "The agreement is with Vice Admiral Nicole Branson and is not honored by the Hebetian Government in Exile or by the Detapa Council. You are not required to respond."

Click turned his chair around, "Commander, Vice Admiral Branson is your daughter. Her agreement brought the Tamarians into the Phoenix Federation. I think you should respond."

Everyone was in shock. Click was in favor of extra work. Tania smiled, "On your honor, Lieutenant. Take us to Red Alert and invite the sneior staff to the bridge."

Vash walked onto the bridge as Sienna briefed the commanding officer, "The main Vulcan fleet is returning to the homeworld. These will be most scout ships. The Galor will scare them off."

"Tania, this is your COMM. Your call.", Vash smiled.

"Lt. Commander Bell, would you please take operations.", Tania ordered. Sienna stepped back.

Tania turned around, "Autumn, lets scare some Vulcans."

Click banked the Tanmesad hard as S'Ari sat down at the left helm position.

"Well Done, Click.", S'Ari smiled.

Tania turned around, "Autumn, let 'em have it."

The Tanmesad had not used her weapons much lately. She is a runner, not a fighter. The Galor is undersized for real warfare as demonstrated in the Dominion War. The only great firing of Tanmesad weapons was on a defenseless Romulan vessel.

Autumn wanted this. She hit a freighter and a small service craft destroying both. Vash looked at Tania, "No devastation is good devastation."

Tania smiled, "Oh, you can destroy a defenseless Romulan vessel, but I cannot fire on the invading Romulans."

Vash took the barb well; but it was very well placed.

The Vulcans continued to withdraw. Tania turned to Autumn, "Grab the Doctor, a Marine Landing Force and the Engineer and go down and see if you can get things going."

Carson, Viago, T'Vol and the marines were immediately setting up triage and getting to work on the wounded. The marines put the fires out and took care of any remaining Vulcans. Carson spent several hours getting their generators up and running. The Tamarian equipment was old and needed lots of TLC just to get running. Carson made some modifications to make them run smoother. The Tamarians were very pleased.

They gave the doctor trinkets and other gifts. T'Vol was most gracious. They never even commented on her huge ears. They were more concerned with her compassion and her honor.

The away team returned after nearly 12 hours on the surface. Valerie had stayed over and was in command on the bridge. Carson walked on to the bridge. He dropped off his reports.

Valerie looked down, "You beamed a generator and a replicator to the surface. Do you think that is wise?"

Carson looked back, "They are not without this equipment, Valerie. Their equipment is broken; not non-existent. We are not violating any antiquated Star Fleet rules."

Valerie was impressed that the engineer at least thought about it, "Thank you, Glinn Warren."

Tania walked downstairs to find Christina walking with Sienna in the hallway. Sienna headed into her quarters.

"What was that about?", Tania, half jealous asked.

"Client privilege.", Christina announced owing to her new role as Counsellor.

The pair entered their quarters, "You have to tell me what you were talking to her about.", Tania ordered.

"Why? I have an honor agreement as the counsellor.", Christina responded.

"You know how insecure I am.", Tania blurted out as she undressed.

"She was concerned that you removed her from the console. She believes that you don't have confidence in her.", Christina blurted out, eyeing up her Borg concubine.

"She is a Betazoid who wears a white one piece in the hallway. She has blue hair.", Tania responded.

"Her appearance and her heritage have nothing to do with her ability.", Christina stood up and went to wash her face.

"You have Borg wires hanging out all over. No one questions your competency.", Christina looked right at Tania.

Tania suddenly felt stupid. She had looked at Sienna based only on appearance.

"I owe her an apology.", Tania responded.

"Why did you break your confidence, Christina?", Tania asked.

Christina smiled, "Sienna was not the patient here, Tania."

Tania looked at Christina, "Me?"

"Sienna asked me to help you deal with your prejudice.", Christina smiled.

"Damn.", Tania smiled.

"You are good, Counsellor. You are good.", Tania giggled.

"I bet you could talk me out of my clothes in a second.", Tania plunked down on the bed.

"That is not a challenge. You want to take your clothes off.", Christina giggled, plopping down next to her.

Posted by:

Commander Tania Branson
Executive Officer
CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet

Gul Vash Enranet
Commanding Officer
CGV Tanmesasd
Phoenix Fleet

Lt. Commander Valerie Bell
Operations Commander
CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet

Glinn Carson Warren
Chief Engineer
CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet
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Run for your Lives Tamarian Trouble
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