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 Run for your Lives The Chicken Ranch

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Run for your Lives The Chicken Ranch   Sat Sep 05, 2009 3:31 am

This was Jessie's idea. After learning that Galley wanted to have a chicken fry as a team building exercise, Jessie relayed stories from her childhood about cleaning live chickens. Galley has always had a penchant for the real thing and not replicated food. He is always making real meals in the Observation Lounge. Galley looked at Jessie, "A real Chicken Fry would be an incredible day."

Jessie smiled, "You are the Chief of the Boat. When you are on shift; make it so."

Galley laughed, "I just might do that."

Galley never told anyone but he replicated 250 chickens and turned them loose in Food Storage Bay 9. He made a mandatory crew invitation to the "best chicken fry ever" and invited them to Food Storage Bay 9.

Tania and Christina arrived in beautiful evening gowns and opened the door the foul and fowl smell of chickens flapping around. Tania batted one out of the sky crashing it to the ground. Galley walked over, "Welcome ladies?"

"What the hell?", Tania asked.

"This is a chicken fry. This means you are going to help clean chicken, chop chickens and prepare for the greatest meal ever.", Galley laughed.

Tania turned to walk away when Christina grabbed her arm, "Let's do this."

Tania walked in. Jessie had just gathered two chickens and chopped their heads off. They were flailing all around, blood spewed onto the wall. Christina screamed. Jessie grabbed them and set them up on the table.

"Dip them in the boiling water and begin to pull the warm feathers off. The water will make the feathers loose.", Jessie smiled at the two women in dresses.

Tania grabbed the chicken and lowered it into the water. She and Christina were like two rich girls who had never seen a chicken before holding it away from their body and plucking the feathers. Their two evening gowns were soaking wet as they finished the first chickens.

"Now what?", Tania asked.

"Pass them to Mr. Leo and he will cut them up.", Jessie ordered as she plopped down two more chickens.

The Caitian took out a huge cleaver and two knifes and began carving the first fryer.

Christina smiled, "I wanna do that."

Galley and Christina began to go through how to carve a chicken as Tania started on the third chicken. Valerie and Sienna walked in together. They too were well dressed and were stunned to see Commander Branson looking so dishevelled.

Tania turned around, "Jump in Ladies. We have 247 chickens left."

She was already a pro on her third chicken. Valerie looked at Galley, "I am not doing this."

Galley holding a meat cleaver laughed, "Yes you are."

Soon Valerie and Sienna were up to their elbows in feathers, pulling feathers while Jessie whacked off a few heads. The girls were laughing, throwing feathers at one another.

Val tapped her combadge, "Computer, locate my children and beam them directly to Food Storage Bay 9."

Valerie wanted her children to experience this. The little girls were in front of Vash and Capri as they entered the room which now stunk with the horrible smell of wet chickens and was covered with the splattered blood. Vash echoed the words of every arriver, "I am not doing this."

Galley walked over, "Gul Enranet... I must begin cooking. You and the scientist can join my carving specialist, Dr. Lodge. She will tell you what we expect."

Galley handed Vash a cleaver, "Chop... Chop..."

Vash and Capri began carving chickens.

Dr. T'Vol walked in with Commander S'Ari. Her descriptive word was simply, "Disgusting!"

She was about to leave but S'Ari quickly sat down next to a very wet Sienna and started to join in the fun.

"Commander, we have no obligation to this mess.", T'Vol ordered.

"No obligation, doctor. Are you Tanmesad?", S'Ari smiled.

The doctor walked down next to the two scientists, Lodge and Warren-Lau, "Can I help you?"

Christina smiled and began to show T'Vol how to carve the chickens.

The smell of fried chicken began to fill the room as Mr. Leo began frying up the chicken. The smell was incredible; nearly orgasmic.

The crew was getting very tired when Lt. Tchilack showed up. He and Autumn had done the last security sweep. The crew was grateful to Lt. Thomson for taking the COMM and to Anya Enranet for taking the helm while they were all down here.

The speedy Xindi was soon helping clean chickens. He was even seen giggling and laughing and throwing feathers at Autumn. Click tried to suck one of the raw chicken bones but Autumn slapped it out of his hand.

"Fried not raw.", Autumn snapped. This is an indication that they are a couple. She was bossing him around.

Galley and Jessie moved from the butcher end to the other end. Jessie ordered the staff to clear and clean the table. The crew worked very hard to clean off the table. Jessie handed out some clothes. The room still stunk of boiling chicken feathers. The staff reaked of being wet and gross.

Tania, Christina, Sienna, Valerie, Capri, S'Ari and T'Vol were in the biggest wet t-shirt contest ever with their shirts literally soaking from all the chicken water. Nobody seemed to notice. The crew had worked together; no slaved together. There was no time for sexuality.

Jessie and Galley brought out the chicken. The smell was better than any Leo meal ever. Everyone was involved in its preparation. Jessie and Galley had outdone themselves. Everyone literally pigged out. The crew's faces were all greasy and everyone was smiling and laughing. The room was an attrocious mess.

The meal and the conversation lasted well into the night. Everyone was laughing and giggling when Jessie brought out the strawberry wine and watermelon. This was a real southern fry. Soon people were laughing and singing. There had been too much chaos on the Tanmesad lately. This was exactly what the crew needed.

Tania and Christina grabbed a bottle off the table and headed to take a shower. Tania walked up to Galley and kissed him on the forehead, "Mr. Leo, we love you more than you will ever know."

Valerie and Sienna were the next ones. The girls were horrible messy and Valerie's two little girls had fallen asleep at one of the tables. Valerie walked over to Mr. Leo and to Jessie, "Best meal ever!"

The two Vulcans stood up and walked over to Galley and Jessie, "Next time, we would like something a little less messy but thank you Mr. Leo."

S'Ari winked at Galley as she left. Galley smiled. He loved the Vulcans. Jessie punched him in his arm. Galley laughed and kissed her first a little and then deeply on the mouth.

Carson and Marisa were late arrivers. Someone has to make sure the damn ship runs, but they came for the food. They missed the fun and they knew it, but still thanked Galley and Jessie for the chicken.

Capri looked at Vash, "God, I gotta get out of this dress. I need to take a shower."

Vash smiled, "I will see you later."

"Ok.", the Science Officer smiled.

Vash walked over to Galley and Jessie. He turned to the wall mounted replicator and replicated two shovels. He held them in his hand as he walked up, "Looks like you will have a bit of clean up."

"Small price to pay for a fantastic meal, sir.", Galley looked up. Vash thought he could get them. Galley would assuredly have cleaned the whole thing by hand.

Vash walked out of the Food Storage Bay.

=/= Computer, beam Mr. Galley Leo and Ms. Jessie Larson directly to a holodeck and a Risian Bath Room and then vent Food Storage Bay 9 to space. =/=

=/= Beam out and cleansing complete =/=

Vash smiled as his stomach rumbled from being so full.

Tania walked into her quarters and dropped her dress to the floor. Her metal hand was exposed. She remembered being in the concentration camp on the colony and the removal of her Christina Lodge built external skin. She looked down at her hand as a naked Christina walked out of the back.

"Man do I need a shower.", Christina laughed.

Tania held up her Borg hand. Christina slowly took it and held it kissing the wet, but cold metal.

"Don't worry, Tania. I am not in love with your hand.", Christina smiled.

The pair disappeared into the shower.

The entire crew was disappearing into a shower somewhere. Today was one of the hardest working days in the history of the Tanmesad and there was no Cardassian Civil War, no Romulan attack, no Race to the Beta Quadrant, just good old fashioned hard work.

Mr. Leo and Ms. Larson had done something special here. Vash knew it. Everyone knew it.

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Gul Vash Enranet
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Commander Tania Branson
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CGV Tanmesad
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Lt. Commander Valerie Bell
Operations Commander
CGV Tanmesad
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Glinn Carson Warren
Chief Engineer
CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet
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Run for your Lives The Chicken Ranch
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