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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Run for your Lives Stick Up

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Tania Branson
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PostSubject: Run for your Lives Stick Up   Sat Sep 05, 2009 3:30 am

The Tanmesad was going to be laid up in the purple clouds for a while because of the repairs to the bridge and directional systems. The mess created by the first of probably many attempts by the Cardassian Union to destroy the last symbol of the Hebetian Government has allowed time to evaluate crew position etc.

The incident began with Candi walking into Vash's office with a limping Commander S'Ari. The pair had obviously been arguing. Candi informed the Gul that she would like to be on the Flight Crew once more and in fact given her strength and abilities she should be the damn Flight Commander. Vash respected the Vulcan S'Ari greatly. He looked at her and then at the Android.

"There is more to command than ability, Candi.", Vash responded.

"I demand it.", Candi ordered. Vash wished Carson were here so that he could cuff him upside the head for his indolent android.

"I can demonstrate that I am a better pilot than S'Ari. I propose a holodeck test with me at the Helm and with Commander S'Ari at the Helm of a second Galor Class vessel and we will race through the Typhon Expanse. Whoever wins shall be the Flight Commander.", Candi proposed.

"It will not be decided in this manner.", Vash snapped.

"I am game.", Commander S'Ari responded.

Vash stood up, "In your condition, you do not have to do this. I will support you in your role."

The Vulcan nodded, but limped towards the holodeck.

As the pair of challengers arrived, Tchilick Tchilack and Charlene Faulkner were standing there.

Click looked at Vash, "Is this a private party or can anyone join?"

Vash could not believe how quickly word of the contest had spread throughout the Tanmesad. Vash however did not want Carson's toy to win so putting more ships in the contest would make it more difficult.

"Absolutely.", The Gul smiled.

Candi glared at the Xindi but simply scoffed at Charlene. She did not see Lt. Faulkner who was on the helm when the Keldon attacked as a threat.

The four Galor Classes were equipped with holo-bridge crews but the helm control was 100% in the control of the pilots. The goal: Traverse the Typhon Expanse and into the Beta Quadrant without a single incident and arrive first.

The race was incredible. All four pilots were awesome as they weaved through the incredible dangers of the Temporal Rifts that occur naturally in the Typhon Expanse. Back and forth the ships weaved as Candi shot out in front.

Vash watched intently from the bridge. He was cheering for anyone but Candi. Anya was on the bridge and she was clearly cheering for Charlene. Remarkably, Candi shot out in front.

Vash sighed as he watched the awe inspiring android work through the weaving pattern. She was exceptional. Vash bowed his head as S'Ari chased her through the waves.

Candi caught a rift and spun sideways. It was the perfect chance for S'Ari but the opening was too narrow and she clipped the Candi driven Galor Class and was knocked violently off course.

Charlene and Click glided through with amazing ease. Both S'Ari and Candi frantically turned and gave chase. Soon, they were back on course and back in the lead.

The edge of the Beta Quadrant was now in view and Candi was still leading. Click was in third. Suddenly, he pulled the stick back and drove the Galor Class up high above the leading pair and then dove on the finish line. His move was incredibly gutsy as he slid in the front and ended up at the finish line first.

Vash was on the bridge, "Yes!!"

He jumped from the Bridge chair. He headed straight for the holodeck. He was surprised to see many people there. More than just he were watching the race. S'Ari, Candi, Charlene and then Click emerged.

The crowd roared when the Xindi exited the holodeck, "Click!! Click!! Click!!"

Vash looked at Lt. Tchilack, "I guess I have new Flight Commander."

He handed Click the bars. The Xindi turned around to see the crippled S'Ari leaning against the wall. He walked over, knelt down and bowed his head, "I believe this are yours, my liege."

There was not a dry eye in the hallway. Commander S'Ari held her composure as she took the bars.

Vash turned to Candi, "There is more to be a commander than being the very best at what you do. Like loyalty."

Everyone heard his words. There was a long pause and then someone yelled, "Drinks on Tchilack, the best pilot in the fleet."

Click smiled. He could not believe how he was revered by the crew. The crowd began to disperse heading for the Observation Lounge.

Autumn came walking up. Click bowed his head, half embarrassed and turned to headed for the lounge.

Autumn quickly caught up and grabbed his hand. The pair walked in togther. A bunch of glasses were raised, "Click!!"

The scene made him even more embarrassed.

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Gul Vash Enranet
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Run for your Lives Stick Up
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