Star Trek: Tanmesad

These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Run for your Lives S'Ari for the Inconvenience

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Vash Enranet

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PostSubject: Run for your Lives S'Ari for the Inconvenience   Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:48 am

The Tanmesad has seen its share of violence. In its history, it has harboured a horrid homicidal maniac. It has been a place of sabotuers with the horror of the Cardassian Civil War.

These however pale in comparison to what happened in Corridor 175. Commander S'Ari had finished the day shift on the helm. Lets not be niave here, the Vulcans have behaved with a similar superiority to the Empire of V'Ros in recent memory. With Dal T'Zohl rising to the rank of Executive Officer and the triumvirate of T'Zohl, S'Ari and T'Vol spreading their arrogance around the ship.

When T'Zohl left, it left the much softer S'Ari and T'Vol. S'Ari was no exception. She too had behaved poorly. She was better. Hell, with T'Zohl gone, she was the best pilot on the Tanmesad. She however made everyone aware that she was better.

This did not sit well with the Cardassian enlisted staff. Cardassians are better. This is their ship. S'Ari had been showing off as she weaved the Galor Class through Star Fleet Space heading for the Typhon Expanse and the so-called "Hiding Place."

She bragged that no one in the universe could follow her. She was walking in the corridor next to her quarters when three Cardassian Guard members, in uniform grabbed her and beat her down. The beating was brutal and complete. She was in horrible shape when she was discovered by Dr. T'Vol.

Commander Branson was on the bridge when the formal announcement of the attack was made. Tania was upset that the Tanmesad did not have a marine commanding officer. She would have dispatched the marines on her own ship. Tania woke up Autumn Laree and ordered her to search these men out.

Autumn asked, "Then what?"

"They attacked a member of the senior staff. You decide.", Tania ordered.

Tania then contacted Vash Enranet who was in engineering with Carson going over the stresses placed on the engines by two very hard and fast trips across the Alpha Quadrant.

Vash headed for the bridge. He got there just as Autumn announced that she has captured the defendents.

Vash looked at Tania, "What do you want to do?"

Tania glared at Vash, "I just came back, Vash. I don't want to be the bad guy."

"Command requires decision making, Commander Branson. I will stand behind you.", Vash smiled.

Tania tapped her combadge, "Autumn, these men brutally attacked a member of the senior command under a formal declaration of war. The legalities are clear."

Tania bowed her head as the combadge link stayed open while three shots were heard.

Autumn responded, "It is done, Commander."

"See to Commander S'Ari.", Tania ordered the security chief.

Autumn travelled to Sick Bay. She looked at S'Ari, badly beaten and laying on the med-bed, "Oh..."

Autumn grasped her lips in almost schizophrenic horror at the site. Autumn was ferocious in her duty. She killed the men for attacking S'Ari without even flinching but now seeing the Flight Commander, she was horrified and even shocked.

"Commander S'Ari.", Autumn looked down at the Vulcan.

"I am sorry for causing all this trouble.", S'Ari looked up.

"Protecting one of our own is no trouble.", Autumn smiled.

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Gul Vash Enranet
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Commander Tania Branson
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CGV Tanmesad
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Run for your Lives S'Ari for the Inconvenience
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