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 Typhon Test Run Breakfast at Jessamine's

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Vash Enranet

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PostSubject: Typhon Test Run Breakfast at Jessamine's   Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:46 am

Jessie gave Galley the morning off. He never takes any time off. In truth, after their cookie incident, he wanted to be away from her for a bit. Jessie was finally at home. She prepared a fantastic breakfast. She was not a good pilot; adequate but not spectacular. She was terrible engineer. Even she could see that. Jessie however was a fine cook. The pastries were incredible. The breakfast remarkable.

Jessie had invited everyone. Dal T'Zohl and Commander S'Ari walked in together. They took a traditional Vulcan breakfast and sat away from the staff. Jessie was kinda sad. The rise of the Vulcan Empire was horrible for the ladies. The rise to power of Dal T'Zohl was also very "Vulcanizing" for them. They were acting all too Vulcan now. They meditated. They performed their duties with sheer perfection and then they left.

Valerie and Sienna arrived together, kissing and giggling. It was an awesome sight. The girls had not been together much lately. Valerie's girls followed them in. They pointed at their mother and giggled as she kissed the blue haired Betazoid. They were adjusting so well.

Carson and Marisa walked in together. Carson picked up a croissant and looked at Jessie, "Did you engineer these?"

His sarcasm was biting and a bit hurtful. Jessie had washed out as an Engineering officer. She would not let the bull headed Chief Engineer ruin her party. She smiled, "With these hands."

Carson grabbed Marisa's butt cheek and went to sit down.

Dr. Capri Warren-Lau came in alone. She was still fuming that Vash had bought an Orion sex slave after they had spent the night together. She grabbed a fruit cup and a coffee and sat away from everyone.

Dr. T'Vol and Captain John Warren arrived holding hands. Despite their age difference (at least in appearance), they were always holding hands. John was reborn here without the pressure of command. He is a good man. The marines are much better with him; no disrespect to Colonel Laphe. John was soon joined by a few of his men.

They ate like Marines. Tons of food.

Vash walked in with Anya. He looked around the room until he found Capri. He looked straight at his Trill crush and announced to the crew, "This is Anya Enranet, our newest Operations Officer. She is an Orion and is now free of the bonds of slavery. I hereby free her to her own free will. You all will bare witness."

There was a lot of clapping. Vash walked over and sat with Capri. She looked up realizing her misunderstanding. She winked at Vash. She rubbed her toes on his leg. Vash smiled and took a large drink of coffee.

Anya just stood there, in truth looking stupid. She was about to break down when Charlene walked in. Charlene walked right into Anya.

"Whoops sorry.", both girls said simultaneously. It was a joining moment. Both laughed.

Sienna yelled to Charlene, "Anya and you should sit with us."

Anya suddenly felt like she belonged. Charlene introduced herself and began telling stories about the USS Quasar Quest and Commander Laren Kira. The four girls were now as one enjoying the breakfast.

Tchilick Tchilack arrived for breakfast alone. He went over to the table and took a whole plate of sugar doughnuts. He headed for a back corner when Autumn bumped into him.

"Click.", Autumn smiled.

"Autumn.", The Xindi responded.

Soon she was sitting with the Xindi, staring at him. Click looked at her, "Do you mind?"

Autumn giggled.

"If I agreed to spend the night with you, would you leave me alone.", Click muttered.

Autumn screamed, "Oh yes!!"

The whole restaurant looked over. Tchilick was horribly embarrassed.

He hid his head.

Andrea arrived for breakfast alone and pick up a croissant and a coffee as well, "May I sit with you Vash.'', Andrea asked.

Andrea with the padd she had with her, 'I have been looking over the fall of the Phoenix Colony to the Vulcan Empire and also at the rise of the Vulcan Empire as well.''

Galley walked into the Lounge. He could see it full and people laughing and joking. It reminded him of home. He walked up to Jessie. She was covered in flour and leaning against the kitchen door.

Galley looked at her, "Master Chef, is there room for a shy little dishwasher."

Jessie giggled remembering the time she was about to be kicked off the ship and Galley had saved her.

"I'd love the help.", Jessie smiled.

Galley walked up to Jessie and kissed her on the mouth.

"Can you ever forgive me?", Galley asked.

"There is nothing to forgive.", Jessie kissed him back.

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Gul Vash Enranet
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CGV Tanmesad

Dal T'Zohl
Executive Officer
CGV Tanmesad

Lt. Cmdr. Valerie Bell
Operations Commander
CGV Tanmesad

Glinn Carson Warren
Chief Engineer
CGV Tanmesad

Lt. Andrea Thomson
Chief Diplomatic Officer
CGV Tanmesad

All in service to the Phoenix Fleet
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Typhon Test Run Breakfast at Jessamine's
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