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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Typhon Test Run Letters From Home

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Vash Enranet

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PostSubject: Typhon Test Run Letters From Home   Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:17 am

Laren sat down in the Ready Room and read the PADD over and over again. She could not believe what she was reading. The Kira family is so well known on Bajor and so integrated in the politics of the republic particularly with Nerys having been integral to the revolution.

Tears began to stream down her cheeks as she read it again. Dal T'Zohl entered the room. Laren was the duty officer and she had not been on the bridge even one time. Charlene had actually called T'Zohl to inform her that the bridge commander had not been out of the ready room.

The Vulcan had responded and waited on the bridge for 30 minutes before entering.

"Is everything ok, Commander?", T'Zohl asked.

"I have been offered a position in the Bajoran Council.", Laren looked up, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"This is a great opportunity.", T'Zohl responded, ever fillled with logic.

"It is.", Laren responded.

"Why then are you so emotional?", T'Zohl struggled to understand why the Bajoran was crying.

"I will have to leave the Tanmesad for a second time.", Laren wimpered.

"This is a great opportunity.", T'Zohl repeated her response.

Laren stood up and hugged the Vulcan. T'Zohl hated all this emotional attention. She hated herself for her relationship with Galley Leo and now this. She wondered if it was something she was doing wrong.

She took a huge breath, "Dal T'Zohl, I hereby grant you the authorities of Executive Officer of the Cardassian Guard Vessel Tanmesad. With all your heart and honor, I ask that you protect the ship."

"I accept.", T'Zohl responded.

Laren stood there, numb to her announcement. She just did not know what to do with herself.

"Dismissed.", T'Zohl responded.

The words hurt Laren deeply but she left.... Left for Bajor.

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Commander Laren Kira
Member of the Bajoran Council
Bajoran Republic
United Federation of Planets

Dal T'Zohl of Vulcan
Executive Officer
CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet
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Typhon Test Run Letters From Home
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