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 Typhon Test Run USS Miramac

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Vash Enranet

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PostSubject: Typhon Test Run USS Miramac   Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:17 am

Most personnel were familiar now with the terror at Outpost 395 as the devastating display made by Station Sparta and the Phoenix Colony in the massive loses inflicted on Federation Forces have been well distributed throughout the region. Even with the President's Office trying to keep it a secret, the word had gotten out. The Federation's worst single day loses since Wolf 359 is something difficult to hide.

Captain John Warren was in his glory, back on the bridge for night shift fulfilling a role once filled by Colonel Laphe. He was also with Charlene Faulkner who had served with him on the Quest at the Helm. John is roundly praised through the Phoenix Federation for the rebuilding of Wells City, abandoned during the crisis but this is where he felt most comfortable.

John looked over at Valerie Bell. The beautiful Chief of Operations was mostly sleeping, leaning against her console when the blip on the screen awoke the Lt. Commander. Val sat up straight, "Federation Ship on the port bow, Captain Warren."

"Nice of you to join us, Ms. Bell.", John sarcastically chuckled.

Valerie was a bit embarrassed.

"Identify the vessel, Chief.", John ordered returning to business.

"The USS Miramac, Support Vessel for the Typhon Task Force. It is badly damaged. It appears from the markings to be a victim of Sparta. Looks like they tried to make a run for it.", Valerie explained.

"Any survivors.", John asked.

"The bridge crew is intact. All other lifesigns are lost, Captain.", Valerie looked down at the sensors.

John looked Valerie and then at Charlene, "What should we do?"

Valerie engaged the Yellow Alert Icon. She knew that they needed some additional help.

Vash and Laren showed up almost exactly the same time, followed closely by other senior staff members.

Laren looked out at the crippled Federation vessel, "Shall we blow this one up to."

She glared at Vash, remembering the incident in Cardassian Territory. Vash was upset at her challenging him, "If it suits me."

"Update, Valerie.", Vash asked.

The Chief of Operations went through the scenario. Vash stepped back. John was still sitting in the Captain's Chair.

"You are in my chair, John.", Vash smiled.

John felt a bit embarrassed as he stood up. Vash sat down, "beam them out, Val."

"No good, Gul Enranet. We cannot just beam them out. There is not enough on-line sensor systems to create enough of an individual signature. We run the risk of killing them all.", Valerie explained.

Vash turned to John, "Ok, Warren. Time for you to earn your marine strips. Go over and put identifiers on each member of the crew. Make it snappy."

Valerie turned to Vash, "You will need a science officer. We need some of their systems back online because they are running many containment fields to keep their remaining air."

Vash turned to Celeste, "I guess, Miss Lyun that Captain Warren won't be the only one earning some new strips."

Laren turned to Vash, "I am going with them. We need to present a careful front. The Federation is not very trusting of you Cardassians yet; particularly with your leader supporting Admiral Hunt."

Vash looked at Commander Kira, "This is your call, Laren."


Aboard the USS Miramac


Laren explained the situation to the command staff of the Miramac and explained the Cardassian position and their impending rescue. Captain John Warren and the marines went to work tagging all the men and women of the command staff.

Celeste was working on the science console trying to take down some of the containment to allow for safe beam out. Laren came over. She was in operations and began helping Miss Lyun. The two Bajorans were soon close to setting up the rescue of the Miramac staff.

Laren turned to John, "Ready, Marine."

John smiled. He had never been called this before. He looked to his staff, "Saddle up, we are going home."

Celeste pushed the last containment button. Every alarm on the bridge started going off as containment began to fail.

Laren yelled to Valerie, "Beam us out, Lt. Commander"

Nothing. It was become very difficult to breath. John and his marines tried to huddle the cold, and already suffering command staff of the Miramac. Laren looked at Celeste, "Celeste? What the hell?"

"There is one more dampener. It is inside the freaking turbo lift.", Celeste screamed.

"It won't be protected, Celeste. If you open the door, you die.", Laren yelled.

"If I don't we all die.", Celeste snapped.

"We don't, but they do.", John pointed to the Miramac Staff.

"We can beam out and leave them.", John explained.

Laren looked at John, "You are marine now. No one gets left behind."

John looked at Laren, "Be realistic. They won't even know we were here. They are unconscious."

Celeste turned to Laren, "I could not live with myself if we did that."

Celeste ran over and opened the Turbolift. The contamination of space filled her body, literally bloating it in seconds. John and Laren stood there as the Bajoran Science Officer literally exploded filling the bridge with floating blood, but she managed to turn off the switch.

Valerie beamed the away team and the Miramac Staff straight to sick bay. The beam out captured some of the floating blood of the science officer which splashed to the ground as the crew appeared in the sick bay of Dr. T'Vol.


CGV Tanmesad
Sick Bay


Laren glared at John, "You have a lot to learn about being a marine, Captain Warren."

"Listen, Bajoran. If we would have beamed out, your colleague would be alive today.", John snapped back.

"Command calls for tough decisions.", John snarled.

Laren got right in his face, "Listen, John. The tough decision on this away mission was not made by you or I, it was made by Celeste Lyun. She died to save the command staff of the USS Miramac. You will respect that. She is Tanmesad. You, sir are not Tanmesad yet. Being part of this ship means that you would sacrifice everything, including your life for the betterment of this ship. Remember that."

John had no answer.

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Typhon Test Run USS Miramac
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