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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Typhon Test Run – Quest's Quinsy

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PostSubject: Typhon Test Run – Quest's Quinsy   Sun Aug 16, 2009 1:43 pm

T'Zohl was on the bridge early to begin her shift as Night CO. She was prepared for everything. Jessie had agreed to return to the Flight Command and sit at the helm on the night shifts so the second officer could fulfill her dream of command. Ensign Larson was an improving pilot and had been demoted to cook once more after the arrival of the Quest staff.

Jessie was on time; early even. She was most eager and saluted the Vulcan as she arrived on the bridge. T'Zohl looked at Ensign Larson, "Have you seen Lieutenant Laree?"

"Nope, Sienna was not in the corridor, Ma'am.", Jessie responded.

"In Star Fleet, it is sir. There is no gender specific terminology, Ensign.", T'Zohl responded.

"We are not in Star Fleet anymore.", Jessie smiled, in a reference to the Phoenix Unification.

T'Zohl did not take kindly to being corrected, particularly from the damn waitress. She thought to herself, "Just sit there and look cute, like a good dashboard ornament."

T'Zohl paged Lieutenant Laree, only to have Valerie Bell answer, "Lieutenant Laree has fallen ill. She will not be in."

T'Zohl was deeply disappointed that Sienna did not answer. It was like having your mom call in sick for you. Highly inappropriate and highly unprofessional.

T'Zohl asked Jessie to contact Lt. Galley Leo and ask him to serve as Operations Officer for tonight. Jessie smiled. She knew the Caitian would be overjoyed at being asked. He was the honorary chief of the boat and loved to be a part of the crew. Mostly, he was the chef. Jessie was shocked to learn that Galley too had taken ill.

T'Zohl ordered Jessie to have the pair report to Dr. Mya Rowe. Jessie awakened the doctor. Mya was with Vash and he was awakened by the COMM link call. Vash stood up. He felt an odd queeziness in his own stomach. He followed Mya to sick bay.

Mya was stunned to see many members of the staff literally lined up at sick bay in the middle of night. What the heck was going on?

Vash was suddenly vomiting in the hallway. He fell to his knees. Mya was in trouble. She activated the Emergency Medical Hologram and also activated CANDI, the ships avatar to assist. Soon, they were working on many members of the staff.

Mya also ordered Crewman Recruit Celeste Lyun to be awakened. Without Dr. Lodge, Celeste was the closest thing to a scientist they had. We had to figure what was causing this.

T'Zohl was worried and took the ship to yellow alert. She ordered Commander Laren Kira to the bridge. Laren had worked from 0400 to 0030. She was just nicely asleep and did not take kindly to be awakened. She already had a horrible demeanor and now she was tired and grumpy. She stormed on to the bridge, "What the hell?"

T'Zohl looked at the 'bitchy' Bajoran, "There is a ship wide medical emergency."

"A virus?", Laren snapped.

"We are investigating.", T'Zohl responded.

Laren sat down in the Captain's Chair. T'Zohl looked at her and glared. This was her shift. Laren looked up, "You are relieved, Dal T'Zohl."

T'Zohl was furious. She turned to Jessie, "I will take the Flight Command, Ensign Larson."

Jessie slumped down, pouting for a moment and then vacated the chair. She walked over to Operations and stood there.

Laren laughed, "Waitress, you are no operations officer."

Jessie was deeply hurt and slinked off the bridge. T'Zohl turned around, "Listen, Laren. You were Tanmesad once. We are a functioning unit. You don't get to push anyone around here. We work together."

Laren glared at the Vulcan.

Celeste walked into sickbay, "Its a Quinsy."

"A what?", Mya turned.

"A tiny viral infection caused by minor fluxuations in ship filtration in the removal of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere.", Celeste explained.

"Why now?", Mya looked at the Bajoran recruit.

"Because the Quest systems were different from the Cardassian ones. The crew of the Quest brought it from their filtration system.", Celeste theorized.

"How do we fix it?", Mya asked.

"We have to alter the filtration.", Celeste explained.

"How do we do that?", Mya requested.

"I don't know. We need someone who understands the Quest systems as well as our own.", Celeste explained.

Vash was laying on a bio-bed and he looked up, "Commander Kira served on both vessels. She can do it."

Celeste went running to the bridge. Laren and T'Zohl were still glaring at one another. Celeste explained the situation.

Laren turned to T'Zohl, "Already, the ship is relying on me. We are a unit, huh?"

The Vulcan turned to the Bajoran, "Listen Bajoran, you brought this here. We would have no infection without you. Remember that."

Laren walked over to Ops and tried to alter the feed. It was no longer working. She was looking frustrated. She turned to T'Zohl, "Why can't the system be controlled from Operations."

"It can, Commander.... If you know what you are doing.", T'Zohl gloated.

"You do it then.", Laren snapped.

T'Zohl did not know how to do it either. She walked over to the turbo lift and opened the door. Jessie was sitting on the floor sulking. T'Zohl looked down, "Ensign Larson, we need your help at Operations."

Jessie stood up, wiped off her cheeks and walked onto the bridge. She walked over to the console. Laren had entered the data on to a PADD and gave it to Jessie. She promptly entered the data into the console.

It was almost miraculous. In sickbay, personnel were almost immediately better. With every breath, their health improved.

Mya contacted the bridge with the news. T'Zohl looked at Jessie and smiled, "Thank you, Jess."

Jessie had a huge grin, "Yes, ma'am."

"I mean, yes, sir.", Ensign Larson smiled.

Laren looked at the girls and took a deep breath, "Thank you, ladies."

T'Zohl looked at her, "No problem, Commander. We are all Tanmesad here."

T'Zohl put her arm on the shoulder of the red headed Bajoran firecracker, "We are all Tanmesad here."

Posted by:

Dal T'Zohl of Vulcan
Flight Commander
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet

Commander Laren Kira
Executive Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet

Special Appearance by:

Gul Vash Enranet
Commanding Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet
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Typhon Test Run – Quest's Quinsy
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