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These are the Voyages of the Cardassian Galor Glass Vessel, the CGV Tanmesad
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 Darkness of Oblivion The Truth...

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Vash Enranet

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PostSubject: Darkness of Oblivion The Truth...   Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:30 am

It was almost surreal as Vash and Laren watched the video from the Phoenix Colony. First the amazing video of the Star Fleet Assualt on the colony including the replays over and over of the destruction of the satellites and the landing party placing the flag of the Federation in the archeological excavation at Boston on the site of the original Outpost 294 site. The image of the Star Fleet Admiral calling it a great victory haunted the two commanders of the Tanmesad. This was not the Federation they knew.

Vash turned off the monitor and looked at Laren, "You are welcome to quit now if you like."

"I am not quitting, Enranet. You don't get rid of this Bajoran that easy.", Laren snapped back.

"What are we going to do?", Vash asked.

"Have you ever been to the Typhon Expanse?", Laren asked turning back as the viewer began to play the ONN update from the Expanse.

Vash looked at his new Executive Officer and smiled, "I proudly procliam the territory in the name of the Hebetian Republic of Cardassia."

Laren actually smiled but retorted, "Not if I claim them for the Republic of Bajor."

The Tanmesad leadership contacted the office of Minister Garak to inform them of their quest to go to the Phoenix Colony, to explore the Typhon Expanse and to expand the protectorate of the two empires loyal to the Phoenix Unification.

The diplomatic office never responded right away. Vash actually left. The day shift was over.

Laren walked out on to the bridge. She looked down to see Charlene at the helm. She was pissed off at T'Zohl for putting her with Charley knowing the tension between the pair.

Laren looked over at Valerie and remembered from the logs about her relationship with Sienna. Laren could not help but wonder what the hell was going on aboard this damn vessel.

Laren plunked herself down in the chair sulking over her situation. Suddenly, the image of Minister Garak appeared on the screen. She stood up.

"Ummm... Gul Enranet is not present, your eminence.", Laren bowed her head.

"Easy, Commander, we are on the same side now.", Minister Garak smiled.

Laren raised her head.

"The Hebetian Government of Cardassia can no longer condone the actions of Admiral William Hunt. The Federation sabre rattling has made it impossible to ally with the Unification now that its centerpiece is so far away. We are pledging our neutrality in the dispute with the Phoenix Unification.", Minister Garak preached to the staff.

Laren bowed her head once more. She thought that the odyssey was over.

"The Hebetian Government however is an space farer Union of explorers, of scientists and of researchers. We remain dedicated to the original principles of the Federation, 'to bold go where one has gone before'. In this spirit, we, the people of Cardassia authorize the search of the Typhon Expanse. Should you meet the Phoenix Colonists there 'purely by accident', this would be only reflected as coincidence.", Minister Garak said with a nudge.

"Yes, Sir.", Commander Kira responded, winking at the Cardassian.

Charlene looked up and winked back, continuing her flirtations started on the Quasar Quest. Kira did not let it distract her.

"Charlene, take us about. To the Typhon, we go.", Laren ordered.

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Gul Vash Enranet
Commanding Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet

Commander Laren Kira
Executive Officer
USS / CGV Tanmesad
Phoenix Fleet
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Darkness of Oblivion The Truth...
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