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 Darkness of Oblivion One Last Trip Home

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Vash Enranet

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Name: Vash Enranut
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PostSubject: Darkness of Oblivion One Last Trip Home   Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:27 am

One last trip home

S'Ari was on the bridge listening to the words of Christine T'Nley on ONN as the Quest headed for the Phoenix Colony. The Flight Commander was also paying close attention to the words of Minister Elim Garak as the Cardassian Head of State addressed the lose of the USS / CGV Tanmesad on route to Cardassia Prime.

S'Ari thought a lot of Dal T'Zohl. T'Zohl had been her mentor aboard the Quest many years ago before the Vulcan and Star Fleet had a falling out and she left the Fleet before agreeing to return aboard the Tanmesad.

S'Ari was also aware of the famous Cardassian Iconian Gateway at Amleth Prime and thought about the amount of time that would be saved if she could use the gateway on route to the colony. Without waiting for permission from Kira or Warren, S'Ari diverted to the site of the Tanmesad disappearance under the guise that it would be faster to use the gateway.

The truth is S'Ari wanted to see for herself the site of the Tanmesad disappearance. The Cardassians were clearly upset that the Federation would not respond the lose of the Tanmesad. Perhaps having the Quest respond would demonstrate that the Phoenix Unification was more responsive and cared about its membership more than the Federation.

John arrived on the bridge. He was scheduled to begin his shift at 0730 but had spent the early part of the morning enjoying a special breakfast with Dr. T'Vol. John had been so involved with Alexia and the Chronasian problem that he wanted to just spend some time with the good doctor. John immediately noticed the change in heading and demanded an

S'Ari explained the Iconian Gateway proposition. John was actually buying it but S'Ari could not bring herself to continue the lie. She finally blurted it out, "The Tanmesad went missing near Amleth Prime. I owe a great debt to Dal T'Zohl. I wanted to check it out."

John smiled, "What of the primary premise of Vulcan logic, the Needs of the Many..."

S'Ari turned to John, "I will return to the course heading if you order it, Captain."

"Don't be foolish. Carson is their chief engineer and a Warren. We are bound to investigate.", JOhn ordered.

"Nothing.", S'Ari turned to John.

"I don't see anything either.", Autumn spoke from the Tactical console.

"The Tanmesad cannot simply be missing. There must be a debris field. Expand the search. Engage a tachyon pulse. Perhaps there is some sort of field hiding the ship", John ordered.

"Still nothing.", Autumn responded.

=/= Lt. Faulkner, prepare to launch the Swords. The Fighter Squadron should begin a standard search pattern. =/=

John ordered.

=/= Aye, Sir. What are we searching for."

Carleton responded.

=/= Anything to do with the disappearance of the Galor Class USS / CGV Tanmesad =/=

John responded.

"Permission to join the search.", S'Ari asked.

"As you wish.", John sat in the chair.

"Take us to Yellow Alert and alert Lt. Tchilack to report to the helm.", John ordered.

"Aye, Sir.", S'Ari engaged the alarm.

Click arrived on the bridge clicking away in absolute dismay over being awakened at 0900
by the alarm. He slumped into the helm chair.

"Continue the sensor sweep.", Autumn ordered the Xindi.

Tchilack just sat there grumbling in his usual clicking fashion.

The image of the fighters appeared on the viewers.

Carleton was in the lead of the swords. Autumn engaged their comm-link as Laren arrived on the bridge. Their voices could be heard as they expanded their search to include a full spectrum sweep.

Suddenly, the sky lit up with a huge fire ball, the lead ship, Carleton's ship exploded in a sheer massive explosion. S'Ari was heard screaming in very un-Vulcan like behavior.

John stood up, "Did someone fire on them?"

"Scan the debris field for life signs?", John screamed, losing his cool.

"There are no life signs, John. Furthermore, there is no debris field.", Laren spoke from operations.

"How can there be no debris field?", John turned yelling at Laren.

"Don't yell at me, I don't know.", Laren snapped back, frowning at the Captain.

Thomas came walking on to the bridge. He had only listened to the chaos. He was holding a PADD and replaying over and over again the destruction of the fighter Sword One. He looked puzzled.

Laren looked at Thomas, "What is it?"

"It appears not that something fired on Lt. Faulkner, but that he hit something. Something very big.", Thomas showed Commander Kira the image.

Ce Ce had been slow to arrive. She had worked the night shift as the Commanding Officer and was just nicely asleep when the Quest went to Yellow Alert. She looked at the PADD over Laren's shoulder. Laren hated it.

"I agree.", the Orion explained.

"How can that be?", John asked.

"It appears to be some sort of Rift.", Ce Ce explained.

"Temporal?", John asked knowing the history of the USS Enterprise and even the USS / CGV Tanmesad.

"Not Temporal, because Sword One was in our time line and hit it.", Laren explained.

"Is there anyway to know if it is the Tanmesad?", John asked.

"If we pinged the haul with a sonic wavelength, it may create an aura. At least we would know its shape.", Autumn suggested.

"Make that happen.", John turned to the viewer.

"And damn well make sure that no fighter engages the flight plan of Sword One. We are not losing another fighter out here.", John snapped. He was very frustrated with the tragic death of Lt. Carleton Faulkner.

Autumn engaged the ships sonic resonance filters and routed them through the torpedo bay. Basically, the ship would act like a giant tuning fork, send out sound waves and when the waves vibrated across what they believed was the Tanmesad, it would create an visible aura. Everyone held their breath.

"Ping.....", the sound was deafening and the pulse response actually shook the ship.

Sure enough, there it was, the aura of the Tanmesad obviously caught in some sort of rift.

John looked around the bridge, "Ideas?"

Colonel Gavin Viceroy had also worked the night shift and had addressed the marines before coming to the bridge. He had also informed his staff about the tragic loss of the Wing Commander. Gavin arrived late and looked at everyone puzzled. He looked out at the aura.

"Damn, its like they are stuck in purgatory.", Gavin observed.

"Holy Shit!! A Purgatory rift.", Ce Ce yelled.

"A purgatory rift?", John inquired.

"A name given to the space between universes in the multi-universe theory. The theory is that the multi-verse is layed and there exists small spaces between each universe. This space is loosely referred to as Purgatory.", Ce Ce explained.

"It would be probable for the rifts to be opened by the stretching of space called by the cones created by the Iconian Gateway.", Laren explained.

"Could it be avoided?", John asked.

"Now that it is mapped, assuredly.", Click snapped sarcastically.

"So how do we rescue them?", John asked.

"No one has ever been rescued from a purgatory rift.", Ce Ce noted.

John snapped, "I never asked that."

"We could bump them but we risk being pulled into the rift.", Laren asked.

"No good then.", John retorted.

"What about using the sound. Obviously the sound can touch them. It created the aura.",
Autumn proposed.

"We could use a massive pulse and use the force of the sound to push them out.",
Autumn continued.

John looked around the room, "What do you all think?"

The truth is nobody knew. John took a huge breath, "Okay. Sound it is."

Autumn looked at John as she and Ce Ce prepared the array and pattern to match the aura.

It took about 40 minutes to prepare. Autumn looked at John, "Call the fighters home. The
concussion could be catastrophic."

The truth is no truer words were spoken. John called S'Ari and the Swords home.

John looked at Laren and then at Autumn, "Ok, Betazoid, Bust 'em out."
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Vash Enranet

Number of posts : 295
Age : 50
Crew Assignment : Command
Registration date : 2008-06-17

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Name: Vash Enranut
Department: Command
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

PostSubject: Darkness of Oblivion - One Last Trip Home - Part II   Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:28 am


Aboard the USS / CGV Tanmesad


The Tanmesad had become a virtual prison. There was no leaving the ship. The ship no longer moved. The truth is there was nothing for anyone to do. Many people had stopped showing up for their shifts. The bridge was mostly empty.

The truth is the only excitement came when the inertial dampeners would fail and because of the position in space, everyone would fall to the back wall. Carson had this mostly under control but once in a while, it would still happen.

Vash was on the bridge and was upset that no one had shown up for their shift. Not even the stoic and order bound Vulcan, T'Zohl had showed up for work. There was simply no point. They were stuck.

Vash was looking at the blackness on the viewer when the green light of the aura suddenly appeared and then disappeared. Vash burst to his feet. What was that?

It was the first sign of life in over 5 days. Vash scrambled and put the ship on red alert.

T'Zohl screamed. She had grown tired of the drills but got dressed and headed for the bridge. She arrived with Commander Branson and Dr. Lodge. Vash turned to his senior staff, "Watch this."

Vash replayed the viewer log. Everyone's sparked to attention. Christina walked closer as the image replayed over and over again. T'Zohl too stood in front of the helm console.

"What is it?", Vash asked. You could feel the hope in his voice. He so wanted it to be something.

Christina picked up a medical tricorder and tapped it on the console in sheer nervousness.

Tania looked down. Her Borg implant reacted to the sound as it left a small green aura.

"Sound!!", Tania shouted.

"What?", Vash turned to his Executive Officer.

Tania walked over to the operations console and turned down the lights and amplified the resonance field in the room. She asked Dr. Lodge to tap the tricorder again.

A slight green aura appeared as the sound took physical form in the resonance field.

"Ok, where did it come from?", Vash asked.

"The resonance field in this room is of Federation design. This is the same green hue seen on the viewer.", Tania observed.

"A Federation ship?", Vash asked.

"Has to be and a big one.", Tania smiled.

"Do they know we are here?", Vash asked.

Tania took the model Galor Class from atop the Science Console; a gift for little William Lodge made by Dr. Christina Lodge and put it near the Helm. She asked Dr. Lodge to tap the medical tricorder once more.

With the resonance field turned on, within seconds, the green aura was soon around the model ship. Everyone smiled.

Vash could not contain himself, "Yes!!!!!!!!!!"

The crew felt a huge relief. At least, they were not lost.
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Vash Enranet

Number of posts : 295
Age : 50
Crew Assignment : Command
Registration date : 2008-06-17

Crew Profile
Name: Vash Enranut
Department: Command
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

PostSubject: Darkness of Oblivion - One Last Trip Home - Part III   Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:28 am


Aboard the USS Quasar Quest


Autumn engaged the torpedo bay sending the massive pulse wave out of the core of the saucer section of the amazing Sovereign class vessel. The Double Q lit up with the recoil like a green ambience light.

The concussion wave slammed into the Tanmesad. The green aura rocked violently. The crew of the Tanmesad must have been violently shook as the force spread throughout the Galor Class Vessel. The Tanmesad however did not dislodge.

John turned to Autumn, "More power."

"Are you certain?", Autumn looked for assurance from Captain Warren.

"More Power!!", John snapped.

Autumn restarted her sound wave. The Double Q reared back with the sheer force of the launch of another concussion wave. The image of the giant Sovereign literally bucking back is something that will be remembered by all who saw it

The massive green wave slammed into the Tanmesad forcing the Galor Class Aura to turn first and then suddenly appear falling through space. The Tanmesad fell like a rock tumbling downward at break neck speed.

The crew of the Quest was preoccupied with the intense fear of the falling Tanmesad and not focusing on the real problem. The sound had busted out the Tanmesad but suddenly had reverberated back. Rebound!!

Autumn screamed, "Rebound!!"

The awesome force, literally created by the Quasar Quest itself slammed into the Quest tearing apart the haul of the mighty Sovereign. Without the shield of the Purgatory Rift, the Quest took the entire force.

John screamed, "Abandon Ship!!"

Pods began ejecting all over the place as the Quest was ripped into pieces. John rushed to the command pod and jumped inside. John screamed into the COMM link, "Is everybody out?"

There was no way of knowing. The comm link had been shattered by the exposure to space. The Captain should be the last to leave his ship. John stayed in the saucer watching all members of the command staff jump into pods before finally
releasing the switch. The pod fell into space. John could not help but wonder if everyone made.

Click rushed to his pod. He jumped inside. He too watched the Quest; his home be ripped apart by the sheer power of the sound. He watched as Autumn tried to hold the Tactical position as long as she could. She turned in horror to watch
the Tactical Pod fall away. Click watched in horror as the bridge began to tear away. The Xindi, needing far less oxygen to breath, opened his pod, walked across and picked up the Betazoid and pulled her in on top of him in the pod and
pulled the lever releasing the pod. As the pod filled with emergency oxygen, Autumn woke up. She looked in the eyes of her insect amour, "I always knew you were my angel."


Aboard the USS / CGV Tanmesad


The appearance of the stars in the sky were truly like the rebirth of heaven. The release from purgatory was something that will be remembered by the crew of the USS / CGV Tanmesad for all eternity. The stars are what all
space farers dream of. The site of the heavens is something known to the earliest of star gazers.

The miracle was soon tempered by the sheer terror of the fall from space. The incredible force put the crew to the floor as everyone scrambled to bring systems back on line. This was a state of sheer terror as the ship fell.

Carson was in a sheer state of scramble when Marisa crawled into Engineering and engaged the first thruster. The amazing rescue by the helm officer started the Tanmesad spinning violently. Flat Spin!!

The flat spin however allowed the thruster to take on air and soon, Dal T'Zohl was firing the impulse engines. The staff began to cheer when the Tanmesad stopped falling. The cheers turned to tears almost instantly as above them occurred the
horrors of the destruction of the USS Quasar Quest. The benefactor, the rescuer now needed to be rescued from a state far worse than the Purgatory rift.

This was sheer and utter devastation. Vash screamed into the COMM link, "Rescue them. Rescue them all. I don't care what it takes."

The Tanmesad and her staff were now in full rescue mode gathering pods from all sides.


Survivors Bay - USS / CGV Tanmesad


After several hours of rescue, Vash finally wandered into Survivor's Bay. Standing there was Captain John Warren. Vash looked at John. He wanted to say something that would bring to words the sheer horror he felt for John in losing his ship in the rescue of the Tanmesad. He was deeply moved and started to speak but could not bring anything from his mouth. His lip simply quivered and he started to cry.

"Sorry.", was the only word that came from his mouth. John is a stoic leader. He was born to be a captain.

He looked at Vash and snapped to attention and saluted, "you would have done the same thing."

Vash pulled John in and hugged him. John was horribly uncomfortable with the more emotional Cardassian. He stepped back.

John had maintained his composure until Laren walked up, "John, I am afriad Thomas Smythe and Dr. Samantha Warren are not among the retrievals."

John slumped to the floor leaning on the bulkhead, "Not my Sammi."

Laren looked down, feeling a tremendous sorrow for Captain Warren, "Commander Ce Ce Warren is also listed as lost, Captain."

Laren hated to be the bearer of the horrifying news.

Vash too took it very hard slumping to the floor. So much had been lost to rescue him and his staff. He would never be able to pay John back for what he had lost.

Vash had tremendous sympathy. He had lost his daughter Lashanra at Dozaria aboard the Tanmesad. No words can express the sorrow needed to honor a man who has lost a daughter.

So much had been lost today. All this for one last trip home.

Posted by:

The crews of the
USS / CGV Tanmesad
The USS Quasar Quest

With the highest honor and respect for everyone who has served aboard the USS Quasar
Quest over the past 2 1/2 years.
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PostSubject: Re: Darkness of Oblivion One Last Trip Home   

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Darkness of Oblivion One Last Trip Home
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