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 Dignity in Dignataries The Most Important Post in Fleet History

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PostSubject: Dignity in Dignataries The Most Important Post in Fleet History   Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:18 pm

The light from the blinking monitor flashes in Hunt's face, but that's not what wakes him up. The computer announces "Incoming Priority 1 transmission from Starfleet Command."

"On screen" Hunt bellows as he wakes himself up. "Fleet Admiral Hunt what in gods name are you and that ship of yours about to do. I have reports that the Quasar Quest is attacking Romulan Vessels and breaching the Neutral Zone" says President James Johnson. "Mr. President the Phoenix Fleet is operating on our mandate to defend Starfleet Assets. Starfleet denied my requests to retake the Phoenix Colony causing members to enact a very dangerous course of action because you and the rest of the Council were to busy with your thumbs up your collective asses" Hunt says with a bit of forcefulness. "Fleet Admiral Hunt you are hereby relieved of duty and are ordered to report to Star base 1 for a Medical Evaluation. regarding your attempt to start a intergalactic war. Furthermore I will be sending the Third Fleet to make sure that you and your ship complies with my orders." replied President Johnson

"Yes Mr. President" said Hunt as he cuts the transmission.

"Hunt to Yasushi report to the briefing room now!" He screams waking Yasushi up in the holodeck

"Aye sir." Yasushi said a bit groggily. He got up and realized that he was on the roof of his porch. As soon as he realized he fell straight down as gravity righted itself. "OW!" Yasushi said rubbing his shoulder. "Exit!" Yasushi yelled. The door materialized in front of him, he got up off the porch and walked over to the holodeck arch. He took his isoliniar chip out of it's slot and put it back in his pocket. He walked out of the holodeck and down to the turbolift. The turbolift was already at that stop so he walked in and said "Ops." to the computer and the lift began moving. It was a quick ride to the command center and Yasushi walked out into it, but it was empty like the rest of the station. He quickly walked across the command center and walked into the conference room, but it was surprisingly empty. "I guess he didn't make it here yet." Yasushi said and sat down on the seat looking out the window across the hull of the station and out into space.

He sat there for a few minutes waiting for Hunt, but he hadn't shown up yet. Yasushi walked back out of the conference room and into ops and walked up to the replicator. "Computer can I have a large cup of coffee with cream and sugar, and an omelet with cheddar cheese, bacon, peppers, and onions." The replicator beeped and his breakfast materialized on a tray. He brought it over to table in the middle of ops and sat down on one of the stools. He drank a bit of his coffee and started eating his omelet, which he thought wasn't too bad for a replicator.

Hunt barges in and sees that his Xo was eating breakfast walking to the replicator he orders himself a Whiskey and sits down."I have been relieved of duty and the Achillies and myself are to report to Starbase 1 where I will undergo a medical evaluation to determine if i am fit to stay in command of the Fleet and the Achilles.

Yasushi please contact the ship and order them the task force and the quest to stand down and report back to the Colony where we will rendezvous with the ship and go to Earth" Hunt said as he got up and left not waiting for his XO to reply. As Hunt arrived in his quarters he realized that he was along.. He collapsed onto the bed he shared with Amanda and fell asleep

Yasushi watched Hunt walk into the turbolift as he hastily tried to choke down his mouth-full of omelet. The door shut before he could say anything. He tapped his commbadge and said "Admiral, what happened?" but there was no reply "Yasushi to Amanda, do you have any idea what's going on?" but there was no reply there either. "Goddamnit, what the hell is going on." He said aloud as he accessed the comm logs through the console he was eating his breakfast on. "A priority one transmission from Starfleet. Man why doesn't he ever give me any details. This is the second time something like this has happened..." Yasushi said

He quickly finished his breakfast and coffee and put everything back in the replicator. "Guess I get to go talk to Starfleet now." He said grimly as he walked into the conference room. "Computer open a priority one encrypted channel to Starfleet Command, voice authentication Yamamoto, Yasushi, Captain." The computer beeped and replied "Voice print recognized, establishing channel."

Yasushi sat down at the head of the table waiting for the connection to be established. The computer beeped, and put the open channel up on the monitor. An admiral was sitting there with apparently the President of the Federation.

"Captain Yamamoto I understand you're with the Fleet Admiral?" Said the Admiral and without letting Yasushi answer he said "Perhaps you could fill me in on just what the hell is going on out there." Yasushi said quite frankly "Sir, I was hoping you could fill me in. By the way Admiral, I am sorry, but who are you as I don't believe I've ever met you." The Admiral replied swiftly "My name is Admiral Jacob Corvin, and I don't believe I've ever met you either, but that's for good reason. I am head of Starfleet Intelligence." Yasushi smiled and said "Ah, well then yes I've never met you before. So, could you fill me in. I didn't get anything out of the Fleet Admiral before he left the room, and didn't answer his commbadge." Admiral Corvin leaned back in his chair and said "Well you see, Fleet Admiral Hunt may have more or less started a war with the Romulans. One that was in no way sanctioned by Starfleet-" The Federation President chimed in "Or the Federation."

Yasushi leaned back realising this was a slightly bigger picture than he thought...

Posted from the USS Wrath of Achilles to inform everyone of the coming events.
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Dignity in Dignataries The Most Important Post in Fleet History
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