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 Dignity in Dignataries Romulan Rescue

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Dignity in Dignataries Romulan Rescue   Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:17 pm

Zoey was on the bridge. Vash was in the ready room with Dr. Rowe. T'Zohl hated the fact that the Cardassian would often leave the bridge and drink coffee with his Doctor friend. The Gul could be on the bridge.

Valerie was at Operations and asked T'Zohl if she was reading the distress beacon. T'Zohl did a console search and discovered the Romulan Warning. The Tanmesad does have a Romulan history. Its first tormentor, the RSE Eagle's Talon was a Romulan Vessel. The Tanmesad once had a Romulan Warp Core after a Sector 31 incident.

Valerie looked at T'Zohl, "What should we do?"

"With the Romulan's helping Vanda'meer, I think we should just ignore the signal.", Dal T'Zohl responded.

"Agreed.", the Operations Commander smiled.

Vash came out of the ready room giggling with puppy love for the Doctor. T'Zohl was disgusted. She however explained the scenario.

"Are we able to get a good scan?", Vash asked.

"Not from here.", T'Zohl responded.

"Take us closer.", Vash responded.

"I don't see the logic in putting us at risk, Gul Enranet.", T'Zohl responded, filled with her Vulcan self.

"I think we should take a look.", Gul Enranet responded.

T'Zohl banked the Cardassian ship and headed towards the beacon.

"Take us to yellow alert.", Vash turned to Valerie.

Valerie turned on the yellow alerts throughout the ship.

Tania was still asleep. It was about 1000 hours and she slowly crawled out of bed to see the beacon. She got into her uniform and headed to the bridge.

Vash explained the scenario. Tania smiled and told the Gul that she was going for breakfast. No one saw the seriousness of the situation.

The Romulan War Bird was badly leaning forward when she came into view. Vash ordered a full scan. Sure enough, it contained the markings of the Detapa Council. The ship was clearly a Vanda'meer loyalist. With the failed Vanda'meer coup occurring weeks ago, it has obviously been out here a while.

T'Zohl pointed out marking from an attack and judging for the Federation signature burn marks but with the slightly limited force, they were Federation weapons fired from a Cardassian Vessel, Star Fleet Cardassia. Vash smiled, finally they were not the only ones.

"Life signs?", Vash asked.

"About 20 - 25 persons, all hovered in the bridge.", Valerie responded.

Vash turned to T'Zohl, "Options?"

"They committed an attrocity. They supported Legate Vanda'Meer. Option One: Destroy the vessel - finish the job. Option Two: Rescue the survivors, treat them as war criminals. Option Three: Rescue the survivors, treat them as refugees and try to be supportive.", T'Zohl responded with Vulcan stoicism.

=/= Vash to Branson, Tania you are needed on the bridge. =/=

Vash explained the options. Tania looked at the Romulan ship. She paced a bit. The Federation - Romulan relationship was tenuous at best. The Romulans had invaded the Phoenix Colony.

"Option Two.", Tania responded and sat in the Executive Officer Chair.

"Option Three.", Mya responded. She had been standing there watching.

"Option Two.", T'Zohl responded, saying little else.

"Option Two.", Carson responded, walking in holding a coffee and several PADDs including the engineering mini-console.

Colonel Laphe walked in. Vash did not even know that Valerie had taken the Tanmesad to Red Alert but he was most grateful for having the Colonel on the bridge.

"Option One. This vessel attacked the Democratic Hebetian Government.", The Colonel snarled, deep in his Klingon accent.

Vash turned to Andrea, "Diplomat, thank you for joining us. What is your response?"

"I support the option three as well I do not think that the Romulans will talk to us,'' Lieutenant Thomson responded.

"Duly noted.", Vash responded.

Christina was late to arrive. She had been working with some additional materials provided in the Betazoid docking at Corinthian Station.

"As a scientist, I would support Option Three.", Dr. Lodge responded.

Vash stood there for moment and then turned to the Colonel, "There will be no Romulan Rescue here. Colonel, you may fire when ready."

Everyone gasped. The Tanmesad opened fire on the damaged Romulan vessel sending it exploding into space killing the 25 survivors. Tania glared at Vash.

T'Zohl stood up and turned around, "I must respectfully protest your decision to destroy the Romulan Vessel."

"Duly noted.", Vash responded.

Mya simply left the bridge in disgust, shaking her head. She and Christina were talking about Vash as the turbolift closed. No one was very happy.

Vash sat in his chair. Tania slowly sat down beside him.

"Are you sure you made the right decision?", Tania asked.

"What would you have done if the vessel was within 250000 km of Earth?", Vash answered.

Tania understood his perspective more than ever now. The thought filled her head, what would she have done if the vessel had been that close to Earth.

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Dal T'Zohl of Vulcan
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Gul Vash Enranet
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Commander Tania Branson
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Glinn Carson Warren
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Dignity in Dignataries Romulan Rescue
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