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 Dignity in Dignataries Cat in the Ointment

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Tania Branson
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Commander (B)

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PostSubject: Dignity in Dignataries Cat in the Ointment   Sat Jul 11, 2009 2:53 pm

Tania woke up in the arms of Christina. It was as though times had never changed. The girls shared a deep wet kiss. Tania was so happy. She had not known any real happiness despite her burgeoning relationship with Celeste Lyun.

Tania wanted Celeste to get on with her life and met her in the turbo lift. Celeste already knew that their relationship was over. She had moved on. She wanted to be a Star Fleet Officer and had grown beyond being someone's kept person. She was better than that.

Tania and Celeste talked. Celeste had taken the graveyard shift and had briefly left to use the facilities. She walked back in with Tania. Vash quickly pointed out to the Commander that she was on the afternoon shift and did not need to be on the bridge. Tania smiled, "Vash, I would like you to take Celeste to breakfast."

Vash knew what had happened. Sources had informed the commanding officer that Tania had left with Christina. Vash understood what Tania was doing and agreed to take Celeste for breakfast. Tania told Vash that she would hold down the bridge until his return.

Celeste and Vash went for breakfast. The pair almost immediately connected. Vash and the Lyun family have always gotten on well. He was "married" to Lacey Lyun. He slept with her twin Tacey and even had a relationship with their younger sister Mason. Celeste, a cousin in the family loved the stories about the members and shared a nice breakfast with the commanding officer.

Celeste then shocked Vash, "I have always fancied the Cardassians."

Vash was in total shock, "The plan was to help you through your brief break up with Commander Branson."

"What better way to get over a break up then to get on with something new.", Celeste coyly cuddled up to the Gul.

"I have promised not to take advantage of my position with Bajorans anymore.", Vash responded.

"I am taking advantage of you.", Celeste responded, raising her toes into the groin area of the Gul.

Vash looked at her, "I am with Dr. Rowe."

Celeste smiled, "The ice queen. You have been flirting for nearly 2 months and nothing. You are a man. You don't want nothing."

Celeste winked. Vash stood up, spilling his cup of coffee.

Jessie rushed over, "Problems Sir."

Vash looked at Jessie, "No, Thank you."

Vash hurried to the turbolift. Celeste followed him. As soon as it started to move, she shouted, "All Stop."

She grabbed his belt on the traditional Cardassian Black Uniform.

Vash grabbed her shoulders as she lowered herself pulling her up.

Celeste pushed him against the wall of the turbolift kissing him deeply on the mouth. Vash at first resisted but soon lifted the beautiful Bajoran up around his waist. She had already undone his belt and he was able to easily shimmy out of his pants.

Vash was embarrassed and somewhat ashamed as he entered the much younger Bajoran but she was an ecstatic partner enjoying each and every lift as the stronger Cardassian was able to easily lift her up and down.

Vash lowered her to the floor and slumped down in exhaustion.

Celeste smiled, "I am going to sleep well today."

Vash smiled, "You are a dangerous little thing."

Celeste smiled, "You ain't seen nothing yet."

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Commander Tania Branson
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USS / CGV Tanmesad
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Gul Vash Enranet
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USS / CGV Tanmesasd
Phoenix Fleet
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Dignity in Dignataries Cat in the Ointment
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